Watermelon smoothie hack in 2 minutes- No mess

Birt 2 sep 2013
Here is a simple trick to make you the boss of the picnic. Create a refreshing watermelon smoothie with essentially no mess in 2 minutes.

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  • All you need is a watermelon with a hole and an oven

  • what about the seeds, most people don't even like pulp

  • eh... Huh i mean It looks uncomfortable Euh

  • The clarity and Quality Of the Video has Changed a Lot.

  • That camera and audio tho

  • Awesome video, ty for sharing

  • All you need is a coat hanger and a drill uses knife uses scissors uses a cup

  • 10fps... Nostalgia

  • “No mess.” Me: *what if you miss the cup!?*

  • So he was working at the NASA...

  • No seeds,Where hurt in this video

  • The smoothie looks chunky...

  • Me: walking to the park where I have organised a picnic with friends with a hanger a drill and a watermelon. Everyone: ... wth

  • 20 fps??

  • Its puking blood OMG MARK WHAT HAVE U DONE

  • "this is my voice nine years in youtube"

  • All Comments are on knife

    • Yes I also noticed

  • This is old!

  • AHHHHHHHG. Why is my vid lagging with normal audio but at 4 fps!?!?;! Send help please I'm in pain ;-;

  • Bro! You need to make a video with Gallagher....... Smashing Dahling! Smashing.............

  • I like your idea for a watermelon slushy idea for summer

  • How old do I have to be for this to be 7 years old.

  • Watching 7 years later

  • 5 fps camera

  • this is gonna be my favorite toy

  • You need a knife

  • As of writing this comment, it just hit 19,000,000 views.

  • what is quality

  • Mark: So all your gonna need is a drill, a coat hanger, and a watermelon Him two seconds later: so your gonna get your knife

  • *me cries over water melons death*

  • U don't need a drill Use a blender

  • Am I the only one who thinks the video is lagging?

  • it looks like the watermealon is puking

  • This works wonders for abortions too

  • Back hen: watermelon hack! Now: jelly pool

  • my 5 years old birthday lol

  • Now this is QUALITY life hacks

  • that is cool

  • I love is video

  • What about the plating on that coat hanger? Eeesh /smh

  • What about the seeds

  • I just got this is my recommendation 7 years later. Cheers to another 7 years! 💞

  • Thay crispy 10 fps tho

  • "It's delicious. Organic, refreshing, little bit creepy."

  • Everybody is talking about how he used a knife and someone even mentioned the scissors but nobody mentioned him using a marker or a cup

  • I don't like watermelon but it was a nice trick

  • The way he said it 1:15

    • "It's delicious. Organic, refreshing, little bit creepy."

  • did u record dat on yo toaster

  • we all saw this coming

  • Who else got this as a suggested video 5 years later

  • ah yes, classic, 15 FPS 2013 home video :)

  • It’s crazy to think that this was 7 years ago and it feels like it was yesterday

  • Seeds ????

  • Mark at the end " Refreshing..... Little bit creepy" XD I'm dying!

  • Mike it is 2020 we do NOT need a creepy watermelon

  • what is that camera quality

  • That watermelon is puking blood

  • I mean scientist

  • But I thought you were a 👨‍🔬

  • When you made this I was born

  • Watermelon smoothie in 2 minutes Other ISchatsrs: 5 minutes video Mark: 1:43 min video

  • Bruh

  • Dat framerate boi

  • Yeah sure I have a drill somewhere in the kitchen

  • All I’m going to need is pizza

  • Put a couple of ice cubes inside

  • or you can just blend the watermelon

  • The camera bro.

  • i can tell u freeze it then shake it so its cold or. put ice small peices

  • It looks like a persons head colored green and it want to vomit watermelon juice lol but it sure its awesome

  • Imagine him spilling the glass right as he said “no mess”

  • 2020😌

  • Mark rober 2013: smoothie Mark rober 2020: worlds biggest elephant toothepaste experiment

    • @Ready To Watch .

    • Mark rober 2013: watermelon smoothie Mark rober 2020: fish blood smoothie

  • This isn't a life hack! You don't need a hot glue gun to do this one.

  • Day 1 of commenting this!!! For October you should make a bowl that shoots silly string or something when someone takes more then one piece of candy!!!

  • Poor watemelon :'(

  • The only five minutes crafts that I accept

  • Omg this is 2013 Mark Rober and I'm waithis in 2020 and I honestly feel so nostalgic

  • Omg this brings me nostalgia, when the first time I watched ISchats

  • I did this and it worked like a charm thanks

  • What a old vid, still good :D

  • Kid at the end I’m looking at you :> I’m looking at you :>

  • Regulars youtubers “ make sure you like for a new video everyday!” Mark” videos every month” Has 13 million subscribers.

  • Watermelon guts taste good

  • What wonderful camera clarity

  • 2013 Mark had a very different voice

  • This is probably the best video from Mark Rober. Great channel bro😊👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻🇮🇳

  • Who watched this on 20 FPS!!

  • 2013... wow

  • Don't know why. But i think I'm the first one here in 2020.

    • You can sort by newest to then scroll down to figure these things out.

  • You are officially the favourite uncle.

  • Low quality video for some reason

  • Mark:no mess Also Mark:pours on table

  • Slurping noises

  • You should mix ice-cream on it

  • Who is watching this in 2020

  • 1:04 tf is that kid doing lmfao

  • Who’s watching in 2020 in the middle off quarantine

  • or u can use a blender

  • Very lag