The First 10 Minutes: Marcus Explores The Diamond District | CNBC Prime

Birt 22 des 2020
In CNBC's "Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis", Marcus Lemonis explores the Diamond District to learn from the men and women who work on the $24B block - and crack the mystery of the world's hardest and most romantic rock. Catch the full opening and don't miss the series premiere of "Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis" Tuesday, December 29 at 10P ET on CNBC.
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The First 10 Minutes: Marcus Explores The Diamond District | CNBC Prime


  • The Jews

  • They showed the full episode a week after this video was uploaded but I think they might've removed it.

  • The snobbish regret unusually dream because quit classically need than a hilarious ptarmigan. placid, merciful gray

  • Gold and silver trade on exchanges and have set prices that fluctuate every business day. This is not the case with diamonds.

  • The nondescript battery concomitantly cheat because marble temporally double by a cumbersome south america. bored, unnatural velvet

  • It kinda make much more sense. India have this same sysytem in deals. When I started watching, faces were strangely familiar

  • Hi Marcus. I would like to know that the bracelet for $26k is looking good. So could you please let me know how many stones and what clarity, colour and size of the stones. I would like to go there someday.

  • Sadly the club is from one nation and they only tight the circle. If a diamond seller tells me " trust me", I will leave.

  • He’s gotta go to Surat. That’s an intensely clanish and secretive business. You’ll be in some dingy factory, but there could be enough inventory stocked up there to shame apple factories. And the traders will come wearing plain cotton clothes but he’ll probably be having a penthouse facing Central Park. This is one weird industry, but somehow thrives like crazy.

  • All thieves

  • Need a crystals club. No securities needed. 😂 Save money!

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  • So in other words, Diamonds are worthless, they have no scalable value, unlike gold. It’s priced similarly to bitcoins but little more stable

    • The only value it has, is the value we ascribed to it.

  • Diamonds. Don't own them and never will. Useless and a source of a lot of split blood and spoiled lives.

    • Spilt* Agreed. Same here. Forget this noise, I like silver and a little gold.

  • "Trust me." lol Gg

  • I love that man

  • He claims it's all nationalities and races but I don't see it in the club

    • that's racist and very anti-semitic what you just assumed.

  • eBay has those bracelets for about 35-40K. Marcus got a good deal

  • When was this recorded? I don't see anyone wearing a mask.

    • Maybe before the pandemic, you know, like recorded over a year ago?

    • Stfu

  • Never trust these guys, bunch of rip offs

  • Wow. All guys in DDC are Jewish

  • Bitcoin accepted here it has begun !!

  • Where are they’re masks 😷


  • Why on earth would the diamond district be in a state with state sales tax

  • Africa is the worlds largest producers of diamonds and not one African is allowed in the DDC

  • Only the big stone are important and rare in diamonds and few people could afford them the smaller diamonds are very common and cost nothing in reality it’s a bad investment in general.

  • Didn't know Frank Underwood's henchman worked at CNBC now. Guess it checks out.

  • And the poor Africans get nothing for these diamonds found in their soil. Speak about that Marcus!

    • More than 50% of the worlds diamonds comes from Africa and no representation at all.

  • Hey my friend Marcus you got robbed

  • i work on 46th street, oh men 47th everyone is huseling for that $$$$

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  • The most legit, respected businessmen and women in the world!

  • Today, diamond industry is slowly moving to India because of cheap labour.

  • Easy to hate this guy. Total sellout j bag

  • Those office windows don’t look bullet proof

  • Gold and Silver only. Jewelry is worthless.

  • U trusting me again so this 1 is 30k u got a great deal here, 26 is a great deal u got it!! 🤣😂 trust brings value in this game, i dont wanna play

  • Diamonds are a scam .

  • Marcus put up 250k to help after the recent bombing... will support any show he makes at this point.

  • Marcus is Not self made... daddy had money in Miami car businesses...

  • No sales tax if he is buying it for resale

  • Just buy a moissanite. It’s practically the same thing at a far cheaper price per carot

  • That’s really good joke about diamonds ♦️ it’s just carbon in the ground but in fingers it’s worth starts and ends never 👎

  • When Marcus is bargaining with the guy, I like how the guys in the background are all smiling. Marcus is in the club lol

  • I know nothing about Diamonds? 🤔😃😎😷

  • I have seen first hand the devastating effect of gold and diamond mines. Just terrible!!! TERRIBLE!!!

    • @birdy 4life Bunch of farm lands are being taken, those towns and villages people are left desolate. People trapped and die in collapsed mines. Bad roads, diseases, soiled drinking water. It's just awful!!

    • 😯plz explain that sounds awful

  • GREAT , very informative . I v watched the profit in the past , this one is also interesting.

  • like gold it shines. Women like fish like shiny objects.

  • Get a man made stone you can not tell the difference save a lot of money

  • I really don't get how people can pay such money for usless piece of glass that can be created in lab and no one will be able to tell difference. Gold I understood its very rare material that cannot be made in the lab and used in making medical equipments, electronics, space industry.

    • The diamond cartel does not want people to know, there is a stone created in the lab though a specialized process. Its called Moissanite. It is = diamond. Now Charles & Colvard's U.S. patent for moissanite has expired, so it can be widely manufactured and this stone is even better than a diamond.

  • So selling me glass for millions and I can break car 🚗 window 🪟 and make millions back wow 😳

  • What can I say....Shalom

  • omg! Ik some ppl in the video! and im just a 20 yr old kid not a dimaond dealer. 😃 "MOM IM FAMOUS"😎😎😎

  • A buying something without knowing anything about it. This is business?

  • Sounds like a scam tbh

  • Who are these "average people" spending six grand on a diamond ring? No wonder so many are deeply in debt.

    • It says avarage so when a Ball palyer pays 2m for a ring 💍 you are counted 5k in than avarage.. even thoug you barely can effort a subway sandwich

    • @Dayton Kendrick the appraisal is always puffed up real high for insurance. Your stone is worth $5500. Unlike gold, diamonds values stay flat. They are a horrible investment...

    • I paid cash for mine $5500 ish but it appraises at $24k. I’ll never advise financing a ring. Save for what you can afford. Period.

    • The upper middle class and the rich like him can spend that amount.

    • Most people can't spend that amount on jewelries. Especially during this pandemic

  • Gold > diamonds, because the price is based on weight so its transparent and regulated by the market

  • Love it!

  • I like diamonds but I think it's gonna disrupt with lab grown ones

  • Would you rather.... buy a synthetic diamond? Of a mined diamond...

  • Allotrope of carbon. A good industrial abrasive, but essentially just carbon.

    • @Gunga Din That's about it for the gem quality stones. Industrial diamonds at about $25 a carat can cut hardened steel which is a more cost effective machining method than grinding.

    • You're forgetting the added value of marketing....

    • @Lucky Baldwin sparkles . Is that all it does??? :))))

    • @Gunga Din if it's cut correctly, in the sunlight, it sparkles.

    • like gold it shines. Women like fish like shiny objects.


  • Nice all stolen out of Africa.

  • So this got filmed before Covid?

    • IIRC, it was on social media before...

  • Isn’t this a monopoly if they get to blackball anyone at whim?

    • I would categorise it as an oligopoly.

  • I learn so much from Marcus lemonis such a brilliant man.

  • Stick with what you know...........Gold per ounce has a price. Diamonds? Faith and trust............. You make the choice. Former DDC Member.

    • @Lucky Baldwin Well now they are making lab grown diamonds so all those vault diamonds are becoming pointless. Also tons of used diamonds being sold. And used vs new makes no difference.

    • I heard that the DeBeers family has like 80% of the world's gem quality diamonds locked in their vaults and they decide how many to release each year to keep the price up. Sounds like a bad investment to me.

    • Diamonds seem iffy, if I have to buy a shiny rock I’ll choose Moissanite

  • Why is he promoting buying diamonds at this time?

    • @Vitor Hugo you have any? What you drive now?

    • @Vitor Hugo what are you talking about??

  • I didn’t know he started a new show. I love this.

  • They made a club out of some commercial space lol

  • Thief’s, diamonds have no official market, gold has a market price, trust me? this is a joke,

  • Vid was Too $hort

  • 💎'S are the World's best friend❕lol

  • it's like a John Wick society behind the industry!

  • put that on CNBC's credit card.

  • Why is it all jewish and why is it all men ? Israel doesnt even produce any diamonds it all comes from africa

    • They also run all the camera shops In nyc

    • actually there are many women who work in the industry - perhaps not on that particular floor. Why Jewish? It was Jewish immigrants who built up the business in New York about 60 years ago.

  • Diamonds are Forever!

  • I'd like to see the full episode please

  • Seems shady

  • "trust me" he says. Then goes down from $30k to $26k for a Bracelet worth MAYBE $5k. I don't trust him at all. CAVEAT EMPTOR used to say the Romans!

    • LOL. Walmart is not where people buy these

    • ....please don't say what you don't know! Have you ever inquired about how difficult is it to get diamonds?

  • 😍😍👍

  • Actually, you can buy that bracelet WITHOUT sales tax IF you are reselling it (say, at retail) and you use your company's tax ID number. The sales tax must be collected on the RETAIL sale and then turned in.

    • @Vitor Hugo If you don't want to spend a lot on jewelry, go ahead and buy fake jewelry. There are plenty of beautiful manufactured jewelry.

    • @Vitor Hugo Incorrect. This is how you ensure people don't play games, lie, sell fakes, etc. This how one build trust in a industry that needs trust to succeed. You stick to spamming about cars instead trying to be anti-Semitic.

    • @Vitor Hugo They didn't scam him if he didn't inform them that he plans to resell.

  • It always amazes me; the things my fellow humans put a "value" on.

    • well dimaonds are super crunchy 😋 yummy

  • All nationalities and races??? Indians and Jews does not equal ALL. FOH with your YIDDISH LIES.

  • New series staring Marcus? Yes Please!

  • Shaiest district in NYC stay away from them

    • ....because they are Jewish? ...thats racist!

  • It's a racket!

  • im not that fond of diamonds

    • Same. I'm not a jewelry buff to start with, but an emerald-cut emerald catches my eye every time.

  • very cool !

  • 30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Go Marcus 🙃🤗

  • Marcus is the real deal.

  • Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • It's all good, I love the competition. Learning to make my jewelry value to the consumer will always outperform "tradition". See ya'll in ten years!

  • I’ll watch anything business related with Marcus.

  • Can't wait to see the full episode. Good luck with your business ventures in 2021