The First 10 Minutes: Legacy Of The ‘80s - Greed Is Still Good | CNBC Prime

Birt 18 des 2020
At the dawn of the ‘90s, the same wealthy people who made New York a playground for opportunity are facing their reckoning downfall. And now the same public that celebrated their success is celebrating their fall from grace. Catch the first 10 minutes of this weekend’s episode and don’t miss an all new “Empires of New York” Sunday at 8P ET on CNBC.
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The First 10 Minutes: Legacy Of The ‘80s - Greed Is Still Good | CNBC Prime


  • What about Amazon?

  • ❤ OUR PRESIDENT and thank God he is NOT going anywhere. Enjoy! 🍿

  • He saved NYC 22 times. I remember that very specifically because the county of NY kept going way over budget on their projects.

  • False.. He said he was $900 million in debt at that time and he was quite proud to say it. NBC is such a liar. LOL NBC 5800 views..What a joke. No one listens to NBC.

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  • Any chance of full episodes not available in Scotland

  • Nothing but hatred for those that they could never become. Envy of the rich.

  • Straight up propaganda

  • "greedy doesn’t drive the world envy does"- Warren Buffett

  • Donald Trump without wrinkles

  • Why don't you do one on Barack Hussein Obama. And you should do one on Hillary Rodham Clinton or William Jefferson Clinton. But we all know that'll never happen.

    • @Flip Liquid bad take 🤡 Benjazi was way more preventable than a GLOBAL PANDEMIC you dim wit

    • @Mark 💪🏽

    • Trump hit piece!! Liberals don’t even know the slightest thing about business. Trump had debt, DAAAAAH😕

    • @Kain't U Dig It? if your not willing to be civil ,Then there is not much to Talk About. Right Now things are not Ideal and i'm sure the world could take a Break from two Idiots Going at it. I respect you, i'm not against you.

    • @Mark Bell u are so weak. Im done. No real communication.