How to Aerial Silk Dance

Birt 21 mar 2019
Taylor of The Dancing Fire teaches me how to DANCE IN THE AIR ON SILKS!!
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  • Dude How I was able to do the splits is I was trying to do the middle splits and my sister ran over and jumped on my hips Much pain, but I have been able to do the splits ever since, and that was like 4 years ago and I never stretch You should try it

  • R.I.P The Barrel

  • well he did come back in better shape and with his gymanst friend. Memento mori

  • My maths teacher: what the fuck Me, bringing out my yoga blocks in the middle of class: *gotta be limber, always stretch. gotta be limber, always stretch. gotta be limber, always stretch*

  • I love that she says "You sponging what I'm spilling?" but the captions are "You spending what I'm spilling?" lol, no disrespec Lix

  • this is aerial silk dancing with mark its yoga with mark


  • 16:09 Man Mark had a full mental break down XD

    • Just me or does anyone else wanna see Mark and Bob do this? Just me ok..

  • m goose

  • Marks defeat aerial silk dancing

  • POV: your me watching this because I have an Aeriel silk class today when I've never done anything like it and you want to not be stupid

  • I'm going to try and do this every day because EVERYONE I'VE MET CAN DO SPLITS AND I CAN'T! ;-;

  • 6:22 got no business looking this THICC

  • “I would never in my life release my left hand.” XD

  • Barrel is that you?? Annus is that you?? 😭😭😭

  • are we not going to talk about her traps? GIRL DANG

  • taylor: i’m gonna help you mark: no no pls no

  • RIP the barrel


  • I clicked on this thinking it was an Unus Annus video. Im sad

  • Anyone else here after Unus Annus

  • Lol I understand why he is having an essential crisis of rock climbing, the stupid corona made me loose my calluses😡

  • This is 34 minuets of mark regret his life disingenuous

  • "Next time I will bring a friend and he will be worse than me" I think he was talking about Ethan

  • Memento Mori

  • It’s like the same video from Unus Annus but without Ethan😭😭😞😞💜🤍

  • RIP Unnus Annus

  • This feels like an Unus Annus type video, I hope they do more of these.

  • this is hard then the pole

  • Taylor is so very sweet and motivational!😊👏💚

  • Me cringing at mark different color socks 😬😬😬😬

  • My cousin was able to do a split after her friend jumped on her while she was in 9:10 position. 😬

  • I really like the teacher! She is so nice :)

  • 1:52 *Z A H A N D O*

  • I feel so bad for thinking this but he reminder me of russel when he was climbing the rope. Russel from up

  • 6:26 mark do be looken thick

  • She’s such a good teacher, so patient and encouraging, it makes me want to try Aerial Silks post pandemic :)

  • The zoomed in face edits fucking kill me bro... That “beautiful” at 8:24 has me dying

  • Did anyone else notice the guns in the doorway at 34:22?

    • To focused on the 3rd leg below ouch. 31:24


  • Anyone else triggered on how her pants are covering her heel. No? Just me? I knew I was weird.

  • I love how 10 minutes of this video was just mark suffering from stretching

  • Mark: *Aerial Silk Dancing* Jack: HA MY LADDER IS BETTER-

  • She is a really good teacher and Markiplier, you did great haha

  • Mark verbally: POINTING Mark: flexes his feet as much as he can

  • it's a good thing because mark is more flexible than most guys

  • Ngl i might use the beginning of this video as my daily stretch routine

  • I m gonna bring a friend, and he ll be worse U-NUS AN-NUS U-NUS AN-NUS

  • Markiplier Packing Some Cake (No homo)

    • I mean everyone is a little gay for mark

  • Mark low key got CAKEE😭😭😭

  • I love her

  • 31:30 *P A I N* Nope, 32:36 Pain go *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

  • 1:37 bruh wrong socks xD

  • Mark about the blocks: “I don’t need it” A few seconds later, Mark: *aggressively grips the blocks*

  • 😃Mark was thinking that he wouldn't even break a sweat!!! She almost killed him!!!😃🤣😃

  • One thing I know about aerial silk is to Hang On. get it?

  • anybody else come back to rewatch this after watching the unus annus video?

  • my half sister does this for a living

  • Man, why is Mark so pretty? And why am I watching this video from March 2019?

  • i lowkey think she had a crush oh him but that might just be me lmao

  • Me: poor mark, his in pain :(( *mark screaming* Me also: *wheezing*

  • Taylor has such an amazing personality. Just ok talking with a guy she just met about foot fetish stuff. lol. Can she run just a stretch routine channel?

  • this is an act iv done this for 2 days only and im fine my favorite food is mcdonalds

  • I saw a bump on his pants he packin

  • my name is taylor

  • This was just a whole ass "what happened to me I'm old and lumpy" existencial crisis and i honestly can relate

  • Ah yes... I too am a natural *lEg sQuEeZeR*

  • Wow look at her muscles 👏🏼

  • I know how mark feels when doing those stretchs I had to do that kinda stuff a lot

  • Mark looks dead inside

  • Mark's having the same sort of existential crisis ethan has in the unus annus video

  • Mark: "My van's better though." Unus Annus viewers: RIP the Barrel.

  • Mark: I don’t need it Also Mark: grabs blocks

  • she's so sweet, i love her energy

  • "Probably 4 or 5 weeks to get a good split" Shaolin teachers be like: "Just have them try the split and sit on their back" -.-

  • hes lucky he can use his legs my teacher makes us do no hands sometimes to get up

  • mark : in pian her : laugthing

  • 22:10 the start of the video to be exact 22:14

  • Alternate Title: Mark having an Existential crisis

  • 27:30 unus annus prediction

  • @unusannus this should be one of your video's

  • R.I.P the barrel

  • I'd rather pay money to see mark do this then some professionals.

  • Anyone else watching this from unnas annus and just thinking.......... Mark can product the future!!

  • I love how shes so cheerful and encourages mark the whole way. But she legit killed him with the splits😂

  • 22:14 now THAT is an O face if I have ever seen one lmao🤣🤣🤣

  • I am just now realizing how much markiplier feeds his fanbase because-

  • Aww I watched this after the Unas Annus video and the friend he’s talking about is Ethan 🥺🥺

  • Anybody else notice “the pinch” at 25:11??

  • Anyone else just come to watch this because Unus Annus uploaded a part 2?

  • *Mark* I'm gonna come back with a friend... He's a gymnast *Unus Annus* 1 year later! FIINALLY! 😁

  • And yesterday he did bring a friend UNUS ANNUS!

  • I feel like this is Mark’s wakeup call to being narcissistic and now he cant take a compliment

  • I'm actually surprised at how flexible Mark is. I mean, dude spends all day on a pc 😂

  • a year later on unus annus:

  • my god he predicted it perfectly

  • Who’s here after watching the unus annus video? 😂

  • mark was the first victim of the called "aerial silks existential crisis", then he called ethan

  • And then, on October 12, 2020, the promise was fulfilled.

  • Anyone else here after the Unus Annus video and realizing he did exactly what he said about bringing a friend that'd be worse than him by comparison? LMAO