The First 10 Minutes: The Rise Of Ivan Boesky | CNBC Prime

Birt 27 nóv 2020
New York City was hanging on by a thread in the ‘80s due to violent crimes and whopping debt. But in the midst of chaos lies opportunity, and Wall Street became the symbol of the new Golden Age. This is how Ivan Boesky made a killing. Catch the first 10 minutes of the episode, and don’t miss the series premiere of “Empires of New York” Sunday, November 29 at 8P ET on CNBC.
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The First 10 Minutes: The Rise Of Ivan Boesky | CNBC Prime


  • never realized how left wing cnbc is.......

  • pretty similar to a presitent that i know

  • I absolutely loved this documentary. It was well put together and a lot of old footage remastered in high definition.

  • Giuliani was awesome

  • The straight look Donald Trump gave to the camera give me chills to my bones but not in a bad way. 1000 years for now people will remember the name Donald J Trump.

  • what was that woman doing with her tongue at the intro

  • This show last night was a COMPLETE disappointment!!!!!!!!!! It was like an ad for these people over and over there was no story then it went to rappers!!!! It was all over the place!!!!! Whoever produced this I’m shocked it was horrible!!!

  • Trump is a loser in life. 😂😂😂

  • We Live in an interesting world!!!

  • Wake up the American. How the U.S. election cheated.

  • First