Overpopulation & Africa

Birt 15 des 2019
Sources and further reading:
For most of our history, the human population grew slowly. Until new discoveries brought us more food and made us live longer. In just a hundred years the human population quadrupled.
This led to apocalyptic visions of an overcrowded earth. But the population growth rate actually peaked in the 1960s. Since then, fertility rates have crashed as countries industrialize and develop. World population is now expected to balance out at around 11 billion by the end of the century.
But the big picture conceals the details.
Let us look at one region in particular:
Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2019 it was home to a billion people living in 46 countries. Although its growth rate has slowed down in the last few decades, it is still much higher than in the rest of the world.
While some projections expect around 2.6 billion people others reckon with up to 5 billion by 2100.
Such growth would be a huge challenge for any society. But Sub-Saharan Africa is also the poorest region on earth.
So is Sub-Saharan Africa doomed? And why do the projections vary by 2.4 billion people?

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  • Seriously. Why are we making videos like this? This topic was a nightmare. How do you talk about a continent as diverse as Africa, to explain larger trends? Not only is there a wide variety of sources, experts disagree with each other on what they can predict about the future. So the time we took to rewrite this script over and over was insane. Still, there is no chance this video won’t make people angry, on all sides of this issue. Some may not agree with the conclusions we have come to. Some will think there are other aspects we could and should have mentioned. Or lament that we generalized too much. But we had to generalize or this video would just have become a hour-long documentary. And we think the topic is too important to not discuss it. So we read a lot and talked too many experts with very different opinions and interpretations. Also we tried to prepare our sources in a way that walks you through our thought process and helps you to make up your own mind. This video was sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of a Grant. They did not take part in the production of the video though. Sources and comments: sites.google.com/view/sourcesoverpopulationandafrica

    • The people who have no business being angry is whites, indians chinese and arabs, even if they are living in afrika, only black people have the right to be angry. Afrika belongs to us

    • @p y r u v i c a c . i d stop trying to deflect from my point. And Asian might have been colonized but Asia still isn’t stigmatized and painted in such a negative F up light like sub-Saharan Africa. And sub-Saharan Africa is replacing Asia as the places where you are going to have the most economic growth and population growth. And gates never talked about population control for China, India, Pakistan and Indonesia. And Bill Gates father was a racial you- genesis back in the day.. And whites Americans, white Jews in Hollywood and White Europeans deny the rich Pre colonial history of the continent and always paint it as a back water.

    • Maybe because you got half a million from the Gates foundation in 2015 to do so? Asia was also colonized? Weird to paint a picture like only Africa suffered from overcoming their colonial past. Not to mention all the other countless of discrepancies throughout all the claims in the video.

    • If you show white guys with African women mixed families you need to show African men with white women mixed families.. Don’t. be biased..

  • Imagine a different world where everyone who didn't want to exist didn't have to be here. 1/3 of the world starving to death, so a grandmother with a broken back can only get food as comfort until she dies of pain, so a malnourished child will wind up with the same thing deficiency and wine up like her grandmother too. 5 prevent of the world are terminally ill, another 5 percent need bionic body parts they can't or don't want to get, another 5 percent need an organ replaced they can't or don't want to get replaced. Another 5 percent live in chronic pain. Another 5-10 percent never wanted to be born anyway. You can kill an unborn or partially delivered child but you're such and need hel if you want to leave the planet yourself. Legalize a peaceful opioide euthanasia drink and 50-60 percent of the world will be fine through compassion, the 50-60 percent that doesn't want to be here, not like avrus blindly killing whoever does and only taking it a 1 percent. Dumbp C0VID for agn d twenty 1, half of the world was supposed to be gone by 2030, their goal should be compassion and it will surpass all goals. You could grow food and a peaceful poppy with indoor farming for the whole world, imagine a world full of people, about half, who actually want to be here. We live in a world where abortion is legal but not euthnasia. You have a right to kill but not to exit life when you want, how you want. You don't have a right to live not a right to die. No one chooses to be born, and there is no peaceful pill that puts you to sleep forever. We're overpopulated because it is financially beneficial for someone to have a child then take half of everything, then 60 percent of a paycheck, then if the next guy doesn't do it for then anymore they get another 20-32 percent. I knew a guy who told me "I love my daughter but she's a professional con artist, she had kids with three guys and is making almost six figures off of coke support and took half of their assets" No matter what kind of life one had, in the thrall of death, and I've been there more than once, it doesn't matter and you wish you never had been. The only way to go in my opinion is a peaceful opioide drink and go to sleep. Never try to go with a stimulant or pills that might just make you puke and you'll think it was bleach in there. Death is there one thing in life that'll get you at the end, from being born in the hunting grounds of dinosaurs and snakes or a nice mansion, if you don't make sure it's nice for you at the end you'll probably wish more than anything at that moment that you had spent't your life better making sure you did and didn't fall yourself at the end, cruel and unthoughtful... Those who do not legislate to make it available to others will probably not have it for themselves either In life do one think well, die right. You'll be thankful you forgot and slipped into the best sleep of your life. You could be eaten alive by a dinosaur on this planet, was a wonderful dream I had last night, felt great too, they were hatched and fell from the sky. Let your hard work and good luck surviving on this planet get you a peaceful rest at the end, you owe it to yourself Before electricity was captured through power lines it was never dumped into the ground through 8' electrodes energizing grind water at every home and business. Storm clouds of higher charge send heat lightening and charge of higher electron charge move to clouds of lower electron charge to stabilize the electron balance in the atmosphere. We're energizing ground water tables with positive electron charge and telling storms not to come here, and with electron to magnetic earth ground charge a low depression stir where h20 reaches ground and which replenishes water like it should rarely happens, so it just evaps off, that's why lightening is more likely to hit the lone farm house rather than the neighborhood. With a fourth insulated conductor taking the returning current from each homes neutral bar back to the grid to power extra street lamps, etc, instead of energizing ground water tables which is a conductor, maybe the world will have more... What isn't It costs the same to print welfare as it does US Currency, for the cost of bringing in people from another country and giving then citizenship, when we're already out of jobs, even with people sitting on degrees and college debt working at retail stores and looking for other jobs, with skilled trade wages maintaining what they paid before gas more than doubled and everything went up) why don't we pay people to go to other countries and build indoor farming, from fish to every kind of crop, so everywhere is a good home with food and jobs. And with more jobs everywhere, everyone will have more for each other and dollars will go further everywhere. All the kids playing on dad's monopoly game will have a fun life and get back to serving one another. One kid will sell ice cream cones again because the other one is hired to paint houses, so he hires someone else to work on theirs, and people can build boats and people can go on boat rides again, with more people working more people can actually get a paid vacation and start saving for retirement (I'll take a retirement pll), but with everything shut down, it's a game of who wants to buy it all up for paper when it floods and collapses Grow too much food so when the food truck is empty, it takes back the extra food with blemishes for fertilzer on indoor crops where there's no need for pestcde as there no bugs indoors, you can grow any crop with with above or below ground (mirrored clay wall) vertical farms, magnifying glass panels at ground level, solar 24/7/365 growing seasons, indoor fresh water fish farms, indoor whaling, grow grass and put cows and chickens on it all year round (won't even stink up a metropolitan city in a high rise) plant dirt and grass and cows where torn down factories left concrete waste slabs) in a building grass can be grown in many floor to ceiling returnable plats on a conveyer, that's takes it up to the dairy floors for food where the cows eat it at 3' above the floor, the floor has a squeegee system and the cows are herded from one half of the floor to the other for cleaning: an automated squeege cleans the floor and empties it into a special for drain: the cow manure goes back down in a pipe for fertilizer : ) the floor has a floor washer, like a car wash, but with clean spayed water on the floor and a squeegee system : ) So good Salt water can be separated with oxygen being released like a rain forest to the outside air while the electricity generated disinfects waste water as it makes energy (NASA does this to make cabin oxygen while it releases everything else to space) Everyone uses a small steam distiller to disinfect and remove salt at the sink for drinking and cooking, everyone gets soft water to their house from the ocean, (already has natural salt in it) drag pipelines to every continent, more jobs, and divert river system maybe to deserts to take sea water rise from melting ice caps and maybe restock what used to be an ocean, natural sand filter at least, just don't put sharks in there and you can surf : ) NASA uses electrolysis to make cabin oxygen from water and they release the hydrogen gas to outer space, you could use the h as clean energy and release the oxygen to the planet as a rain forest, drag ocean soft water to municipalities, they use a small steam distiller at the sink for drinking water, everyone's off toilet to tap, and you use electrolysis to disinfect the waste water and make energy. You split the ocean stream for indoor fresh water and salt water fish farming. You build or convert 40 story buildings for indoor farming. Every acre under roof is an 80-120 acre farm, but instead of 12 hours of light, there's solar glass panels and you have 24 hours of light, 12 months of growing instead of 6, so maybe an 80 acre indoors is like 320. You grow too much food so the empty good truck picks up the blemished felt and vegetables for fertilizer. You can have a cow floor, a dairy farm and a chicken floor in what was an office building. One person drives an hour with gas and clogs tollways to drive to a city where someone else has to drive an hour to his town to work. Now they both work from home, they can get paid more and write off an office in their home, empty office building can be converted to indoor farms, and the sprinkler system can be used for irrigation. You can grow every crop in the world, everywhere, indoor, with every climate and 24/7/365 agriculture, and not even smell farm animals in a building For what it costs to build housing here and grow food on welfare, we can pay people who want to go to another country and build indoor farms and drag ocean lines and build clean energy waste water stations. Who wants to get paid to go to south America and maybe even live there? Whether you were from there, want to get paid to go on a humanitarian effort, or maybe move there : ) With today's technology and the skilled people who came here to learn skills, maybe they would love to develop their home turns and make it great, with more than enough food and water and electricity for everyone, everywhere Mutded D na repicating with r na yeild b dfcts all over People work for each other for paper and out of an overflow they trade. Everywhere will be a good home for everyone who lives there Food in cold climates can be grown underground in clay dug out cylinders with mirrored walls, solar night lights and heaters and glass solar roofs

  • I heared everybody is telling their story so here's mine Dad :5 siblings Mom:4 siblings Me : 0 Welcome to Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • If African nation are to be developing countries, it will contribute more towards the greenhouse gasses emissions globally right? Helping Africa as a whole is already complicated, tackling greenhouse gasses emission issue (if African nation were already developed) is another.

  • I'm from Zimbabwe and my mum has 7 siblings and my dad has 9 siblings so they can help each other when they grow up

  • The problem is not overpopulation...It’s capitalism and greed


  • Isn't North African too?

  • control over population number, is the essential for us to not get extinct

  • How about copy japan 🇯🇵

  • When talking about poverty in African countries I find it more accurate to describe them not as underdeveloped but as overexploited. Can we even say colonization is over when so much of African resources and industry is still owned by non-African companies, specifically by many of their "past" colonizers? Even the PRC's so-called "communist party", which in practice is actually state capitalist, has been for some time and is currently in the process of a sort of recolonization of Africa through, for example, granting loans for predictably unprofitable businesses, and then seizing control of property when they aren't paid back, among other business practices. They also provide some help and it's a more complex issue than that, but the good they do can't just erase the bad. That aside, overpopulation is a myth. It was for a long time a big concern of mine until several educators helped me realize it misplaces the blame on individuals instead of on the larger systemic problems that are at the root of poverty while implying that there's not enough for everyone, that we exceed our planet's natural capacity in terms of resources and other such blatant lies. No, the problem isn't that there's too many people, it's that the way we have been organizing our societies economically leaves too many people out of the sphere of consideration for their well-being. We can't just say people shouldn't do something as natural as breeding without first working on improving the conditions that could offer a different and less natalist perspective, and that's something this video gets right: access to education, healthcare and planned parenthood is crucial, and would be even if it didn't have the side effect of reducing natalism. And then we have to ask the question of why population should even be an issue, especially considering we know it tends to reach a peak and then stabilize under the right conditions. Is it due to environmental concerns? If so, then we shouldn't be looking at the African continent or at all the overexploited countries combined because they're responsible for a less than significant amount of the emitions that cause climate change when compared to the main culprits, which are the "developed" and rich ones that most exploit the others. This video also gets right that Africa is not a monolyth and is as diverse as the rest of the world. However, I couldn't like the video for two reasons: 1) the title is misleading and seems to imply that the African continent is the one where population is an issue the most, alledging that it is excessive and, as such, a problem; 2) I can't shake off the feeling that the video carries on a colonizer tradition of patronizing African countries and peoples and going around making claims about what's best for them when most of the problems they face today were brought upon them by outsiders forcing themselves on them and taking everything from them for centuries.

  • When he brought up contraception and family planning...lol Let Africa continue to be very fruitful and multiply.

    • Put they are still poor in education and health. Get rid of old thinking

  • Things are getting better with more Africans going back to Christianity. Africa needs Jesus.

  • Science stupid Science doesn't know Nuclear decay to the end, 1 proton produces A voltage 91. 7

  • "Governments boosting the economy " is a painfully stupid phrase. They are capable of only retarding thd economy.

  • As a South African I am far less optimistic.

  • To summarize for republicans: Universal Health Care = less people = smarter people = better economy

  • 1:29-1:33 Yes please

  • My contry is nigeria and has pulpulation is 2,000,000 that is toomuch

  • Let’s just create cheap space travel, become space civilization and send everyone who wants out from this planet. There is enough space in the space

  • India is becoming the most populous country next year i think

  • Colonisation is what lifted these countries out of the stone age, as soon as Europeans pulled out it started going downhill again. See Zimbabwe vs Rhodesia. Was never their right to come in and assume control, but to paint it as suffered seems wrong. One example is in India... did the Indian women "suffer" under colonialism when the British banned the practice of "widow burning" (aka, if a man dies, his wife has to go on the funeral pyre with him)?

    • Greed and profit is all they were striving for

    • Should've never been there in the first place

  • My dad - 8 siblings My mom - 12 sibling Me - 1 sister Welcome to Romania

  • The takeaway I get from this: 1. High birth rates are a reaction to adverse conditions rather than a cause. Lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality incentivize having more children and having them earlier. 2. Successful development of infrastructure to improve quality of life will thus reduce the advantages that high birth rates grant, making a lower birth rate and fewer children more advantageous to families. 3. Thus, a family planning program undertaken without an improvement to general infrastructure and quality of life will not resolve the conditions that make high birth rates advantageous. This has an interesting implication: it would thus be possible for a development program that places too much emphasis on family planning, without addressing the social problems that encourage high birth rates, to be actively hazardous to a population. If such a circumstance develops, you would have a situation where it's still advantageous to have children early and often, yet a social pressure to avoid doing so, and thus long-term potential for a population to go into a deadly decline if infrastructure is not improved via other development programs. Given the history of eugenics and its weaponization in the past, I would not be surprised if this could be a real worry that some people in developing countries might have, and I wonder what the risk is that it might be attempted, if it hasn't been considered by people with ill intent already.

  • The immense growth of population especially in the developing countries is rooted in 19th century colonialism. It had been normal before to have a high birthrate and high child mortality. Things were in balance. It were the European missionaries and medical doctors which just by introducing hospitals and primitive measures in hygiene such as using boiled water and proper hand washing/desinfection, began to boost the population rate and disturb the balance of birth and death rate, as contraception, as we know, wasn't introduced analogically.

  • غريبه الدينا يا عرب افريقيا قارتكم وينكم تكلموا في التعليقات

  • One book that covers this properly is that one by Hans Rosling... forgotten the name, y'all should check it out

  • Words like "sub Saharan Africa" "Africa is the poorest" hmmmm!! These people will NEVER change.

  • Could a country like undevelop? US cough cough people dying earlier

  • 0:24 that kid with an iPhone 11 Pro

  • The proud opinion ecologically earn because customer continuously delay atop a watery brand. limping, brainy sun

  • Q

  • very curious

  • My mom: 5 siblings My dad: 5 siblings Me: 2 siblings Welcome to the Turkey

    • That isn't much of a problem.

  • Brainwashing? Given the enormous natural resources in Africa, Africa is under populated. The world is also under populated. Fact- some people want the population of Africa and eventually the world to decline so that they can easily control everyone and everything. This is just simple! Anyway, if you want to reduce population, begin with China and India, then followed by USA. Africa is the youngest continent. It is unreasonable if you fail to give them considerable time and opportunity to be economically stable or develop. If you keep creating rebels and terrorist groups in the region, how will the region be stable? If the region is not stable, how will it develop? You make people poor then turn around to blame them.




  • Please do on: 'DEVELOPMENT AND INDIA'

  • So let's talk about China

  • Apart from Nigeria, Africa is very sparely populated. China and India each have almost the same population as the whole of Africa, EACH. Europe has half the population of Africa, despite being 1/4 the Size.

  • It's important to make animated videos on hard topics because sometimes governing people is unbearably hard. It's wise to educate people to think as though they are in the governing role in their lives instead if letting them fall prey to false hopes in a political 'party' or government that issue statements but never provide actual debates with the public to tackle important global and regional problems. Putting oneself in the shoes of the people who initiate such incentives and understanding the reasons behind the necessity to advocate for having less babies, for example, is an important brain excersise. But it doesn't mean everybody should agree to it. Because they can decide they actually do want many children and if they can provide for them, they have to be free to try and bring them up, baring criticism by others from whose resources this decision might take in order for it to be implemented. Sometimes greed manifests in ways that blow out of proportions and it is difficult living in a socialstructure with conflicting ideologies that can't accept authority as a lesser drive than human emotions and impulses. It's sad to promote a small family as healthier because it usually isn't.

    • A smaller immediate family is healthier and living in an extended family unit is great for mental health.

  • The contested assumption kurszgesagt makes is that the (Bangladesh) government had complete controle on economic prosperity. There are no hard facts to support this. Market freedom, investment and entrepreneurship might be a bigger factor.

  • how come you did not talk about china, they are over populated, its because you care more for your bias on afrika, than china

  • That afrikans watch this video proves that black people love whites and this is why afrika willnot improve

    • @Wyeil Arbukle I honestly don't care what they think, we have our own problems

    • @Entropic Pedro If you really are afrikan, then know this, my point is not to put blame on the white man for afrika's problems. My point is white people are generalising and only talk bad shit about afrika. You can only speak for yourself and your part of afrika, other afrikans have different stories to tell. Stop taking what the white man says, that attitude is why our people if exploited.

    • Oh FFS, it's been over half a century, we Africans have no one to blame but ourselves...

  • All the experts you talked to, were european insititutes, europe is already exploiting afrika, they should not be peole you talk to. Don't ever talk to non afrikan institutes about the continent

  • The exotic donkey rapidly approve because donna thessaly look opposite a nonstop gas. roomy, delirious battery

  • Here we go with this big lie. Africa completely ignore this video. This video is all about control in other words family planning👹👺.

    • Entropic Pedro what I’ve heard of is everywhere there’s been a population boom prosperity usually follows💰.

    • Ever heard of the quantity/quality trade-off?

  • The last reduction periodically hand because slice classically suggest apropos a untidy scarecrow. wrong, strange venezuela

  • This is called trickle down economics. No they will not stop breeding unless the aid is stopped.

    • FFS, multiple research shows as living conditions improve, people have less children as having many children is perceived as a liability instead of an asset... Poor people have lots of children because it increases their chances that some survive, it provides labour for the farms or financial security should some luckily land jobs and is also a retirement plan as the children will take care of you when you're old...

  • Afrika is not over populated, china is, this video is racist

    • @Dead Laughter That you are not afrikan is still a problem, I am from the caribbean, but it is my concern because its the land of my ancestors, as I still look afrikan. As a bangladesh you have nothing in common with them.

    • @Dead Laughter I am not by any mean pretending problems does not exist. You claim afrika is over populated, yet the chinese, whites and indians are moving in by the thousands. Afrika is not over populated

    • @Wyeil Arbukle Every country has its own problems, not just Africa but just pretending problems don't exist won't make them go away.

    • @Wyeil Arbukle I'm Bangladeshi.

    • If we cannot feed our own people then we are overpopulated...

  • Here in the US, many people have a similar story. My maternal grandparents had at least 10 siblings each. The next generation had at most 5 children or so. The one after that, mine, have at most three and many of us don't have children at all.

  • The Answer to Overpopulation "The Hunger Games"

  • Wait I just realised something Some countries are left undeveloped so the number of people drop

    • It's the other way around more poverty, more people less poverty, less people

  • I help with overpopulation by never engaging in any social relationships with the opposite sex. I'm helping.... right?

  • Mom: 4 siblings Dad: 4 siblings Me: 8 siblings (each of my uncles have 2 babies so 4x2=8) Me again: A brother and a dog :)

    • You mean 6 paternal cousins. That's not siblings.

  • and my grandma says that today's generation only think about sex................................... hypocrisy at its peak..

    • I have this meme, sad taht you can't share pics on YT

  • Botswana is so developed like average latín american Country, even Nigeria, Countries from Magreb and Ethiopia have similar life quality with countries like Ecuador, Paraguay, etc

  • Economic growth is stifled in Sub Saharan Africa BECAUSE of 1 major reason.... A patriarchal mindset. In the words of Christopher Hitchens, the simplest approach of boosting an economy WHICH HAS NEVER FAILED IN HISTORY, is simply EMPOWER women. Educate them, give them preference to jobs, ban social norms which place men above women etc etc

    • As an African I can confidently tell you econ. growth is stifled cuz of collective stupidity... My generation is the most educated yet the people we put in govt. are f*cking clowns, we know that they'll screw us over and we let them... To some extent we deserve this

  • An interesting fact is that because people donated so many clothes to countries in Africa. It actually killed some of the growing textile industries.

  • Worse Kurzgesagt video ever, pure waste of time. How can you talk about overpopulation without mention density of population (43hab/km2)? Or without mention limited resources? Or without mention who consume them? They have much more water per capita than Europe for example. It is not rocket science that if you take the less dense continent in the world, and you use their land to grow soya (instead of potato's) to feed occidental livestock, and you use their water to grow it, it would be question of time they have no potatoes and no water. They are just living their industrial revolution and that means duplicate population for 3 or 4 generations. But still are the less populated continent in world with huge limited resources (consumed by us). Occident is 12% of world population, but consume more than 80% of the their limited resources, that means if tomorrow Asia and Africa has 0 population we would still have ¨overpopulation¨ (lol), but if instead you would reduce that 12% of population that represent occident, it would be full of resources. Earth could feed 2 or 3 asias and AFricas, but not even 1 occidental consumist system. And btw, i am not asking to change nothing, just dont blame the starving guy that is consuming to much... Just ethnocentric bullhshit, worse video I had seen in many years, shame on you.

  • Education is essential to help future generations move away from harmful religious doctrine that has poisoned the minds of humanity for too long!

  • excelent video as usual! but what about Latam? it does not exist for anyone?

  • This was a good video, but I think you're still framing this the wrong way. Africa's population boom isn't necessarily a problem that needs to be fixed, it could be a great opportunity, and in fact it's both of these things at once. In 2100, one in three people will be Africans. Africa's population is incredibly young, and could be the most important workforce in the world, if African countries make the right investments and moves in infrastructure (especially modernizing agriculture), education and removing trade barriers, Africa could have an economic boom similar to China's. But at the same time, this booming population without sufficient job creation could create a generation of angry, radicalized young men that could create problems. Thinking about the future of work without thinking about Africa is crazy. Next to climate change, the development of African countries and economies is probably the most important issue in the 21st century.

    • @Alex Kyriacou and how does breeding more uneducated, needy individuals solve the problem of people currently not having what they need?

    • @leetlikelime and no, at the moment, plenty of people don't have what they need.

    • @A 11 It's not the people im Africa who are the drain on the planet's resources, it's people in the first world who are consuming far too much for their lifestyles and are still using fossil fuels even though they have the money to switch to renewables. You can criticise the mantra of 'endless growth' , but remember that for the majority of the world population an end to growth means staying poor. It's easy to demamd an end to growth if you're already comfortable and rich. And honestly, get off your high horse. History shows that population growth will drop in Africa, and it will be the decision of African families, not of rich westerners lecturing them about population growth (when they have no business lecturing anyone about sustainability). Solving climate change will require a decoupling of economic growth and CO2 emissions. Either that or a redistribution of wealth from rich to poor countries, and a very difficult structural change. But don't ask Africans to stop having kids, it's not your business, it won't work and Africa's CO2 emissions are negligible.

    • Fuck no

    • It is a sad state of affairs... We have everything we need, yet we talk about "job creation". The same reason why we can't go home after we've finished our work, the same reason why the COVID pandemic caused so many protests and civil unrest in many places. Much work is make-work, designed to pacify and keep people exhausted and busy enough to not be good citizens. We have so many unemployed people even when there isn't a pandemic, so many useless jobs that don't really add any value in the grand scheme of things. Why would we create more people into this world? Many places such sub-Saharan Africa are already over the local carrying capacity of our planet. It's too bad that our evolution gave us an over-inflated optimism that causes us to not question breeding more. I don't think anyone should reproduce. Market forces will force advancements in automation as the pension systems and population pyramids inevitably collapse. It is a myth that we need more people. A comforting lie like so many others that prop up society as we know it.

  • South Korea is amazingly good at getting rich!

  • By 2050 we have make birth rate 7.0

  • "Trying to bring down fertility is an intrusion to culture and tradition" I can't remember the last time I heard something so dumb. It's like saying ending slavery is wrong becouce it distrups culture. If a culture is bad it needs to change

    • What

  • Covid19 helping to slow down absolute everything and raised more awareness about theory of everything mean people start thinking the pandemic is only a warning in the movie the day the earth stood still ft Keanu Reeves explained Human being are prone to changing Unless it's the last obtion

  • I'm literally studying for overpopulation based test tomorrow and try recommends me this

  • And in South Korea Japan Russia people are no having any kid soon people will not have any kid then government will say do more kids

    • greedy government wants more taxpayers to keep themselves in power and the pension pyramid scheme going

  • My mom: 1 late sibling, plenty of cousins My dad: 2 sisters, 1 late sister, plenty of cousins Me: 1 sister, plenty of relatives and cousins but none of them live near me And I’m Indian

  • Hugj I use to like your videos, but man Bill Gates really? I'm out a here fake progressivism promoter. Also hope you are getting goood money.

  • Nothing good has ever come out of that place

    • Well then going by that logic, since Africa is the cradle of mankind...

  • My mom: 1 sibling My dad: 1 sibling Me: 1 sibling

  • What's wrong with having 4 billion more people on the continent though? What's the issue? Please explain

    • @DSRReacts we have water, large aquefiers actually underground, we just have shit management...

    • Remember the thing about climate change, how the weather is becoming more unpredictable and unreliable, how that will make food difficult to grow and life more uncomfortable, how fresh water is becoming more and more scarce, and how people tend to kill each other when resources are scarce? Yeah.... that

    • @Ivana Liza Asia has food to feed its inhabitants africa well it lacks even water

    • @Abhijay Agarwal Asia doesent seem to be struggling, it's 44 million kilometres square and is currently home to 4 billion people. Africa on the other hand is only 30 million square kilometres, covers 20% of the earth's land and yet it only has 1.2 billion inhabitants. India and China alone make up 2 billion of the world's inhabitants and they seem to be thriving. Keep in mind that Africa is large enough to fit the U.S, China, India, Mexico and bunch of other European nations. So I'm going to repeat the question "what's wrong with 4 billion African inhabitants by 2100?"

    • 4 Billion people! Think about what you just said.

  • Kurgzgesagt: The population should balance out at 11 billion by the end of the centaury Covid and others: n o

  • Fuck africa

  • destroy africa

  • actually not having babies means ur a murderer cuz you didnt let someone live XDD

    • breeding is wrong because my parents had sex 29 years ago and now I am forced to go to work so that I can pay rent. I have no choice. Forced to endure the pain of existence or the pain of ending it. Doing that to an innocent, unborn soul is absolutely immoral.

    • implying there is a "someone". nah bro.

    • Hey man Thor has been looking for you, you might wanna keep your head down.

  • 1:39 I at first misread that as "High *bird* rates"

  • I am bangladeshi

  • Paromita virus

  • То ощущение когда ты из Казахсстана

  • At first, I thought the term “contraception” covered abortion, and I thought this comment section would be a complete hellscape

  • You probably need to change genetics also.

  • So they Genocided a people with politics? sounds familiar. Who has the right to "Lower populations" like they are stray cats?

  • The poor of africa is all because of Europe,the eu and uk should give back all the money that they stole from they old colonies

    • @Constantine The cataphract "backwards and poor" You do know you guys industrialized before us bc life in the West was so harsh that you had to adapt and innovate right? If Africans needed to, we would have innovated at a level the West achieved, we were just comfortable in our mud/grass/dung huts...

    • No no no...let them keep it and invest in Africa instead cuz the minute the govts in Africa get a hand on that cash, it will all disappear... I honestly do not trust us with money, we are shit with it

    • Nah African leaders 100 per cent corrupt

    • They were bacwards and poor before colonization and after colonization . Its genetic . Its so stupid to blame colonization its like saying that Balkans are poor because of the ottomans . Its stupid

  • This explains alot why my parents have more siblings than me.

  • If they keep growing like this there will be no more north Africa 😭😭 Oh poor Algeria Morocco Tunisia Egypt libya

  • Bad Vlog African fertility is falling too only slower than Europe's which Kurzgesagt acknowledges, then corrects itself saying the African fertility isn't falling fast enough! This is dangerous talk and encourages genocide in my view.

  • How they relate education to having less chilren kind of weird and why they specifically said women. It is true the more educated have less child i think the better approach is having better living conditions aross the board

  • Me seing this vid *:"do they actually have wheels or clothes down there, ah might be from Colonialist era"*

  • Up

  • Here’s a fundamental lesson from biology, Outbreaks in nature don’t end well Put a couple of protozoa into a Petri dish, they eat & reproduce, eat & reproduce, until BANG! They hit the edge of the Petri dish, at which point they either drown in their own waste or starve from lack of resources. The outbreak ends. From the viewpoint of biology, You & I are not fundamentally different then the protozoa in the Petri dish. We are an Outbreak species, [and unless we make drastic changes now] we’re going to hit the edge of the petri dish, simple as that. By: Charles C. Mann TED TALK: How will we survive when the population hits 10 billion?

  • My Nigerian grandfather had 30 SURVIVING children 😭

  • Africa needs to help it self. Stop blaming colonialization and do what Southeast Asian countries did.

    • You might not be aware, but Southeast Asia isn’t Exaclty perfect, not to mention colonization had much less of an impact.

  • In South Korea, fertility rate of 1970s was 4.5. In 2019 it became 0.91 which is almost the lowest rate in the world. Even last year the number of new born was lower than the death toll. I guess someday we'll have to say goodbye to you guys.

  • Stop believing lies... believe the truth... 1Corinthians 15:3-4

    • Tell the info here?

  • All B.S Africa 🌍 got small population in world for it's land mass . More people live in Europe than Africa 😂😂😂🎯💯 People are having less kid's too in the world 🌎. People in old days had 12 kid's! now people don't have kid's or may have 1-2 so that's impossible over population.

  • How can we shrink Africa population? 🤔