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Summary: I saw this video on Twitter and ISchats recently of a guy who modified his phone case with propellers. Having a background in engineering it was pretty clear to me that it wasn't real but it seemed like most people believed it. This was especially irksome give that he was selling the items in the desc using affiliate links. So I did a deep dive on every last possible clue proving it was fake.

They are soft-

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  • google didn't help me on this but what is an affiliate link cause the gooogle def is "An is a specific that contains the ID or username. In programs, advertisers use to record the traffic that is sent to the advertiser's website.Aug 18, 2011" and is not in a single way related to maing money so i am big confusion...

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  • Plot twist: Mark also was scamming in the end.

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  • I like how he debunked something so popular yet I don't even know what it actually is

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  • 5:15 It is not true that if you double the amount of those motors (or whatever) the noise will get doubled. Sound is measured in logarithmic scale so if you want to double the sound from 1 speaker you will actually need 10 of them.

  • This is why Mark Rober is one of the best content creators out there. First of all his content is creative and entertaining and he also saved millions of people who aspire being an engineer and getting scammed. Huge respect to Mark Rober 👑

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