0.000578% Chance Among Us Impostor - Among Us #11

Birt 5 nóv 2020
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  • When you realise the the both Jimmy’s and Pewd’s videos were edited by the same peron.


  • S H A M E L E S S🥺

  • Corpse probably hates this but,choke me like you hate me but you love me

  • It's so fucking annoying seeing them simp for valk. Like they had nothing on pewds but voted him anyway just because valk said to

  • The most annoying part of the video was the girl who kept saying HAAAAAAAAA and kept doing a gasp

  • И этот комень перевернет мир я смогу изменить свою жизнь и вашу вы будете смотреть мои видео и радоватся Я стример иду к своей цели смотри мой канал люблю своего кота больше чем девушек спамлю везде целеустремленный еще я нюхаю трусы

  • 김정호 영어 배워서 여기와서 추리좀 해줘야할듯 ㅋ

  • "Call me billie elish cuz i dont wanna be me anymore"

  • hmm so this is 0.000578%? huh, I got imposter 5 times while you get imposters with corpse 3 times so whats the chance of me getting imposter 5 times in a row?.. 1e-150? meaning 1 in 150 trillion.

  • Poki and Valkyrae is that type of girl in school who is so annoying.

  • Corpse

  • Cocomelon gets snapped yeay

  • Whos on the stream with mr beast

  • Why is Jimmy sad he literary gets more views and money. If i was him i wouldn't even be sad

  • Lol Bobby boy was pissed that was the first time I saw him scream lol


    • Do you love him for his voice or his personality

  • Did Jimmy leave?! :(

  • I think the percentage that the title says is wrong. Since all the combinations of picking two impostors out of ten are 45*, 3 games with the same impostors would give a chance of: 1 × 1/45 × 1/45 = 1/2025 = 0.04938272% *The process of picking the impostors doesn't allow repitition and order doesn't matter, so the formula is: n! ÷ ( r! × (n-r)! ) Where n is types to choose from (10); and r is the number of chosen ones (2); ! being the factorial function. Crunching the numbers we get: 10×9×8×7×6×5×4×3×2 ÷ (2×(8×7×6×5×4×3×2)) = 3628800 ÷ 80640 = 45

    • No it it wouldn't be 1/45² , it would be 1/45³

  • I feel like the most stressful situation a person could ever be put in... is be in the final 4 or 3 and toast and corpse are the ones trying to swing your vote

  • Why’s the dog there

  • im sorry but poki pisses me off

  • 1:44 my man got the aim

  • Felix: “everyone’s simping for corpse” Jimmy/mr beast: simping for felix so hard

  • Pewds and mrbeast wish u a "happy divorced life"

  • Rage is the best

  • R U and Jimmy ok

  • I haven't watched Pewd's videos in so many years, can anyone tell me if he's played with Day6's Jae before? I mean bro, these are Jae's buddies

  • 6:19 Pweds: types uwu Weebs: that's a staple of weebss

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  • Pew die pie pls don't leave mr beast

  • So sad to be jimmy

  • Daddy chill 14:17 😂😂😂

  • 20:00

  • Pewds should collab with logic for the cocomelon diss

  • hi


  • Whatch out cocomelon is almost beating pewdipie in subscribers sub to pewdipie

  • My friends has a ISchats channel!!!@GXTG 300


  • Youtibe really do be getting comfortabke with these double adds that ARENT SKIPPABLE :/

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  • its been a year tho

  • bro pewds be nice to your fans

  • Among Us really loves "CORPSE the impostor"😂😂

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  • What is with the dog

  • Corpse is good

  • 10milions likes on video

  • This channel is so big I also have a very small channel

  • Is anybody worry for corpse cuz that's like kind of a voice of a ............ smoker

  • dream literally warping the luck anywhere he goes lol

  • Playing among us in Public server is hard, they sus anyone randomly

  • does corpse not like being imposter with pewdiepie or does corpse not like being imposter

  • I’ll be using cat ears from now on

  • Subscribe to my channel for gaming walkthroughs and reviews soon

  • How poetic is it that Sive edited this and MrBeasts vid

  • That dog do

  • I was watching this while unboxing my very first drawing tablet and I’m very happy :)

  • Poor mrbeast

  • *Call me fucking Billie Eilish, cause I don’t wanna be me anymore* Same, Corpse

  • Ew that dog picture covering the lobby code

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  • Je voudrais que veut dire Stella mais zinc

  • The like button was up at 12:56

  • 6:20 - I have no words pewds, "uwu"?

  • Omg Jimmy was legit soo upset! Lol can't believe he pulled the sun war card! Forgive him pewdiepie out Lord and saveyour!I'm dying laughing u awesome!

  • I love this game I love him❤❤ I'm korean He is famous in Korea.

  • انت وين لكيت هاي الكلاوات

  • I am a certified astrophysicist and uhh thats 0.0003814697265625% chance or 1 in a 262144 chance

  • Corpse sounds like doctor strange in his real voice

  • 11:59 Pewds rubbed Corpse ears

  • Man stop curseing

  • Corpse was like are u f**king kidding me😂

  • I’m so lost I want to rot for jimmy but also rot for Felix my brain is dead

  • This is the same game or video where Mrbears said pewdiepie when on a 900iq

  • Dream is so quiet

  • Jack sounds like hes annoyed to Jimmy

  • Mr beast is smiling but inside he crying rip him

  • I think CORPSE is batman

  • PewDiePie :)

  • This video in a nutshell pewds breaking up with beast and goes to corpse Rip

  • Logic is my favourite rapper

  • Logic is my favourite rapper

  • red sus

  • Rare moment of Corpse laughing at 2:12

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  • MrBeast ended up crying after Pewdiepie called him 'S H A M E L E S S' I feel sad for him.

    • They were laughing the entire time

    • Yes. He left the game after that and Dream joined instead.

    • Did he actually cry?

  • Congratulations on your success pewdiepie!!

  • I feel so bad for Mrbeast he did so much for pewds and now Mrbeast will never forget that anymore :c

  • Your the one and one love u

  • I watched mr beasts stream he was really crying man pewdipie made Jimmy cry very much jimmy said he's going to the bathroom to cry

  • 4:05 there's no dog piling on my watch, 4:07 :dog piles

  • Alternative title: Swedish man breaks up with ATM machine and falls in love with dead body

  • Nice

  • T series has more subscribers than pewdiepie yay

  • Fuck no

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  • "call me billie eilish cause i don't want to be me anymore" BYE-