VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 37 (ft. Freddie Wong)

Birt 2 jan 2021
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Sam and Niko sit down with their old pal Freddie to breakdown some bad and great Hollywood VFX, as well as their own!
Check out Freddie's hilarious Podcast: www.dungeonsanddaddies.com/
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  • you guys do well in reacting videos. i wonder when will you be able to produce a well made videos of your own. i mean, the whole package. the perfect story, plot, stunt, cgi, vfx and animation. 🤔🤔🤔

  • there's definitely a "fuu-uu-uck" in there, guys, which is a nice change. :-)

  • can you guys do a Video on the Hobbit Triology? Love your content

  • Please check out Pinocchio in Once upon time theres a scene in season 2 episode 18 its some janky cgi character whos looks human but its just old stuff.

  • #hatsofftoRambo

  • I'm still waiting for you guys to upgrade the uncanny valley Luke Skywalker head in Mandalorian.

  • Suggestion: do a show on claymation.

  • Hey can you guys break down the awful wheelchair cgi scene from sons of anarchy please!?

  • Tokyo Vampire Hotel, shooting in the diner ep. 1

  • 3:43 I feel like 5'8" is actually pretty short.. I'm 6' though so 🤷‍♂️

    • always look forward to your videos !!

  • I dont think the rambo scene where they explode is that far from reality, if you've ever seen what a .50 cal does to ballistic gel then you'll see why 😅 great video guys!

  • Van Helsing when hugh jackman turns into a wolf and fights frakula would be sick for you guys to do

  • Watch to the end, it gets funs :)

  • These guys are cool

  • Can you do under the wire plz

  • Freddie's channel was born 16 days after I was born

  • VFX in Gothika and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    • Plz do check out chalk warfare it will be fun

  • Please do Joshua and the Promised land!!😂

  • Missed freddy and the old videos😭

  • 5 foot 7 inches isn't average height. Average is like 5,10.

  • That Epic Mealtime VFX shot got me into VFX and I've been doing it as a job for the last 10 years! So good to see it again :D

  • Rambo is awesome

  • Could you talk about the animations, the monsters from the Tv series Sweet Home?

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit!!!

  • Suggestion react to vghs with freddie

  • dudes.. you have to look at the effects in The Mandalorian!

  • These videos are getting old y’all need to do something different now

  • A Silvester Stallone Impersonator Olympics would be great.

    • Just watched Hacksaw Ridge. That opening battle once they ascend the ridge would be cool to go over.

  • Not social distancing in this vid. Caught you guys slacking

    • man you guys should do a stunt video on underwater scenes. Surely there are some super scetchy things that happened in early days of underwater stuns

  • Holy crap I remember that "Got Milk" Commercial...

  • Plz do check out chalk warfare it will be fun

  • React to VFX Guy Aman

  • There is one movie I have seen that is older that also used the inline squib to imply bullet travel - Desperate Measures 1998

  • Review JJ the Jet Plane!!!!!!!!!!😫🥵😱

  • Suggestion - The magicians. There are many cool effects, including dragons

  • Review Slither!

  • Yay! Freddie! And Wren squealing with delight. Thanks guys!

    • I'm gonna keep saying it - Look at Neil Breen movies for the funniest bad vfx.

  • Do also more those videos where you guys create and fix some movie visual effects and action scene stuff.

  • Take a look some TENET- movie stuff.

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • episode. I suggest the episode called 'The Witness' - I would love to hear your thoughts about how they made it.

  • man you guys should do a stunt video on underwater scenes. Surely there are some super scetchy things that happened in early days of underwater stuns

  • Just watched Hacksaw Ridge. That opening battle once they ascend the ridge would be cool to go over.

  • This is Covid cringe city...I like this show but damn they arent even trying to pretend they are taking social distancing serious anymore...

    • Freddie's hair is giving me eren vibe

  • Suggestion: all movie/show characters that fly. Superman, Hancock, neo, etc....

  • Kung Fury

  • I love you reacting to your old videos!

  • React to the car jump in the punisher with tom jane

  • did they ever react to "hentai kamen"? they should.. that shit is hillarious


  • Check out the old HALO live action trailers

  • I'm gonna keep saying it - Look at Neil Breen movies for the funniest bad vfx.

  • Suggestion for some genuinely terrible VFX to react to or fix: Jiu Jitsu. How this film got greenlit in the first place is beyond me. How they managed to rope Nicolas Cage, Tony Jaa, AND Frank Grillo into it is even more of a mystery. I reckon you guys could reVFX the entire film in a week and still come out with something vastly better than what they managed.

  • Wren's reactions are the best🤣

  • Suggestion: Hey guys react to Battleship movie, it has some good CGI scenes

  • 7:33 Im blown away! *so was he!* My man turned Russian for a sec lol

  • u guys should react to cyriak

  • Dhoom 3 react

  • Freddie's hair is giving me eren vibe

  • Watching the Rambo scene I can see exactly where all the gore inspiration in corridor's work comes from.

  • Song in the background is jatz by jhfly if anyone's wondering

  • The real self infrequently slap because math electrophoretically ignore anenst a bustling expansion. receptive, grouchy cheque


  • You guys should have Freddie on all the time....he’s fuckin good at commenting on VFX stuff and he’s on the same wavelength as you guys

  • I would like you to analyze or view Mega Death's music video, " Sweating Bullets" P L E A S E ! ?

  • Anyone know where the footage at 3:14 is from?

  • FreddieW

  • The music video for the song Easy Breezy by Chelmico has some really fun special effects and animation!

  • Not the biggest gun expert but I believe that those 50 cal rounds could pretty much cut someone in half.

  • I miss when ISchats was like those short films you guys made

  • You should do an episode on just Tarantino films.

  • React to some scenes from Rango

  • SUGGESTION: have you guys seen "His Dark Materials" on BBC / BBC Iplayer (if you can get it in the states). The animal CGI is INSANELY good!!! 👌🏻😊

  • Praise Yahweh Our Alahim Of Spiritual Israel!!! Deep Fake Trump Conceded Speech. ischats.info/fun/hsWFYZioaXyInYQ/v-deo

  • Plss watch and react on cgi of anime


  • @7:50 The blood amount is actually pretty realistic for what a 50 caliber BMG machine gun round would do. The muzzle velocity is over 2900 ft. per second and punches over 13,500 pounds/ft of energy into a body upon impact. Not only will the round go through you, but the moment it contacts your body a shockwave is formed that makes your chest cavity expand while compressing everything inside, causing everything in you to become spray paint on nearby objects. The spinning round moves so fast that even if it misses your body by an inch, the velocity’s force will still rip off a limb. So think about all the blood your body carries being pulled out if it hit you in the lower chest/stomach area.


  • Please react to “True Survivor” by David Hasselhoff. Thank you 🙏🏼

  • People hate on Bay WAY too much. I think he's an amazing director

  • Have you seen the Machete movies??? Robert Rodriguez madness and the action/violence sequences are very similar to the Rambo scene you watched. Best bits of the first one have to be the beheading spiral and the intestine hospital escape!

  • I'm going to be sick now.

  • The only good Michael Bay movie is Bad Boys the rest it's basically garbage

  • Hell yeah, Freddie! Love that guy!

  • Pls do love, death, robots!

  • 3:31 where is this from?

  • Stuntman react to karate kid and cobra kai

  • Okay, corona ain't there any more appearently? No masks, no social distancing? NICE! Obviously I can tell my daughter to go out again and meet all of her friends again. I will call my friends as well, too. Nice, our Papa Söder obviously was completely wrong and we don't have a pandemic any more. Right? RIGHT? But hey, you guys sure as hell got tested negative before... Hmmm. If I get tested negative as well, I can live my normal life as well, right? RIGHT?

  • For good squibs you should check out Dredd 3D, it has REALLY impactful bullet hits!

  • suggestion: Rackaracka on youtube

  • Suggestion: Watch The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 8 and tell us what's wrong with the CGI person that is under the cloak. It's intended I don't say the name of that character😂😂

  • I remember I snuck into a drive in theatre by riding in the trunk of our van under a blanket to see Rambo. Good memories.

  • If you haven't watched the kgf 2 trailer yet you are nothing 😣😎😎😁😍

  • Dolittle movie: Dragon bellyache scene

    • It's a good movie, I promise

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic - Deceived Watch it, comment on it, it's sick, please do it.

  • React to League of Legends cinematics!

  • Maybe you could look at some scenes from the movie "coma"

  • React to the VFX of KGF Chapter 2's Teaser Trailer

  • KGF chapter 2 react 😍

  • Kindly review Indian Movie "K.G.F" for everything