Birt 17 jan 2021
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  • The worst away kit ever.Who designed those stripes? Jean Paul Gaultier?

  • I think lindelof and shaw drew motm

  • Is there at time stamp for Bruno miss?

  • I made an original song called get up and spread the love. It took ages to make and I would love it if some of you could watch it. Thank you

  • How did Fred stay on absolutely shite

  • GGMU

    • City will overtake united after they win there games in hand united have nothing to brag about

  • Everything looks amazing ??

    • Is there at time stamp for Bruno miss?

  • When Manchester United couldnt win this time, they never will win at anfield. When season is over, this game will be looked as the 2points dropped for United that was the title desider for City.

    • United ruined the game by parking the bus

  • I love you I love you so much I support Manchester United

    • How did Fred stay on absolutely shite

  • Credit to Pogba. In any normal game his shot would have busted the net. Allison probably best in the world.

    • At least Liverpoop didn't score.

  • If United play like that they won't win the league jeez

    • Well to be fair they did hold Lpool but ask yourself was that Lpool's best side. Clearly not with their star defender.

  • Clearly a problem between Rashford and Cavani, needs sorting. Shaw was brilliant today. Martial was replaced thank goodness. Disappointed with the result. Cavani and Bailly should have started.

    • @D Forlán Yep that's my take. And the expression on the face of Cavani after that stupid selfish Rashford run said it all. He was so annoyed. We will lose him if this doesnt change.

    • That’s right. I don’t think any of our attacking players want to pass Cavani. They play the odd pass but as a whole I think they avoid passing him. It looks weird too me, maybe my imagination.


  • Anybody have bruno shot time stamp?

  • This negative side ain't winning the league

    • @Rachel exactly but our fans don't want to admit this at all there are problems even if we're winning there's no system to attack teams with low blocks it's always hitting on counters we can manipulate them

    • @Zanos can't keep relying on individual brilliance all it takes is one big game player not turning up to affect the whole team 👍

    • We play badly neally every game and score through individual brilliance and counters alot

  • Is there at time stamp for Bruno miss?

  • Liverpool having no defenders..and not scoring for the two games prior..why are utd so terrified of attacking them..any other top team would have exploited liverpools obvious weakness. Fragile and cowardly mentality..imagine if utd didn't have two centre backs. There would have been carnage.

    • We won't win the league with a mentality like that ole needs to be more brave

  • Man United can’t brag about their placement. 🤭

  • Bruno, Rashford, Martial and Cavani were all awful this game

  • City will overtake united after they win there games in hand united have nothing to brag about

    • @Harvey MacDiarmid 😂😂😂😂😂 you couldn’t beat a Liverpool team that are not scoring and have midfielders at cb well done

  • with martial as a striker,, we won't win anything... lazy... cavani should be starting

    • Martial played winger and didn't get any service,it all went to marcus,he flopped everything.

  • Pogba won the World Cup playing in the midfield, yet he plays him wide 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • At least Rashford is finally being criticised, make terrible decisions every weak

    • The one chance he got was offside 🤡

    • No football brain

  • At least Liverpoop didn't score.

  • This was a negative starting line up, I hate that squad

  • 3:10:46 pogba chance

  • Ole will keep on selecting this midfield because he wants to stay as long as he can as MU manager.He is starving Bruno from decent creativity behind him,that why Bruno will keep on doing bad intrede games.This is the level we will see from a manager like Ole.He is wasting good talented intelligent players and this will be his end in 2022.He will not win anything but he will be kept in this position by Woodward who knows nothing about football.

  • Gg from Liverpool

    • @LightningBlade regardless if it is sportsmanship or not, it's out of order

    • @Sample Text it’s called sportsmanship you donkey

    • @Darkzy you dont say GG to enemy team

    • @Sample Text how

    • Plastic.

  • I think lindelof and shaw drew motm

  • What has solskar git to do do with this team Fernandaz and Whelan manage this team

  • Dan James should be playing natural on the left

  • Man united tears;I see and drink

  • First Half: Liverpool dominated Second Half: United dominated No one can lie - this is true

    • United didn’t dominate second half, they just had the best chances, which both came in a 5-minute spell. Liverpool were still more dominant second half

    • No one dominated,liverpool just kept making useless crosses and passes and all,united were sloppy all the time but got the best chances,that's it.Boring performance from both the teams.

    • Nobody dominated youre talking shite No one can lie- this is true

  • The reason why I don't compare Bruno with Pogba or KDB is games like this. You can't freestyle your way against top oppositions. Bruno gets found out in these type of games. He needs to be more patient and play for the team rather being a flashy player.

    • @Vaughan Francis yeah terrible tactics just screamed I want nil nil

    • Well with this coach the whole squad freestyles what you expect

    • A christen Eriksen just before he was flogged to inter milan🤣

  • Excellent defending by man U defence, well done

  • Lindelof and Maguire in today match were steadfast hence they kept Salah and mane at bay

  • Liverpool 20 shots no goals

  • Man U coach has to work on the finishing and striking power to convert it to goals for the days to come

    • They need a Haaland. At least he i knows what his job is.

  • Mark is Right 👍 This match is Draw before Kick off 😉

  • What a dirty team utd are. Falling over pushing and shoving. Trying for penalties. And Bruno showed he is not the big player he thinks also rashford never on side. Utd won't win lge

    • ~ And Bruno showed he is not the big player he thinks~ * the next week* Bruno scores a free kick off the bench 🤣🤣🤣

    • Maraj 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🆗💩

    • Thiago that dirty cheat should have been sent of

    • @Josh 420 they won't stay top. If they can't beat a team with two midfielder in defence that tells you all.

    • Utd are cheats. They will not win the lge. And Liverpool do not cheat for penalties and goals

  • What a dirty team utd are. Falling over pushing and shoving. Trying for penalties. And Bruno showed he is not the big player he thinks also rashford never on side. Utd won't win lge

  • The defence of Maguire, lindelof,Shaw and WAB was really wonderful, David De gea was alert hence excellent defending man u can challenge for the Title, it's strong team

    • @Jim Abraham I’m talking about today’s midfield, Fred is very bad, Pogba should play in the midfield, he won the World Cup in the midfield

    • @Vaughan Francis we do have a good midfield,Ole just went defensive,it would've great if he played 442 with donny as a 10,bruno and pogba as 8 and scott as a 6.its way more attacking and threatening than using mcfred.Also we did create good chances,all probs for marcus,bruno and pogba for flopping it.

    • We can never challenge for the title with that midfield

  • Rashford and Martial and Bruno Fernandes wasted chanced for Man u, Rashford was supposed to lead man U to win but he was not steady otherwise man U had an upper hand of winning, man U should now work on their passes and speed , it costing them to beat a team like Liverpool

  • Ole is stupid

  • Rashford disgrace again wen will he get dropped

    • @Steven Platt Martial is even worse than Rashford is. Can’t finish his fucking dinner 😡

    • He as being crap last few weeks more arsed about school dinners then united

  • 3:16:20 Bruno tantrum

  • Rashford is so trash in big games

  • Time Stamps: Thank Me Later

    • Thank you, all the highlights in one place. Legend.

    • Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed

    • Legend thank you

  • *Timestamps:* ...

  • Utd have to go for a striker we have to bring in a goalscorer in their prime

    • @Jamie Bushby mbappe and kane would cost 100m+ at least Calvert lewin maybe around 70-80m can't be anymore than that

    • @TSA_03 A I'd like kane haaland or mbappe but I don't think utd will get any of those

    • I'd go for Calvert lewin

    • Shame they couldn't get Haaland.

  • Rashford was absolutely terrible today- have no idea how he lasted 90 minutes.

    • @Deep Zepp how can he be rubbish if he is playing for one of biggest teams as a first team player getting 200000 per week playing for england

    • @askella A Of course other things are more important. But Rashford has a platform to do good work outside of football. Yet, he’s rubbish at the thing that gave him the platform. Once you’ve achieved great things and had a good career, then sure, do as much charity work as you like. But since he’s been doing what he’s doing, his form has fell off a cliff.

    • @Deep Zepp he will always be a footballer but some things are more important than football imaging if every footballer was doing something similar to help the less fortunate help the ones at the bottom you dont understand and you aint from the struggle when most people from the struggle make it they turn their backs on the people rashford has decided to help why you mad because he played poor in a football match everyone was poor except the defense no composure just sending longballs cant keep the ball cant make 20 passes

    • @askella A Because he gets paid to play football at a high standard. Not to be political, or be a campaigner. He seems to do the later well, but not the former.

    • @Deep Zepp explain why

  • 3:09:37, Marcus constantly does this and always costs us points


  • 3:10:47 Pogba miss that still is in my head we could have won 😔😔

  • How did Fred stay on absolutely shite

    • @bobthechimp1234 he should have went off after half time

    • @Harvey MacDiarmid he was useless. It was like playing with 10 men

    • @Harvey MacDiarmid Bruno and rashford were the worst

  • hes happy with that that bus parking performance lol city now in the driving seat

    • @Jim Abraham Nostradamus actually numb nuts

    • @si are you a shaman or something?,they've villa next game,they could easily make city to drop points.

    • @Ibra The Gamer 🤣 First shot on target 65th min

    • How did we park the bus?

    • What?

  • Yes it was crap but point acceptable

  • *”We’re still top of the league, say we’re still top of the league!”*

    • @Josh 420 Haha were still top keep up the salt 🧂🧂🤣

    • If city win there game in hand there top.

    • if city wins on wednesday theyre top tho

    • @Josh 420 Cry more😢

    • 😂😂 Check again and look at Manchester City

  • Awful performance from rashford today

    • @askella A the current rules are: Official will not raise his flag until the team complete their chance..... certainly players know that.... Btw it was not a offside it would have been a tight call

    • @Yash Meena cavani would have been offside he ran across rashord to take the defender

    • @Ashutosh Maraj exactly

    • @Timmy H No service. But he gave the ball away 50 times

    • @Fred The Red are u dumb??he’s just pointing out Rashfords performance

  • Allison saved Liverpool Idc

    • @BEARD GUY English please

    • @si bruh Adrian be like

    • One save all game straight at him Joe hart would of saved that

  • GGMU

  • When Ole gets sacked Bruno, Rashford and Lindelof get dropped and Bailly, Matic and VDB come in. Our best midfield is Matic, VDB and Pogba and I will say it until the cows come home.

    • @MakesSense you're 100%true but our fanbase will hate you but i think the criticism on bruno is harsh tho,the way he plays when we play attacking football is way different when we go defensive.If we play attacking football instead of parking the bus,bruno will play in his usual self against every team.

    • @MakesSense oh come on are you srsly tring to say Bruno is not of use Yes he isnt goof against big 6 But without him we wouldnt be here Man is the highest goalscorer and most assists And no i dont think you are right anyhow

    • Lol primer league@MakesSense

    • @Arnav Shetty When City win their games they will go top.we haven’t won against any top 6 team this season and Bruno has played in every single one of those games. Stop the daftness. We just saw a pivot of Thiago and Wignildum covering Jordan Henderson and Fabinho 😂😂😂😂 and we still got absolutely dominated. The only baller we have on our team that’s on Thiago’s level is Pogba and the only CDM we have that is good on the ball is Matic + Our ONLY press resistant midfield (VDB) Never gets game time because of our manager. Face it. I’m right and you know it

    • @Sachin Because we won’t be winning any cups this season.

  • Fernandes was off today.

    • @Bataitez the name is. T. I. A. G. O. Not thiasgo. Learn to spell

    • @Jenny Neame when did thiasgo become a defender

    • @Josh 420 your probably under 10 he is the reason we are top

    • @Jenny Neame one of the best defenders in the world? You taking the piss 🤣 besides I wasn’t talking to you originally so don’t get involved

    • @LightningBlade difference is thiago is not overrated. One of the best defenders in the world. Stop talking rubbish

  • Y couldn't Adrian play????!!! 😭

    • @Robbie Lyle I thought you'd comment with ur aftv account not the personal one

    • @Sai that’s not a treble, numb-nuts. In case you forgot, both united’s treble and and, hell, even City’s treble were won *in the same season.* United were closer to this ‘intercontinental treble’ than Liverpool were; at least they won the European double in ‘08 and the club World Cup a few months later.

    • @Vinayak Sharma he won the PL, CL, CWC and the super Cup, made us the only English team to achieve the intercontinental treble He ain't going nowhere

    • @Robbie Lyle Ik, them salty man u fans

    • @Vinayak Sharma you’re crying because Adrian didn’t play lmao, dry them eyes 😂😂

  • Man U just parked the bus

    • How did United park the bus? They had the better chances.

    • You having a laugh Liverpool play fucking possesion tactic

    • parking bus with mcfred and city have games in hand the pe teacher strikes again

    • alright justin

    • Says some1 who knows nothing about football

  • 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Most boring game

    • City was the worst,i literally slept after the 20th minute during that game.

    • City game was the boring game

  • Lol

  • I'll have nightmares over that pogba chance

    • @Robbie Lyle but who’s top of the league and who’s 4th could be 5th if Everton win 😂

    • @Robbie Lyle idiot. Top of the league

    • And brunos

    • Good, cry some more

  • Liverpool where actually so lucky