Best $20,000 Magnet Art Wins! - Challenge | ZHC Crafts

Birt 14 jan 2021
Best $20,000 Magnet Art Wins!
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  • I subbed her

  • I Love lisa black pink

  • I was pretty sure McKenzie was going to win

  • I by is viv obsessed with jazz


  • Viv is the chandler of Mrbeast LOL

  • # stop Gary Abuse


  • im 11 but Jaz cinda cute tho

  • Why did she make lisa in the Eiffel Tower sculpture 😂😂

  • if mrbeast was an artist 0:10

  • Your videos are Amazing, I love them

  • Zach king

  • Can I please have all of the magnets?

  • I love Viv and I think she should win because it’s just better and second place with the jazz then on the shelf and Jake and then the last one is the redhead girl🥰🥰

  • When Zach compliments every single person except for Viv in every single craft video. And INCREDIBLY biased with Michelle. #JUSTICEFFORVIV

  • hi I love to draw anime's wanted to ask you how do I send my art to you zhc/zack???

  • I sucribed to Mckenzie

  • Wow

  • i subsctibe to mckenzie bell

  • Me want to do this

  • I have magnets

  • wow a 1,000,000 magnets thats allot ;o

  • Hey zhc can you give me an iPhone 11

  • I really wish I had magnets :( It looks so fun

  • I feel bad for the person who had the lion I would cry for that would take so long!

  • This wasn’t fair since Viv does the best and never wins

  • 👍

  • E

  • Poor baby yoda defeated twice

  • 6:50 they call Gary a lobster he a snail

  • How did you afford those are like 20 bucks for a little cube.

  • What the name of these magnets

  • I LOVE BLACKPINK but you guys are better

  • Viv said 1 the number was 5 jake said 3 Michel said 5 jass said 2 and jass got the powerful manget

  • Vic deserved to win he’s being unfair

  • i subscribed

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  • You have a really nice house

  • I love black pink and bts and itzy and everglow only K-pop

  • For the second round of the strongest magnet it wasn't supposed to be Jaz it was supposed to be Michelle that got it

  • I love magnets. they're so satisfying.

  • 😱😬

  • His next vid i costumed magent sculptures

  • Why the magnets are so white they should be different coloured...

  • Stop trying to be mr beast it is annoying


  • Mr.beast!!!!!!B-)

  • I'm subscribed

  • what your doing to these people is terrible they could get frostbite! frostbite hurts INSANELY. so please stop torturing these people

  • Make a human sized house made out of magnet ball

  • Michele : this is lisa from blackpink Me:lmao

  • I subscribe d to her

  • I toot u guys u dont know kpop😂😂im a big fan of Blackpink

  • I love to BLACK PINK

  • Wow

  • My friend has those really strong magnets but not the ones that they made it all out of the really really strong one apparently if you put one against your phone on each side or will break your phone

  • Wait Viv said 1 and jaz said 2 so viv would have gotten the magnet lol

  • Go subscribe to Zap Clan

  • You should make art out of Candy

  • Liam the beast

  • Awww, Mckenzie took the jump for Viv, it's so adorableeeee

  • It makes me think one day he going to be costuming the moon

  • Mincansey

  • You guys are so talented its crazy! Also I love ur vids! Keep making them!

  • I feel bad for Viv :(

  • that is not fare to jake

  • Pls can i have half of the magnet because whant some for me and some for my friend and other kids at the park I could give some to them pls can i have half if them

  • I love mackenzies animals

  • I think Jaz was my favourite but try not to make baby Yoda so fat and chubby kind regards andrea

  • I feel like viv always loses

  • I would choose the Mickey one xD

  • Vivi makes me mad

  • Iamb impressed inyouer art is amazing

  • i love it

  • Mackenzie bell has 109 k subs now

  • I think makenzie will win comment if I’m right but At the end of the video All the creations were amazing

  • Psych I lied the shout outs are mine

  • I’m gonna shout out whoever shout out me I’m gonna shout out to him the first shout out goes to McKenzie’s she didn’t shout out me but I’m giving her a shout out and the first shout out goes to the other shout out goes to buy don’t now but I know what the first to go to the Nother shout out goes to the pink hair girl yes now that’s all for today now I’m gonna shout out those two people now by

  • next time do color magnets

  • everywan that likes mandolorian like my comment

  • Nice i like it i need to like and sub

  • Ayyy black pink in your area

    • I llllllllloooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeee black pink in your area

  • Jack i think is gonna win

  • Where can i get these

  • l am sub

  • Jaz didnt say 5 Michelle said 5. And Jaz said 2

  • could you do a gave away on thoes magnets pls

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  • Pretty good


  • Michelle: *Making Lisa (honestly I loki love blackpink)* Jaz: *Writing yoda loves blackpink*

  • Mckenzie: ZACH! I *I CAN'T GET IT OUT!* Zach: *laughing*

  • yoda loves blackpink

  • Wow😮😮😮

  • Viv better get those teeth fixed

  • Not gonna lie they always do Michelle so dirty

  • I heard the word lisa from blackpink I freaked out you and blackpink and more are my fac

  • Jaz was the best for sure