Billie Eilish Answers Questions From Justin Bieber & 22 Other Famous Fans

Birt 3 maí 2021
Billie Eilish is a Gen Z icon, but her fandom spans generations - and includes more than a few famous faces. In episode 3 of British Vogue’s ‘Ask a Legend’ series, Halle Berry pops up to ask the star for songwriting tips for her daughter; Avril Lavigne wants to know about Billie’s future goals; and Sporty Spice is keen to hear her most life-changing moment to date. Her friend Denzel Curry meanwhile, just wants to know: “When am I going to see you again?” Watch the video in full to hear British Vogue’s June cover star on her first date, her favourite song from her own back catalogue, and whether she’d pick fresh sheets over fresh socks.

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Billie Eilish Answers Questions From Justin Bieber & 22 Other Famous Fans


  • What would you have asked Billie?

  • i love you and ilomilo are my favorite songs

  • It was a really really great date Billie, thank you again 💕


  • I'm not suprise she made me smile throughout the whole video. She inspires and makes me feel content with everything. I love her

  • she looks 35ish....

  • 17:49 eternail life

  • I wonder what it feels like to be idolized by absolutely everyone... is it lonely?

  • I love how she is vegan too! So many celebs are vegan and people just don’t realize it! If you want to check out what she was talking about of what goes on in the dairy, meat and egg industry, you can watch: - What the Health - Cowspiracy - Seaspiracy (New) On Netflix and - Dairy is scary by Erin Janus (ISchats) - The most important speech You will ever hear by Gary Yourofsky (youtube) I can’t say she watched these specifically but they certainly have information in them that really change your view and open your mind on this topic. As she said again “you can’t go back” after seeing what goes on. Love you so much Billie! 😆😆😆😆😆❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • The future is vegan 🙌

  • Jesus loves you and anyone reading this! God bless and stay safe.

  • Somebody PLEASE keep this boy out of these wigs😂

  • This girl had a Justin Bieber fan page and now he’s asking her about socks I’m crying

  • She reminds me of Lady GaGa. someone unique with her own style.

  • Apex?????

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  • what a beautiful soul✨

  • makes me want a hamburger :]

  • I hate how much I like this chick lol

  • she's gonna look like a horror when she ages

  • omg Billie is so *beautiful as a person* perfection and Halie Berry i swear *ages backwards* omg I love this video! so adorable and just wholesome. wicked relaxing

  • My question would be... Aside from where you are from...where is another place in the world that feels like home?

  • I LOVE YOU is my favorite song ever🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • I love how she gave the same energy for every person and every question...and the end tho😍

  • Teenage silly trash music can be legend these days..

  • She’s a 21 year old concept star, how is she considered a legend? 🙄

    • @Your Mom No clue, but doubt she'll be compared to any actual legends like MJ, Elvis, Madonna, etc...

    • Maybe she will be in the future, of course, she will be. (isn't she 19?)

  • Legend of what? Hhhhhh, omg everyone can be called legend these days hhhh

  • Is it just me or does this video gives me Gucci vibes

  • Ur so pretty and inspiring

  • Billie or Justin are not idols !!!


  • Billie elish is lil xan. Freak show

  • this video is so comforting

  • Lets get billie collab with glados

  • so happy she dates blk men, and all of her white female fans look up to her. blk and white women together forever

  • Billie Ellish seems like she is a beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.The blonde hair is a little different on her but she is still beautiful.Them oceaan eyes .'God must have spent a little more time on her"she is a gifted artist as well..

  • 😂

  • Love this video! My favourite part was when Stormzy was being very complimentary. In previous videos, she’s struggled to take compliments because she doesn’t believe in herself. You can see here that she knows how talented and beautiful is, not in a cocky way but in a confident way. Truly beautiful to watch 💜

  • I am very sensitive when it comes to animals, as I believe most people are. And recently I have been wondering about going vegetarian after turning 17 and finally really understanding the cruelty demonstrated daily to create food for humans at a mass level. So when I heard Billie bring up dairy, I immediately got sick to my stomach. I thought there was no way. I had been on friend's farms and fed the calves with different types of milk in the barn away from their mothers. It hadn't occurred to me that was even what I was doing. That the making of milk--consuming it for breakfast and at school being so normal for me--could be so disgusting. I just want to thank Billie for not participating in the consumption of these products and speaking on the issue. It really is unbelievable how unempathetic we humans can be.

  • when she spoke about goals, i felt that. its interesting to see a huge artist feel the same way as me.

  • Where is the legend so I can ask a question? Achilles is legend. The Roman Empire is legend. Ayrton Senna is legend. Mohammad Ali is legend. Calling this legend is pathetic & insulting.

  • I think I’ve subconsciously love Billie so that all the people she loves, I love

  • Avril and billie ❤❤

  • I still remember the day when first find her on my youtube recomendation, it was belly ache song and at that moment decide to be her fans for the rest of my time. Time flies, didn't they

  • we need a whole hair story video.

  • I swear this girl better live until she's 100+

  • Legends a strech

  • I just love billie ❤️😘... She's soo pure... My idol❤️ are amazing....

  • Calling Billie a legend is a stretch.

  • She's not a legend

  • love her

  • Whoever read this, REMEMBER: Life is short. Cut out negativity, forget gossip, say goodbye to people who don´t care. Spend time with people who are always there.💖

  • You're not a legend if you've only been singing your brothers music for a few years

    • she is a legend dont put her down like that

  • Her clothes are too tight to be fixed again for the fashion maker Bilie Eilis But bilie eilis is prettier with curly hair a bit straight like that (: Thank you for the readers of my words (: I hope you understand what I mean (:

  • Nice girl, But the Most overrated singer of the 20's so far.

  • so its ask a legend so umm wheres elton john at?

  • Pobre Billie parece una abuela con el estylo que le colocaron😬pero los cantantes son productos que controlan gente de poder,vida de Mkultras🤷🏻‍♀️

  • great video, the filming makes me nauseous tho

  • omg jodie?????/

  • Her haircut in this video makes me think of how she could've cameoed 'K-12' Melanie Martinez film

  • What really... never going to understand the hype....

  • Billle eilish is acting silly!😂😂😂

  • I truly hope hollywood does not get to her like they have taken all the souls of others. What a genuine true and authentic interview.. I think I am a fan of Billie now

  • ту этими тупыми созвонами слили шикарную задумку

  • Billie look like hannah from dark series

  • hehe i guessed she would say Frank Sinatra, that would be an amasing duet.

  • i just love her so much!!!! im so proud of you billie!!!!!!

  • How about let's not compare her to Justin? They're both great, but for now let's chill with billie in the spotlight. It's her interview.

  • Love her! Very Scarlett Jo Hanson Vibes! She is beautiful in & out!

  • This is the most kind, heartwarming and lovely thing I´ve seen lately. I feel blessed to understand her.

  • I just sincerily love Billie, that's all dudes.

  • 6:25😍

  • Whats the soundtrack for almost the entire video?

  • if Lady Gaga and Scarlett Johanssen had a baby ...

  • 2:06 WIT WHO also i would have asked billie to call me everyday and sing me to sleep

  • Have never skipped any of her interviews..


  • The blue,fuzzy outfit she’s talking about at one of her shows was the Houston concert in October 2019. My girls and I went to that show.

  • this is so chill

  • I love how Finneas acts as if he doesn't even recognize his own little sister

  • I love her smile 💖💖💖💖

  • Billie complimenting every girl

  • i'll ask billie i love em

  • The way she skip Hailey ahahah I love her

  • so hässlich ...

  • a pure soul

  • why she kinda look like dolly parton

  • I thought it was ask a legend ?

  • I hate the new look , its awful😠

    • get over it she's finding herself she didn't do this for us fans she did it for herself and its fine if you were her real true fan you would support her 😠

  • Someone buy this girl moisturizer and sunscreen asap! She has quite a lot of deep wrinkles and crow feet for a 19 year old

  • Why do I feel so uncomfortable watching this like it is an extra episode of the black mirror?

  • I think she's so gorgeous. Her style has changed a lot, and I like this so much. It's vintage, but also calming. She's absolutely beautiful, and so is her personality.

  • billie eilish is just cillian murphy with wig

  • Did Billy chose to be a girl, or did they make him?

  • i absolutely despise whoever edited this video on put the music in there. I really wanted to watch this video and i really really tried but I could not for the life of me hear half of what Billie was saying because the music was so darn loud so I had to stop the video halfway through. What the heck guys.

  • We need more billie!!

  • I didn't know lukakus name was stormzy

  • Where is the part that she says that men are weak?

  • Absolute evil Hollywood cult. And you all for it. God help us.

  • Billie we are in a Panda Express what are you doing that’s explicit 😐

  • She inspires my music and is such a positive influence. She is doing such a great job! :))