Birt 5 okt 2020
Meet Brett David, the CEO of Prestige Imports Motor Group. At the age of 26, David managed to sell more than $1 billion worth of cars.
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  • Daddy’s money

  • Unreal, why don't you have someone on here that's done something on their own instead of using attorneys to sue his father's estate after he died. He went against his dad's dying wishes. What a slime.🤢🤮💩🤮🤢

  • I so confused how he own all of these things at that age

  • So his dad pretty much left him a fortune. Cool, he's not Elon or Zuckerberg. Another trust fund kid who's flaunting wealth they didn't earn from scratch.

  • I know this dealership, daddy set him up nicely

  • People buying Ferraris and Lambos are the perfect example that having money does not equal having class.

  • In Europe to sell Audis you have to have like 10 years of experience and if you're successfull at Audi, maybe one day you can sell Lamborghinis. It's not meant to hate this man, because he's obviously good and would be successful anyway, but he had it on very gold plate.

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  • Show a video of someone who didn't have it handed to them...someone who started from literally NOTHING

    • Just re releases

  • I'm sure his death threats have increased as a result of your crap CNBC

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  • The guy acts like he built the cars

  • so he got it all from his daddy. cool

  • He inherited the buss

  • This is old. Rereleased


  • He’s got a face You wanna punch

  • This is from 2013

  • I thought they said he is 26 but in 2007 he was 19🤔??

    • This was filmed 2012

  • This video is 7 years old...However, I absolutely LOVE prestige imports. When I was in the US as a broke 23 year old student, I checked out their showroom and they were so nice to me! If I move to Miami, that's definitely the place where I am going to buy a car.

  • Good job dude. You killed it 🔥🌸 Love the gold Lamborghini

  • $1000 says that guy uses coke.

  • 5:49 so true!!!💯💯

  • Bruh... the stress and anxiety of owning the dealership killed your Father, and he knew that. He didn't want to put you through the same thing. He wasn't challenging you to prove him wrong. Lol

  • 2:13 - Jesus. That Mini-Van was REALLY close...

  • สวยครับยากได้จังเลย


  • When was this video filmed lol

    • 2012

    • Probably the 2000s based on the models on display and camera quality

  • When was filmed, no huracan got to be old

  • All he sells are Gallardo’s...

  • GAYardo... mmmkay

  • You know, I really don’t understand where all of this hate comes from that he has to have worked so hard for everything that he has. Some people have to work hard and others are born into an industry There is nothing wrong with being the son of a millionaire. He probably had a great relationship with his father And use the business to bond with him so after his father passes why not continue doing what you know and love. Obviously he knows what he’s doing and he’s put a lot of time into understanding the industry and customer relationships and how to sell premium vehicles if it’s the top sales and the country.

  • Ain't no one driving a Gallardo these days. That's a poor man's lambo.

    • It is eight years old

  • Yes thanks to Daddy!

  • Inheritance is really not easy maintaining

  • The year was 2011 things were different

  • Oh yeah and just anyone could open a Lamborghini one backing him up of Money goes to money!

    • He’s got a face You wanna punch

  • I bet he comes from a family that moved the white stuff...

  • Some people straight hustle, then you have this guy


  • Wealthy minorities? well much for so much for "colored people are oppressed in the U.S."

    • @LeonTells0 I didn't just list Indians, I said Nigerians, people from the Caribeans, Asians, Central & South Americans. Group them together the result is the same. Your comment has racist undertones as if minorities aren't capable of success, you be a racist.

    • @LeonTells0 Which I listed. I've proven my case you've stopped making sense.

    • @LeonTells0 You're comparing an entire race, didn't you say white people are richer than minorities? Stop contradicting yourself.

    • @LeonTells0 Indians are immigrants, you don't know what you're talking about.

    • @LeonTells0 Yes and also Indians, Nigerians, people from the Carribeans and Asian countries as well as the Central and South Americans in this video, the fact is literally in your face. Indians are the top performing immigrants in the United States.

  • 5:49 it’s funny how the host mentioned about typical car buyers’ outfits...I remember last year ordering my brand new fully loaded BMW 5 series M Sport in a worn looking grey fleece, olive khaki pants, and no name brand shoes from Walmart. Still got treated w/ respect!!

  • 😍😍👌👍

  • Magnificencia.

  • Great video

  • #cnbcprime needs to do another episode at #prestigeimports

  • How old is this video ? Murcielago, and “brand-new” gallardo spyder? HOW?

  • This is old. Rereleased

  • Pretty old video ..... must be hurting for content to bring this back in 2020

  • This video is old

  • He had it made early on. Daddy owned a dealership. Still very informative video.

    • No I agree with you but then again sounded like his father wasn’t full successfully doing it and he did

    • People think it’s easy you still have to run the business many businesses failed under the predecessor

    • @Anthony Robles u serious lmao

    • @Mark Ugartechea 😂

    • @Anthony Robles Nope no sodium here. 😎

  • I watched this video 8 years ago...

  • It's an old video for anybody wondering. Initially saw it when I was young. I'm old now.

  • This video is 8 years old

  • Re uploading old videos from 2012.

  • Aventador wrapped in gold is something...

  • Old this defo 2013

  • must be nice having a father that bankrolls you.

    • @Kyle Cramer People forget that Wealthy people work hard to get where they are!

    • While yes, Brett did get the dealership from his father, but he did multiply everything by 10. He grew the dealer to massive levels of success, bought Audi Miami, and expanded from only Lamborghini. He’s one of the hardest working guys out there

    • His father passed away when he was 19 years old back in 2007. This video was filmed back in 2011.

  • Soooo daddy's money

  • How old is this that he’s saying “brand new” and “Gallardo” in the same sentence

    • this has to be 2013-2014

    • Funny thing is my m5 comp will smoke that lambo

    • So true

    • This video was filmed 2011

    • Yea this has to be 2012

  • Is this an older video? I haven’t seen a single Huracan and Gallardo arnt usually at a showroom since Gallardos arnt being made brand new nowadays

  • The guy sounds smart and im sure he does a great job at what he does, but he did inherit the business. That takes most of the hard work out of the picture.

    • @Gerry Garcia His family fought the court system for the dealer. After winning, his mother put him in charge because she thought Brett would be the best man for the job. She was right. Brett had done an amazing job growing the business. He amassed enough money for his family to purchase the local Audi & Volkswagen dealer. So yes, you are 100% wrong.

    • @Taveras Media props for going against his dad's final wishes for money 💰? Nah, not something I look up to. But you go ahead 😉

    • @Kyle Cramer I couldn't be more right. What are you? Slow? He wasn't even supposed to get the business and he went AGAINST his dad's final wishes. Ungrateful Daddy's boy is better.

    • @Gerry Garcia you couldn’t be more wrong.

    • Daddy's boy

  • i know its an old episode but the dealer seems to know nothing about the cars. maybe because he doesn't want to overwhelm his customers?

    • Most people don’t buy Lamborghini cuz of their spec. They buy it out of passion.

  • Like he’s such a good salesman 😂. Lambos sell themself. Go try and sell a 1999 Honda metro then we’ll talk

  • 0:54 sounds for a split second he's about to tell an impressive story. 0:57 "Next to my father" oh ok that's what I thought.

    • @Young Finance no I'm happy for him I'd be mad if my dad didn't give me the family company.

    • What do you expect for his dad to Do? Just give his family business to some random person?

    • Excuses. His father got it passed down to him also right .??? Either way someone earned it. You obviously won't ever with that attitude

  • 225k for a 2012 gallardo ? This video must be old as fux

    • @X nah its 100k-120k

    • 2011 filmed

    • @Ki Facelifted superlegerra still sell for 200k+... So you're dumb.

    • or just a dumb customer. I can imagine the wife talking to the husband "YOU SPENT 200K ON A GALLARDO?" the husband probably thinks he got a killer deal

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  • Nice cars😀