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Birt 29 maí 2020
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ISchats, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  • if i can’t read this i am what? I AM WHAT?

  • 1:20 69, Nice

  • i ordered a ceramic dragon incense holder when wish first got youtube ads, around 2014. guess what i don't have, literally 6-7 years later?

  • because of rewatching this video i decided to go to wish and buy teeth and 15 baby dolls

  • Wish is just Amazon if Jeff Bezos was on crack when he made it

  • Plot twist: This video was sponsored by wish

  • Honestly the bird holder could be used by exotic animal farms alot have special pigeons

  • I feel like the only person that would genuinely buy the teeth in the thumbnail

  • They scam to a guy got a 20 centimeter tall chrismas tree but ordered a fancy elegant 2.2 meter tall chrismas tree

  • "Another episode" Isn't this the first episode?

  • I love when Danny had to think the segment of today’s episode 🤣😂

  • Mmmmmmmm men’s tea my pants are now on fire

  • i love how danny blinked with 1 eye at the begninning

  • Hůmæń Ťə ēţh :)

  • i ordered a set of fishnet legging things and i forgot i ordered it bc i got it like 3 months later and the second i sat crisscross the ripped down the middle i was sad

  • "WHAT DID THAT CHIPMUNK DO TO THE HAMSTER?!?!" me: i thought that was a squirrel I-

  • The bird holder thing is for funerals. People squeezing the doves to death/unconsciousness is very common so this is so people can just unlatch the thing and the doves can fly freely.

  • Qho else tryna read his ahirt

  • Is it ironic how in the middle of this video, I got an ad for wish 😂

  • i have used wish once and only once i used my first free product that you choose when you join wish and got a phone cord thats super long for $1 on shipping ive bee using it for 3 years its insanely good for that website to send you. i love it and am gonna buy another one from whish if it ever stops working lol

  • the tile mate rip off is for when you lose something and you can see if it connects and if it doesn’t connect you know to just give up finding it cause it’s not near you

  • I wanan see this unedited

  • oh god not danny using the gnfof sample before gnfof existed

  • 7:54 that’s a real video on ISchats of the guys with lots of hair on his body, it’s just him shaving the hair off

  • NDL

  • NDL

  • I was a nanny and there is a lot of debate about whether people should tell their nannies about the camera. Some states have laws saying you have to. I, personally never cared either way, but most of my nanny friends wanted to know. There is a nanny group on Facebook called, "Is This a Nanny Cam?" If you see a bunch of avocados, well... all avocados are nanny cams!

  • I'll be honest, if I saw a Windex commercial like that I might start buying it. Or maybe just subscribe to their ISchats channel.

  • It took 1 year for my package from wish

  • GEG

  • I will say one thing though: the customer service is pretty good. I ordered some locking carabiners, forgot about them, realized I didn't receive them after 13 months after the alleged receive by date, and I got a refund.

  • How does this dood get a sponsor every vid?

  • Danny's Google History: Chicken head definition Chicken head rides Chicken head head

  • I think the ab cream is steroids to honest

  • “CORN BOAT $100”

  • 8:01 that's a ISchats video, basically that dude is naturally that hairy and was shaving his whole body for the hell of it

  • Its cheap because shipping os outrageous. Why ISchatsrs dont realize this just shows why youtube is their career. Anyway alliexpress is better.

  • The human teeth was great good job danny

  • Wish is run by the horniest person ever and has like 8 billion warehouse full of random shit like H U M A N T E E T H

  • “Wackiest marketplace on the internet”? Ha ha you clearly haven't been in my basement

  • Windex did do that though. Remember the commercials where the windows were so clean, birds kept flying into them?

  • How does wish get the HUMAN TEETH???

  • currently making a danny g best moments montage and the wish commercial jus gave me 2 clips

  • human😃teeth

  • I got the drone on Amazon it was small and does not fly any more

    • 2 kids i know got a drone from their dad and they 10 and 7 ,it looked very much like the one danny showed and im assuming that is whree they got theirs because they broke it in 1 day.

  • I used to have a pet potato and I bought the fake teeth from wish and put it in the potato as a mouth it looked so weird I look back and it now and just think why

  • 2:42 😳

  • W - Were I - Insane S - H -

  • W - We I - Inane S - H -

  • hahahahahaha, *C O R N B O A T*

  • I ordered a gaming chair for 160$ and it was a picture on wish dont use it

  • Oh dear werwolf?? All of the persian guys have that much body hair

  • Jenna Marbles would have loved the hamster harness.

  • What if you eat the beard oil

  • I once got an add for newborn babies on Wish

  • 2 minutes remaining and I could finally read what his shirt said. Also great remix of When You Wish Upon A Star Danny, very funny.

  • You have been graced by Billybob

  • w - we i - are s - total h - clowns but i thought they were the entire circus

  • 8:50 "O-O-Omega mart, you have no idea whats in store for you!"

  • Did anybody notice the blood on his face during the drone heist? Lol

  • me: *sees danny's shirt* also me: *puts laptop on opposite end of bed and continues watching*

  • I use the teeth for clay stuff

  • ooga booga bitch boi

  • nah but is danny wearing that top ironically or...

  • Bro I gotta cop me a chicken helmet.

  • I have no tit,capish-danny gonzalez

  • Wish MUST be run by a genie. You make a wish but there's a twist and you don't really get what you wanted. Also, there's human teeth.

  • Cornboat!!! 100$!!!

  • Danny’s theory about wish being run by one man makes it seem way more innocent when it’s obviously just like a worse aliexpress that bootlegs products and scams everyone, but Danny’s description is way more fun and makes me wanna buy from wish now. This video is a good advertisement for wish.

  • 9:04 theres actually a ben and jerry ad with this concept, it went something like "we're sorry for having so little ice cream, and so many chunks"

  • That bird holder is so cruel

  • Human teeth rly time to go on wish

  • I am watching Danny Gonzalez at one in the morning, I haven't slept for 4 hours, I am going to fucking die

  • The teeth are Halloween teeth prosthetics.

  • My parakeet would bite me if I put it in the bird holder

  • This made me laugh so hard I choked on my macaroni

  • I was rewatching one of CDawgVA’s videos about bizarre Wish products and ISchats suggested me this. Not at all disappointed.

  • i have no tit. *KAPEESH?*

  • *I drank windex*

  • Can the tracker find my lost dad who went out for milk

  • POV: you look away for 5 seconds and Danny’s pants are on fire

  • pretty sure the prices are so low is money laundering. They don't care. They'll sell it for a loss! the point isn't really to make a profit, but to transport money from one place to another without government oversight. (that's why you always get it in like 5-12 weeks, they're using "sample" free shipping to ship stuff, which is free. It's subsidized for the government to send out free samples to businesses over seas.) The government (usually the CCP) thinks that the item you recieved.... you didn't pay for. Which is what they want. So now they have an American dollar that the CCP doesn't know about, and you have some weird shit you didn't need. Think about that.

  • let me explain it to you, theres 4 scenarios that can happen when you buy something on wish that schould cost more 1 it could be a fake this is the most likely scenario 2 its a stolen product 3 its just a scam and you dont recieve a product or 4 its stock left over in the factory or products not deemed acceptable by the people who sell it at a higher cost.

  • W- we I-irritate S-some H-ho-

  • I didnt know youre a singer

  • also i feel very dripy and and AND *SUSSSSSSSSSY*

  • That bird holder is so wrong

  • W eird I tems S omeone H as

  • This guy funny

  • I thought the thumbnail was just a regular wish ad at first

  • I have no t*t, KAPEESH???

  • i saw something that stops dogs from barking and makes them docile

  • I want to read your shirt

  • i bought something on wish like a year ago and still havnt received it lmfao, ik i can get a refund but im too stubborn and it was like 3$ lmao

  • Anybody got that spy camera wish link?????

  • Part 2 plz!!!

  • Wish dot com

  • Wish sucks

  • My dad bought me a Harry Potter music box, some bracelet charms, a Harry Potter bracelet, and a ring on Wish during quarantine. It all took six months to come, but it was nice.

  • 7:42 i'm probably speaking for a bunch of transmascs here by saying where can i buy a legitimite version of this