Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Pence Harris VP Debate

Birt 7 okt 2020
Jimmy breaks down the first and only Vice Presidential debate between Senator Kamala Harris and VP Mike Pence, Donald Trump Jr.’s revealing comments about his dad, Trump releasing a new video that’s basically a drug commercial, and Jimmy speaks to Trump’s new Director of African American Outreach Marquis Jackson (Andy Daly).
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  • Vote Green Party🌎✌️

  • If Trump wins election i will never vote again never ever and the News MSNBC and any other news stations are history forever

  • When I fly stays on you for that long....it means your full of Ish. Biden2020

  • lie hole

  • I will say even the FLY new where better air was with the Side it chose to be with ! NO COVID ON THIS SIDE HE SAID B L M ! BOOM

  • Regeneron sex pill but it liquid . Vitamin supplement You dont need regeneron get a vibrator

  • Kamala snl go wiggles

  • Kamala was sooo disappointing to the progressives. Who was she trying to win over by being a limp dish rag? In my opinion she was weak and timid. Not what we need or want!!

  • ! Trump has reduced your taxes, Secured our border, Made us energy independent, Increased the value of our 401K, Reduced federal spending for abortions, Best employment in US history, Lowest unemployment in all categories, Defeated the ISIS Califate , Bringing peace to the middle east, 3 Nobel Peace Prize nominations, Returned over 50 hostages from 22 different countries, Rebuilt the military, Supports our law enforcement. I think he has earned my VOTE.

  • He doesn't wear a mask because it'll mess up his orange makeup! 😂

  • Totally biased!!!

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💙💙💙💙

  • One thing's for sure. Harris did much better than Kaine

  • Flies are attracted to two things: food and/or fecal matter. That fly didn’t look like it was on food.

    • When all you can talk about is a fly because your candidate lost the debate and could only result to condescending smiles and nods xD

    • Purell

  • Vote Trump 2020

  • His son is clearly sick with Covid too

    • @Mary Elizabeth red face, eyes and so congested 😳

    • I think so too. He does not look well at all and looking worse every day.

  • Jimmy Kimmel is nothing but a clown.

  • After watching this Wonder what’s the difference between racism and calling people names or making fun of looks. “Fighting” racism by shaming another human being isn’t the correct way to fight racism. Not so much of a role model after all. Can’t fight hate with hate. I mean you do it for the views and all. I don’t find it funny any more. I find it hypocritical

    • since when this video is about "fighting racism"? 🤣

  • regeneron, and now I can play the accordion

  • the fly won the debate

  • That fly smelled Harris. It landed a bit short.

  • He doesn't wear a mask because it'll mess up his orange makeup! 😂

  • 11:43 reminded me of Micheal Scott

  • My respect for Jimmy 📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Trump is purging America of every possible moral concept as white (R) evangelical's jettison the ethic of Jesus to worship a demon who hates the truth.

  • Gosh, if the president would've handled this whole COVID crisis better, then I would be working right now, instead of smoking meth, snorting opiates, and watching ISchats. 😂😂😂 Oh? Hook me up with some "regeneron" that you speak of. You say it makes me feel good. Does it beat opiates & meth? hahahaha I like good times.

  • Funny

  • Purell

  • Everything twump says is like unbelievable

  • 7:13 Covid Gravy 🤣😂

  • By the way how knows if this fly have seated on the coronavirus paiten and then on our voice president God help

  • If this had happened to any of the Democrats, Alex Jones, Jeanine Pirro or any anchor of Fox News they wouldn't had stop saying that it was a sign that the devil was choosing him, that it was a clear sign that candidate was the chosen one for Satan

    • TRUE⚠️ 😈 🤭😂🤣😷🤘🏽

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  • If China is to blame for the virus then Russia is to blame for trumptardism!

  • Only an idiot like trump would say getting the virus is a blessing from God, it's surprising he didn't blame Obama for it.

  • I miss the people that were born the same day with me in that hospital. We really cried very well that day.😕😕😕

    • 4:53 ...touching himself to Lou Dobbs every night.

  • The fly saved kamala from being being the spotlight of disgrace

    • China’s going to pay just like Mexico’s paying for the wall.

  • That is very racist

  • Jimmy Kimmel if a guest comes to your house you would be talking to them for 3 minutes watching them not knowing a disgusting bug from your house landed on his head. And you wouldn’t tell him. And here you are defending Kamala and the moderator. What ever happened to this country.

  • Pritty fly for a white guy.

  • Flies are attracted to two things: food and/or fecal matter. That fly didn’t look like it was on food.

  • The truth is Trump will be president again you know it right now everybody knows it the system will collapse if the Democrats come in.

  • You learned how to speak as if you haven’t been busted up. At best you get it. Jimmy you never were funny. 🤛🏻!

    • Kimmel, you're a puppet for the left. You have no backbone. Typical Hollywood phony.

  • It’s so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🍊🤡

    • Kimmel, you're a puppet for the left. You have no backbone. Typical Hollywood phony.

  • That fly was actually a Russian drone: "Answer the question Mikhail"

    • It's possible these days

    • Mike, You are so 'FLY' brother, who wouldn't want to vote for you with your fab "Star Trek" hairdo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy used to have class. Just full of hate now. Once you become this hateful your career is over.

  • It’s almost like y’all forget that joe Biden was literally for segregation

  • It amazes me how far left you are

  • Simply, POTUS-45 and his enablers want and always expressed that they want a herd mentality where if you have pre-existing conditions and you die, then you die. Is this what you want? Think what you can achieve by voting for you, vote for the safety of your family. Vote democrat in all elections and save our democracy.

  • Come on Jimmy... at least try to play to both sides .... You don't even try

  • China’s going to pay just like Mexico’s paying for the wall.

  • 4:53 ...touching himself to Lou Dobbs every night.


  • Not funny at all Jimmy!!!😡😡

  • I used to love to watch Jimmy Kimmel. I will NEVER watch another ANYTHING pertaining to him

  • Oh, yes. More of "me-good, Trump-bad". NOTHING. We raise your taxes severely, let millions in without a background check and YOU PAY THEIR WAY, legalize pedophilia, legalize abortion AND YOU PAY FOR THAT TOO. That's literally STUPID. Voting for that is STUPID. YOUR OBORTION IS NOT MY BILL. I took responsibility for myself and my life and made sure I cant get pregnant. It's time you take responsibility for yourselves too. I know the term, "take responsibility" is hard for some of you to hear but if you don't want a baby, DONT HAVE SEX...or protect yourself. Are some of you really so stupid that you cant protect yourself? You need someone to hold your hand and do everything for you and pay your way? Are you really that useless? If so, what are you even alive for? You just take, and take. A drain on society.

  • Mike, You are so 'FLY' brother, who wouldn't want to vote for you with your fab "Star Trek" hairdo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • She looks so disengenious.. evil

  • Kimmel, you're a puppet for the left. You have no backbone. Typical Hollywood phony.

    • Kimmel stooping too low but it will not work.

  • Break down... 4 minutes in.. absolute nothingness in this commentary

  • Scheisse zieht eben Fliegen an. Weiss doch jedes Kind. Die Fliege war in ihrem Element und belohnte den Gestank des geistigen Dünnschiss mit ihrer Anwesenheit.

  • "how panicked were you when u were thinking where you would get your next roll of toilet paper" -Kamala Harris

  • The fly is a true American hero pointing out sh!t for us! Thank you for your service!

  • I’m sick of, Over opinionated want a be celebrities who’s trying to tell us what is needed to run our country.

    • I know, that clown who hosted the Apprentice is the worst.

  • Reality: Threatening to remake the supreme court which would effectively destroy one of the key checks and balances of our nation and potentially spark an all out civil war. Jimmy Kimmel: That Fly.

    • If Trump wins election i will never vote again never ever and the News MSNBC and any other news stations are history forever

  • The fly was there because of Kamala pissy smelling yellow skin was laying maggots under the table

  • Jimmy you’re a looser !!

  • Kimpy Kimmel, already working his ratings down, down, down. Why? Being a mouth piece for the left and killing comedy is exhausting for the remaining 40 percent of his former audience.

  • Kamala Harris lost soo badly Jimmy had to crack jokes to take off attention from it. Honestly see the debate yourself, she looks so creepy, sketchy, unpleasant. I fear biden/harris winning because if biden dies, we get Kamala Harris.

    • Dont worry, Trump is already more creepy, sketchy, unpleasant than any average american, your fears have already realized.

  • This is the dumbest thing I've seen....

  • Maybe wash that mop before using it as a comb over on tv?

  • Kimmel stooping too low but it will not work.

  • She looks so disengenious.. evil

  • Imagine paying attention to a fly, but not the actual debate

  • Wow this is so funny! You are given your freedom of speech but really this is stupid

  • When you realize your side lost the debate so you recognize a fly on someone’s head. I can’t believe how stupid people are...

  • Imagine paying attention to a fly, but not the actual debate

    • @Nasser D He’s talking about the comment section buddy

    • Is that what democrats do? Just look for flies? Some life democrats have.

    • The fly was only talked about for 30 seconds of this 13 minute video. Imagine paying attention to a skit about a fly but not the rest of the video

  • That fly was REALLY CLINGING ON throughout all of that snake oil salesman’s head shaking!

  • Very soon.. Vaccine .. Very Soon.. I love Jimmy.

  • Not funny

  • Trump looks super crispy, as if he's trying to hide how pale/ sick he looks 🤢

    • If you want upvotes for your lame trump insult comments you have to do it when the video first comes out. That is when the Biden campaign bought and paid for spam fake account bots upvote anti-trump stuff. Biden can't even get 200 people to show up at a rally and you really think that many people are anti-trump?

  • I hope trumps speech was deepfake. Oh please god

  • U r rediculous UNSUBSCRIBED

  • Fact: Flies are attracted to bullshit.

  • 🤣🤣👍

  • Eww that spit though.. does his wife kiss that? :/

  • Jimmy Kimmel is still a thing???

  • Fly got more attention then Biden In Ohio. 🤣

  • If the free world ever does have civil unrest , hopefully someone like the dude in the Netflix show "Rampage" goes to see Waste of clean air Kimmel first!

  • Bend the Knee Jimmy

  • Would the media go after obama like this if obama was a replublican?

    • The Media went after Obama for wearing a tan suit, using a selfie stick and taking his jacket off in the oval office, so... What is your point?

  • He is so disrespectful and not even funny. 😬 Jimmy Kimmel has lost my respect altogether.

  • The title says breaks down debate between vp’s but 80% if the clips and horrible jokes were about Trump, man for someone who hates him they actually can’t stop talking about him

  • This is worst late night show besides Seth Meyers

  • Hmm just as i thought Americans couldn't get any dumber they focus on the fly rather than what was said in the debate

  • Congratulations Jimmy you are on my top 10 people I despise list and every stupid video like this you are slowly reaching the top.

  • EEEEEEEWWWWHHHH, COVID GRAVY!!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮 The multiple looks on Marquis Jackson’s face when he finally realized why he might have been hired - almost made me spit out my Rice Milk 😳😳😳🤣🤣🤣

  • the contemplation of trump saying ‘very soon’ is just amazing 😂

  • yes trump looks extra crispy and only republicans want him or should I say the fellow Fox News..

    • Were you one of the 12 delusionals that showed up for a Biden rally?

  • I love Andy Daly.