Our New Pond!! Swim to Win

Birt 16 mar 2021
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I figured the best way to show you the new pond was to break it in.

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  • Being honest- yes I would so do it lmao

  • fly me out from the uk and ill do that for 1000

  • For sure

  • Yes

  • Such a beautiful family 💖 So glad there's a Chapter 3!!! We love you all.

  • you just made my sleep beter

  • only the true OG'S remember when he used to pick up Noah from random spots

  • I cried when Zeus died

  • Yes I would jump in there 100%

  • cora is the most adorable ever omg

  • get the pillow cube!!

  • Yes same as me sleeping issues thanks for helping me out smile more

  • I would no doubt

  • This sleep thing with the pillows, I feel that. 100% me. Too low I wake with a massive migraine, too high i have nightmares. My fiance showed me this video and now I don't feel crazy

  • I have the same sleeping problem!!

  • It has to be ingrown hair that’s causing it

    • Or skin irritation from shaving

  • The nightmare thing happens to me too that’s why I don’t sleep on my back anymore. Also same with the migraines too :/ I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with the worst nightmares and my husband always has to calm me down

  • I would jump in to

  • I would do a lot for $1000

  • I'm so broke right now I would do it for 100$ 😅

  • fasho would do it no prob

  • i would if i knew what the prize was

  • not lieing i would do it for free

  • House tour!!!

  • Yes I would 100%

  • do you still have flash ?

  • I get the migraines like that when sleeping.

  • What happened to flash

  • Yea I would no cap

  • do you still have your donkeys?

  • I completely agree with the pillow thing

  • Heck yeah I just bought a house so ummm I neeeeed it

  • Omg I have the same problem with the I actually sleep like that

  • Where’s flash and Zeus

  • I would do the swim just for the content

  • I had the same problem for sleep but I’m going to try it 😎😎😎😎

  • Nope, cause I can’t swim 😂

  • Thank you

  • I've been having nightmares for 2 years

  • I actually does

  • Only true OGs smile more

  • Bro I actually have the most sore neck ever ima test ur idea lol

  • 1000 bucks I would swim back and forth 5 times

  • If I'm gonna be honest I would try but I'm pretty bad at swimming and I don't do good with the cold but for 1000$ I probably would try but I would probably half to be sent to the hospital by either hypothermia or drowning sorry for making this so long

  • since i got like $25 in both my accounts... i would do it for half it.

  • man i agree whit the sleeping thing 100 percent

  • Yes

  • Man I use to break out all the time if I didn’t shave, I just started using a facial scrub every night before bed and it fixed that

  • Goldy locks of positions 😂

  • 6:30 he looked baked

  • Yes I would

  • Heck yes i would. All day long

  • It's the same for me but when my head is to high elevated I get neck pain lol

  • yes ez

  • No freakin way!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • How old is Noah ❓❓

  • Cora is stealing the show 💕

  • I will do it for 22 bucks I will give a damn for cold water u don’t know what it does to ur body lol

  • I CANT SWIM😭😭😭

  • Awe cora has is so cute how old is she now

  • 😭

  • One grand is a lot but I hate when I don’t know what is under the water so no will not do it


  • I was wondering why my neck hurt when i wake up know i know

  • i would’ve swam across it for free i’m used to it because i live in the uk so that would be like a bath

  • I have done that hahahaha

  • So true 1:00

  • What about the donkeys

  • I miss the old vlogs 😭😭

  • I would not do it! I would like to think I would but with it being that cold. I am good.

  • I would

  • I have the pillow issue !!!

  • Yes I would honestly do it

  • I would do it without the money

  • Hey Roman, heard you were having troubles with breakouts. I personally use kangen water its a high ticket item but it may help. I use the K8 with 9.0ph water for drinking. and 2.5ph water for any smalls cuts or razor bumps even ingrown hairs. Hope you see this :)

  • 1:38 if I sleep on my back I also have a bad nightmare 😥😂

  • I'd definitely swin to one side and back in colder water

  • Yes I would

  • I’m the samee and I have to do the same thing with my pillows!!

  • You should choose 10 fans from this comment section to swim across the pond and the winner gets a prize

  • Roman u need rehab

  • Covid will now end soon because of his return

  • i would of but i wouldn't of won i suck at swimming and hate not seeing my feet

  • I'd swim across it

  • Where is Noah can we see him PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roman I have the same problem with the pillows

  • I woulda done it for 50 bucks 😂

  • Cora is so stinking cute!!!

  • No I wouldn’t have!!!

  • You're beautiful , You're one of a kind , Smile more

  • You're beautiful , You're one of a kind , Smile more

  • 🤬💩

  • This happens to me about the pillows

  • Yes

  • Love seeing Kora talking and growing up

  • Omg.... I have the same problem with headaches not the nightmares but def headaches

  • I would do the swim. I take cold showers in the morning

  • The nightmare thing is actually facts

  • Ahhhhh yesss pillows mess me up I need that right spot

  • Are you selling your old house what happened to your old house