The 15 Terabyte SSD is TINY!!

Birt 16 feb 2021
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15TB of raw storage on one SSD. How many games, songs, or other large files can we fit into a drive this big?
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  • 4TB hard drives are around 100-150 Cad a piece. Which means you could buy a lot more storage capacity for a lot less, although not as fast.

  • Me: has 9 TB of storage in total *Sees the 15TB SSD* "nah fam, too rich for my blood there, eh?"

  • Alternative title, this ssd costs more than my car!!!

  • Note there is a 15tb Samsung SSD and it's only $2000

  • I would download warzone, that's it, 15TB of storage full

  • It’s for hen... I mean homework, yeah.

  • The standards are backwards. Advertisers see gigabytes as being 1000 MB. That does not work out in binary. The address lines do not allow for base 10 sizes.

  • Linus: "hears a word that's 5 lightyears away from being relatable to the sponsor" Linus: "It's free real estate"

  • I would buy this so I have finally enough storage for warzone

  • Put it in my old Xbox one x

  • It would be $800

  • "what would you even do with this?" Me: *Downloads Warzone*

  • I don’t have anything to do with it, and I wouldn’t pay anything for it.

  • You can finally install Warzone, omg!

  • Needed for my 10 Tb homework file

  • 10 dollars on wish i guess

  • Nice bg

  • 15tv can hold about 2/3rds of my steam library

  • That card is so outside my storage needs and household budget... I wouldnt get it.

  • Linus is such a sponsor snake 😂

  • Warzone, just warzone -_- in six months, nothing else will fit

  • That thing has more storage than all the houses on my street combined.

  • 6:03 "Lets use Grand Theft Auto V as our example" Rust: Am I a joke to you

  • Another generic comment.

  • Dont mind if i do

  • Broooooooooooooo.

  • That’s only 8 Tb more then my system total that’s only compared to a 2tb m.2 ssd , 1tb ssd, 500gb ssd, 2tb hdd, 1tb hdd

  • O:

  • the SSD was named 'big O:'

  • Bruh jokes on you i bought a 800 petabytes ssd from wish for only 50$

  • Your pink beanie is a brah moment

  • i would pay 20 bux for it 0:29

  • Finally some space for Call of Duty

  • $4000 today soon to be $40 unless it's got a bitcoin wallet on it with a couple of bitcoins in it.

  • 15 tb of ssd? $250-300 because i mean yea ssd is fast and all but for a few min more you can just have a western digital black 20tb drive for $200

  • I would use it to store all my games on it

  • An 18TB WD Gold Enterprise drive is $550. This thing is $3,200! It's not as fast, sure. But a hell of a lot more bang for your buck.

  • That is why mecanical storage still hangs around, price vs storage is better on the old HDD's. Bought a 2TB HDD yesterday, used a 240GB SSD PCIE drive that goes whyere a second WIFI card would go for the OS. That way I get SSD speeds on OS stuff while getting highcapacity storage for everything else. Did a simular thing with my desktop PC. OS runs on a 250GB SSD. Games & programs are run off a 2TB HDD & Files are on a 1TB HDD. Basicly gives me the options to upgrade HDD capacitys without having to touch the OS & rebuild my config from scrach. I look forward to the day these high capacity SSD's are actualy afordable. Till then I will stick to using high capacity HDD's

  • sold out on Newegg...rofl

  • Second time you’ve insulted my system’s data cables :(

  • actualy 1 gb is 1024mb not 1000

  • i would pay max 200-250 usd for that

  • I'd pull a linus and put the ssd in the ridge wallet

  • Storage for hd videos

  • Wait a minute! I always thought that the lost space on a hard drive was due tun the bytes used in formating the drive. The space in sectors, preamble and postamble, sync bits, ecc bits, and all the like. Those things do use up space, but I really don't offhand know how much.

  • The stretched lunus on the monitor was big funny 👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻

  • 9:02

  • you could buy my pc 4 times over for the same price of that ssd

  • He bought it on wish

  • Can I ask a dumb question... if I’m sticking it in my storage bay why do I care if it super light or small... instead of cramming the storage into a small enclosure why not just expand the physical size a bit and include its own bay carrier? Like why sacrifice for the sake of physical space when there so much empty already wasted?

  • a drive for people with more money than sense!.

  • how much is that thing a 1000 bucks?

  • You could put the first part of pi on it.

  • But does it have rgb

  • 0:25 When she keeps going after you finished.

  • Let's be clear, the computer industry has used 1024Kb = 1Mb since the dawn of time. It is storage manufacturers which cheap out on numbers. MS is right, SSD makers are totally and utterly WRONG. ... And cheap-outs. And run by marketing ****. Did I say they were wrong?

  • Yay, 15 TB of stuff i'l lose in 8 months when the damn thing dies. FUCK SSDs

  • Not one penny.. Waiting to see how much it is compressed. If so you can keep it. 15 TB is still a lot of area to search even if it is not compressed on a SSD. By the way I have more then 15 TB in my house hold and it is way to expensive

  • I'd buy that for a dollar... :D

  • only 307 movies? tbh that doesn't sound like alot.

  • Me, sideways looking at my new NAS with 90tb of disk

  • 150$

  • 15.3TB is barely enough to store all my full HD and UHD films, music and photos. Currently using 14TB and 12TB drives but do look forward to affordable high capacity SSD, so long as it is very reliable.

  • A lot of movies and anime, plus a good amount of games.

  • QLC 👎

  • ... this merch shit in videos is so intolerable. Much like other adverts that piss me off I think it is time to swear off this force fed merch shit (and by that I mean never start buying it in the first place).

  • I'd pay $3000.

  • 4 grand you have to be joking, yeah?

  • Great for elite gamers who want that extra frame from SSD reading. It also appeals to noobs who think that they are losing because of framerate and not because of bad fundamentals.

  • I wonder if a Honey Badger is cheaper, probably faster

  • Thik jaa

  • Ok

  • That's barely enough for COD Warzone.

  • 500

  • "What will I do with all that storage??" Wait 10 years, this will be a decent budget build, if you don't need a 'lot'.

  • Team group? Last time I bought one of their USB sticks, it lasted about a whole week before it died.

  • I would keep it close baaaaaby

  • Wait wait wait a seconds what was that rewind 4:53 no no again 4:53 no again at 0.25x speed what the hell was that anybody noticed 😂

  • small things, massive price 🙂

  • A dunkey reference? Hm, what a knack.

  • I am fixing to buy a 14 tb pro drive for $250

  • Nonononoeee, a kilobyte has always been 1024 bytes and I'll stick to that. At least until the US switches to the metric system.

  • Come on, 1024 is the proper kilobyte and so on. The hardware industry and ISPs are just glad they can underdeliver on what people _expect_ sizes to be.

  • Actually Windows does storage calculation correctly... PC are binary and binary calculation is based off 2 and not base 10. Its the storage business that is lying to you. 1 TB actually equals 1024 GB...

  • You know there's a shortage in the computer industry when LTT uses a GTX graphics card in the rig they use for a video

  • It is more than obvious that HDD + SSD cache buffer is the way to go. HDD is more reliable and durable, despite all the drawbacks.

  • It's almost more then 3lakh rupees for me in india.....¿¿¿¿

  • It just barely outdid my setup by 800GB

  • I'd put 100$ in it, since i build my first PC around 1999 i've always bought whatever best drive i can get for 100$ at that moment, and it almost always end me up near the sweet-spot. So any hdd/ssd cost 100$ to me as if it don't i don't buy it anyway. The only evolution since is nowadays i buy two, and raid (don't ask me how i figured out raid is need) so it cost 200$.

  • 2:09 I don't know about you, but I prize functionality over looks.

  • My whole house in total has 64 gigs of UFS 2.1 storage in my mom's phone, 32 gigs of emmc storage in my phone, and 256 gigs of hard drive in mom's laptop (i think, it might be 128)

  • 1:47 wtf he didn't drop it

  • Making a shit tone of models

  • We will soon look at TB and laugh just as we currently do when looking at MB these days, as we all come to grips with Petabytes...... Think about it, its just like when computers in the 80's had 100-mb hardrive , we all thought that was huge and the coolest thing ever. But now that we are in the Terabyte phase then we now look at MB and laugh. Well here we go again, evolving from the Terabyte phase to the Petabyte phase. and we all will also laugh when someone even mentions Terabyte. Humans are evolving, we are a bit slow and dragging our feet, but we are evolving......... This will be great for video editing as well as music producers. Basically content creators :) -- Ohh wait Nooooo, only be able to use a few times ?? ok NOT........ On a side note. Linus, Stop fiddling with your phone thats in your pocket...!! Its annoying to watch.... It looks like you're trying to fondle yourself.... Very unprofessional......LOL

  • that thing has more storage than my neighborhood

  • Seeing harddrives grow has been interesting. My first one was 2gb. And I remember when I got my first 80gb, I thought I'd never need more. If things keep growing at the same rate it did last time, then it won't be long until we hit 80 TB.

  • its also 4 thousand dollars

  • i would pay 10€

  • He got the 4 out and was done 🤣

  • 100 tb it's like more and many big size of quantity libraries it is very big information but for a long time to get used or who knows