Try Not To Laugh Challenge - Our Favorite Characters!

Birt 9 jún 2020
The Try Not To Laugh Challenge has brought us some of the best characters. Here are our favorites!
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  • who's your favorite try not to laugh character?! 💦

  • Boneless always get me!

  • damn i missed Wes, his cute lil self

  • Shane is that Karen in the back at 7:52 lmao 😂 I can’t

  • Yeah I’d prefer not to support an organization that supports the murders and riots thatve happened in the last months.

  • I cannot handle "little weird Trishna" I'm crying 😂😂

  • The Beastmaster is one of my favorites Also Tommy is SO underrated

  • 13:31, I like how Damien just lights up, sits up and smiles. It kinda just makes me smile. :)

  • 7:08 in my left ear headphone thing I could hear a girls voice going: “nananananananana nananananananana...” and so on for the rest of the scene

  • Boneless....

  • 1:56 Shayne sounds kinda like Jackie Chan here not gonna lie...

  • I love Shayne's characters

  • 15:10 kills me everytime

  • "So weary traveler lookin to enter sandman ay?" I about died Shane's by far has the best characters

  • I wish you could’ve shown that character that Shayne does to make Keith laugh where he’s a women and he sits next to Keith and then he keeps looking at him but then she orders something weird🤣

  • Tommy as Monster Clone Shayne is fantastic

  • Boneless needa series

  • Why is it that Shane is always wearing long hair and a hat?

  • Woowee sure is a good night to do some fishing

  • Where was the leader of the Sassy Leg Infantry?

  • Boneless

  • 15:10

  • Good grief when Tommy came out as "malfunctioning clone Shayne" I hurt myself laughing

  • Definitely “Old man meets weary traveler”, the flute thing kills me. 😂

  • oh hey greg

  • I'm SOOO happy tommy is a permanent part of these now. He's hilarious😂 same with Jakie , they are great additions

  • 19:57 LMAO “HEE”

  • everyone else at smosh: *making up new and funny characters almost regularly* Courtney: ass

  • Shane is someone who fits in every role

  • Damiens beast master and mari's balding lady kill me and I dont think theyre talked about enough. Also shanes old man lol

  • Idk why but when Courtney threw the lobster claw off like a hockey glove it always makes me laugh 😂 probably one of my favorite moments of all time on smosh and I feel like it’s super underrated

  • Not a single Noah Grossman sketch. What a disservice.

  • We need too see Tyler Phillips try and make gus laugh

  • I love how shayne and damian can perform diff characters with voice

  • Favorite Characters: Cow-tny Miller Animal Detective Pissed-off Goofy Apocalypse Lady The "Your my favorite pizza place" Guy The Burger Man The Smoking Mahout

  • Does anyone actually like Olivia or think she is funny?

  • the Australian Geisha is such an underrated character, honestly.

  • 13:35 ended me. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣. The Mickey Mouse "club". That one was gold!

  • Omg Damiens "beast master" deserves a skit for itself

  • "An annoying orange, and I'm not talking about the ISchats channel" lmao, that's comedy right there.

  • Fundraise for BLM? I didn't know Smosh as pushing an agenda.

  • Last scene looked like a live spitroast

  • 6:23 Olivia.exe stopped working. Btw, what is "bloud"?

  • Looking to enter sandman eh? Lmfaooooo THAT'S F*CKING GOLD

  • My favorite is word sound academy. I literally quote that bit all the time.

  • I just, I wish Matt swallowed the water and started to DM Damien's knight XD

  • "Watch this.. 666" *PRESSES 3*

  • “Annoying orange... and I’m not talking about the ISchats channel.” I can’t omg 😭😂

  • You forgot the one where Shayne rings his dad to tell him he's his favourite pizza place only to be told his parents are getting a divorce

  • I appreciate that you put the Boneless clips together. Courtney is a genius. Also Spencer is so cute I can't.

  • Can we please get “moo, bitch” merch

  • Tommy's interpretation of all of Shayne's character will always be my favorite one!

  • 8:30 in the part that says “unintelligible” he’s saying “I feel sad all the time”

  • here to help court with sims

  • Mari isn’t used enough in these videos

  • Were there any from Defy?

  • 2:13

  • 8:32 looks a little like Man with a Mission

  • starting of with "hey everybody" has got to be the funniest thing I've ever seen

  • 3:50 Shayne sounds like riff raff from RHPS

  • Damien's "Klaus come to me" i look away.. *BANG*

  • 9:00

  • which episode was the last clip form?

  • Smosh Pit has given me so much needed love through laughter more than anything else this year. I've had one of the most painful years of my life, and binge-watching all of the Try Not To Laugh episodes has helped me get through it. Thank you all, and I love you all so much

  • "WHERE IS HE" Damion : *Fear*

  • I think we all need a Beethoven mom

  • I want to see hill billy Shayne make a comeback

  • courtny frekin miller is my favorite

  • 1:55 omg my fav shayne character

  • 8:47

  • Boneless will always be the best!

  • What about shayne's character that always hits on keith?

  • bro why is sad grim reaper not in this comp

  • You should get brittney broski on try not to laugh!

  • Tommy's mix of Shayne's characters is the greatest

  • I loved the star fox bit & Shayne’s sassy legs bit.

  • I think it was a bad idea to eat cereal while watching this


  • I've seen all of these, and they never get old. I want to meet these people! Hahahah

  • Someone make a compilation of Boneless please I beg you it kills me

  • Boneless and Quest Giver (weary traveler) will always be my favorites. I hear those coughs or foot scuffles and get excited.

  • I have seen every video that these scenes go with

  • 8:57 This one always gets me

  • Smosh should make a Q&A video with Boneless, old man Shayne, bobby from the block, and Randel

  • When cortney threw the little dish on the ground I lost it idk why ☠🤣😭

  • What episode was it when Tommy pretends to be Shayne's old man character right at the end of this video?

    • the one with flula!

  • Right after he sang about Applebee’s and Applebee’s ad came on😂

  • 19:31 Shayne: “So...Lookin to Enter Sandman eh?” Me: “ *WE’RE OFF TO NEVER NEVERLAND!* “ Also me: **BLASTS METALLICA** 🤘🏻😆🤘🏻

  • I cant get enough of the 2 plankton impressions

  • The very last one had me dying

  • Where is my mother hyucking Money??

  • yet

  • 3:10 gundama tanaka???

  • Damien's Beastmaster is criminally underrated.

  • Shayne and Damien all the way!

  • I think 8:47 is my favorite 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 15:27 my God that is the best Robin Williams impression I ever heard!

  • Tommy & shayne is the best, lmao

  • The last clip is my favorite! It’s hilarious 😂😂😂

  • In the next smash but try not to laugh can we see puberty penguin again