Doctor SHAMES High School DROPOUT, Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

Birt 6 apr 2021
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- A Girl Steals Clothes From Her Roommate, Instantly Regrets It:
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00:00 Doctor SHAMES High School DROPOUT,
06:33 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Idea By: Dhar Mann
Written By: Dhar Mann
Director: Rushikesh Bhadane
Editor: Joel Ray
Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Barry Bryant
Sound: Noel Palacios
Chris - Melvin Ward
Kim - Zoey Marie
Scholar - James Nichols, II
Bystander 1 - Yui Shibata
Bystander 2 - Remy O'Brien
Bystander 3 - Jenny Shibley
Bystander 4 - Ian E Cole
Bystander 5 - Adam Valencia
Waiter - Matt Patrick Fox
Teen - Yony Marian

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  • Hi #DharMannFam, SHOP NOW! My latest merch is available now! Lots of different colors, slogans & styles, you're going love: Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here:

    • it

    • how are u changing lives your channel is better of just telling stories

    • omg, I am the biggest fan, and my sister we like all your video. I and my sister SUBSCRIBE all your video we love Them do you have a tik tok Dharman? love your biggest fann xoxo 😘😘🥰

    • Alhamdulillah

    • @Caroline Herrington I can tell the whole world that the federal and government organizations is still extorting money to relized the prize,, I won and I have the right to get it to help my family and my four children

  • I was like whe. He said the shoes were a thousand: WHO BUYS SHOES FOR A THOUSAND!?

  • He didn’t even take the painting with him

  • imagine acting fancy to shame a innocent guy

  • Alternate title flexing on people richer than you


  • Attention kids: This is not an excuse to drop out of school Go to school, get a food education, and don’t drop out, you won’t regret it

  • To the educated idiot in the suit, remember your a BLACK MAN!!!!

  • When I watched this the second time I realized he congratulated him for working at his own company

  • how does he don't no the CEO of the same company he works for

  • The title is wrong on the cover he didn’t drop out he started work after he graduated from high school he just didn’t attend college or a university

  • the live video was awesome dhar mann

  • My dad was a college dropout to marry his high school sweetheart. He is still smarter than me and can fix something faster than i can lie on my bed. He got dat *DADA MAGIK*

  • This videos are really inspiring thank u Dhar mann,,,, wish I had played them too

  • School is not for everyone

  • Why does the doctor look like the dentist from Payday 2

  • The lesson is respect only if they have money

  • Hi

  • I doNt SPEakEtH POorEth

  • Did he shake his own hand in the beginning?

  • When the girl said “Last chance” Chris was thinking inside “should I end this man’s career


  • Wait I'm still not in high school or college and I know abstract art but they make you learn abstract art in college maybe its a different college.Who knows?

  • Dhar Mann 👍 makes one of the most amazing and incredible stories thumbs up for him💕💕💞 and his video's are truly changing lives and they inspirational video's 😍😍

  • Dr Ramsey is 1 of those kids that talk too mich

  • He just flexed on him respectfully😭☠️

  • Doctorate in accounting 😂

  • I kinda feel bad cuz man he wants that painting so bad he thought he was gonna get it

  • When I saw his shoes the sneakers, I knew they were expensive because my older sister collects and sells shoes. Some cost thousands of dollars!

  • nice

  • c square financial bout to run out of business when J and J finance comes into business.


  • (people living good) ah life is nice (my life) its an abstract (my rich cousin) not an abstract

  • Dhar man your so nice and your vids are so good your teaching lessons. Keep up the hard work i have subscribed like and my notifcations on all and subscribe to Dhar man because he is a good man

  • He looks like he is about to cry at the end

  • Thank u dhar Mann of every advices we really appreciate you

  • Damn mans rocking Dior 1 like it’s nothing

  • what kinda jacka$$ does not know who found the company he is going to work in ?

  • a thpusand dollars 😂

  • He just be littled the Ceo of the company he work for. Shame shame shame

  • I love this video and even though its late and you might not see this comment I am glad you brought this video to life because my teacher even shows us that you don't always have to go to college to achieve your dream career. You should think about a plumber and a doctor. One will be worth more most of the time while the other is still paying off school. Thx :)

  • Remember, Jay-Z was a high school dropout! (Although he does consider education to be very important)

  • big uno reverse card

  • Dont judge a book by its cover

  • wait so i dont need collage??

  • Complete karma

  • These are the best videos ever I love them so much Dhar Mann you are the best

  • This Doctor dude only knows about in pain because he’s rich 🤑

  • I was hoping he was (Lets say C for short) was the artist of the painting as well. And at the end C would have said "Thanks for the HUGE pay day... Oh and by the way if you read the purchasing agreement on the bidding contract you will understand that ALL BIDS and SALES ARE FINAL. Oh wait you went to college so i'm sure you understand. Have a good Day College."

  • Dr Ramson is a good actor

  • He got owned 😱😱

  • hahah i love this actor hahhhahha

  • not everyone knows what they drink

  • But literally, the actor of the doctor is amazing

  • This man is wearing Jordan's 1 those are fire

  • He talks like a recipe trying to be fancy.

  • 5:52 aaannndddd you're fired

  • Moral of dhar Mann stories. If you roast a person and poor shame them then they would be sooo rich

  • Pi I tl hgr

  • Im eating mint + chocolate together and I feel like vomitting.

  • When did he order champagne???

  • I can't believe that the doctor did not even know his company's ceo lol

  • Advaith

  • He said you can’t out bid me but mans is wearing 15k on his feet 😂🤣🤣

  • Sad thing about this video, is that it's realistic. There's nothing exaggerated, or unrealistic about it.

  • The way he drop that glass tho 👌👌

  • @Dhar Mann ok, soooo i just caught this episode that is 2 wks past the initial post at 2am. What gets me about you & your team is that each/all of you consistently outdo yourselves! 1 of my favorite episodes ever - til the next time! 👍👍😊💜🙏

  • "Don't confuse schooling with education. I didn't go to Harvard but the people that work for me did." - Elon Musk


  • note* i wrote this comment without finishing the video Plot twist= The non graduate was the owner of NASA

  • Even tho them diors look blueish and not gray they way more than 1000 dollars

  • My last brain cell thought for a moment that chris and the doctor were the same guy

  • my man wearing tom fords was literally laughing at the guy wearing air diors

  • Any fool would know what dom perigon is , So may be I am a Fool

  • why is the doctor talkin about shoes the dropout’s outfit is the drip I would prob wear and it’s 🥶

  • Such a great story, nice work

  • is nice

  • How rich people fight over a bloody painting...

  • 5:09 looks like Amustycow Edit: he's a youtuber

  • So this company... Called C the new DM Capital. lol

  • My boy getting fired come Monday!

  • ur the best youtuber in about lesson and gold diggers and learning and poor and spending time with family

  • Just because you wear oddly different from looking rich, doesn’t mean you ain’t rich, you just spend your money differently.

  • 2:22 mates Jordan’s are me money then his like fr

  • Just let him finish the sentence man-

  • 2:16 in these thousand dollar pants...

  • ayy he posted this on my birthday

  • Me waiting for Chris to fire Ramsen at the end. :|

  • I have no idea what Dom Perigion is, does that make me dumb?

  • How could that wine be aged 20 years when the bottle say's 2010? It's only been like 11 years?

  • Um absract means you cant use your 5 senses? Like uh

  • When the guy said "My name is Dr ramsen, I thought he said dr Ramen-"

  • I don't understand why he spend so much money on shoe's lol

  • I'm a PHD 😂 he's been watching Kevin Samuels.

  • me and my dad used to watch your videos, he has sadly passed away about 3 months ago his favorite episode was " dad abaandonds wife and son and instantly regrets it " your videos remind me of him and they make me a better person.

  • Also, just because in this story, the highschool dropout is more successful, don’t just simply assume education is stupid and doesn’t work. Study first lads, if something goes wrong, don’t think you’ve lost everything.

  • i dont think its healthy to memorize beer names

  • Things aren't always what they seem,So Never judge someone of how they look.

  • The actor for Chris is genuinely really good! 👏👏

  • No ones gonna mention this guys waves