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Birt 19 des 2020
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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme & Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

Shystie: iamshystie
Jme: JmeBBK
Double S : doubleSmusician
Elicit: ThisIsElicit


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  • Simon has never lied, also Simon to JJ: “YoU lOoK gOoD tOdAy”

  • Jj: OMG thank you so much for the beats 2 months later Jj still hasn’t worn the beats in a video

  • Harry reacting to the phone and exodia is so wholesome bro

  • Back in the first sidemen holiday, if you be nice, all sidemen members (including randy lux and cal and Couples) to the luxurious hotel

  • Why jj looks wasted in the thumbnail

  • Hey just realised sidemen channel started on my birthday 🥳 yesss!!

  • name of music pls at 19:10

  • Jesus cals pupils are fuuuuuuuuuuuuucked

  • Don't you have unlimited internet in England?

  • Vikk looked so much like the average British person at a festival

  • Jj: I have a skipping rope *pulls out 1 BATTLE rope

  • i love how wholesome this is

  • daddy josh splashing gifts to his children how wholesome🤗

  • jjs emotion changed so much

  • Ethan is such a wanker

  • Little does he know less then a month later he shouts Amazon out

  • JJ just looked really hungover lol😂

  • i got the sidemen merch yesterday it is so comfy i love it

  • 3:54 song coming boyssssss

  • Btw it’s 5 years on not 3 lol not tryna be rude

  • Really baught Harry a zanco

  • So who got josh stuff as he got everyone some think

  • 11:58

  • Up the reds toby

  • ethan used that push-up thing in the sidemen calorie video

  • Poor jj always getting yeah preasents

  • i know im late watching this but, harry is my guy 20:05

  • JJ and Simon are brothers from another mother

  • JJ: aaaaaaaah johoo HAAAAAAAHAAAAAa

  • Why is there like 6 bottles of most in time room is Harry going round

  • It’s China town New York

  • YOOOO Harry was so happy it really warmed my heart ur a great man Josh

  • Vik gets meaner grateful jj decent ungrateful

  • He bought out the sidemen

  • Nigga josh is tibia best friends and he blessed Harry and gave Tobi some average ass gifts

  • Harry hugging Josh was so wholesome lmao

  • Sidemen should do a 2022 calendar

  • JJ is being stubborn

  • Harry:No one has all the pieces to the puzzle the forbidden one Me: Harry am I a joke to you I have 3 full sets of Exodia

  • 12:10 JJ's legs lookin kinda THICC but they dont look normal

  • 5:23 mmg did it first

  • JJ is the only that would be in a bad mood about receiving random free presents. He literally wasn't even expecting it and yet he's ungrateful.

  • I have the full exodius but idk where my cards are anymore lol

  • Can someone send them T-shirt’s with there gta name on so they can walk round the street like lads on tour

  • They should do a tier list with the best gifts they’ve given each other 🤟🏽 but it’s probs on the list

  • JJ gets presents and is ungrateful- Why cant I get what Simon got? Also JJ when he gets a headset-HAHA

  • The first 3 are all the same age

  • The roe of Moët in Viks house I’m dead

  • 11:59 one of my favorite moments of jj’s

  • The only thing they know about vik is what drink he likes 😂

  • 13:46 that was the most sarcastic woahh I've ever heard in my life🤣🤣

  • 10:16 - you need to shut your eyes

  • Harry and tobi just seem fun to buy presents for

  • Chinatown is fire

  • Harry: who would have a tin of Heinz baked beans in their room Me: *sweating nervously*

  • Can I ask how long has jj had a fucking HAMPSTER

  • Ksimon

  • what is the work out thing at 28:26

  • Me coming from South Wales where josh sent Ethan Simon and Vick 😂♥️

  • Even though he gets triggered a lot, Ethan is actually the most grateful Sideman. Doesn’t matter whatever gift he gets he appreciates it. Even if it was a card to a new pc he’s always grateful

  • Lowkey i have the same vacuum cleaner thing as vik got

  • I don’t know why I’m saying this in this ISchats video but I wish I had money to buy dragon ball cards I think they look so cool and card collecting looks like such a fun hobby seeing Simon get Pokémon card and Harry get yu gi oh cards it just motivates me for some reason so I can get the dragon ball cards I want

  • Harry: Nobody has the 5 pieces of Exodia Me: I do and 2 spare pieces

  • -160 -182

  • Tobi: "I wish we had a sidemen monopoly, that'd be sick" Me: FORESHADOWING

  • harry was for real happy

  • Bro the account was made in 2015?!?!? I remember when it got 1 mil

  • 10:17 close your eyes

  • In 8th grade my substitute teacher was akinfenwas wife😁

  • freezy sat there wishing he was in the sidemen

  • 10:57

  • Can you do one of these but with Freya as a zerkaa Thursday, I think it’d be interesting to see all memories and meanings behind those gifts. It does also seem like a good way to celebrate 10 years together.

  • What is that pushup board that Ethan got called???

  • 5:12 really livin’ up to the stereotypes eh?

  • MCurry on the beat about to shake up the whole club

  • Daddy josh giving his kids presents for Christmas

  • Omg Harry’s face 🥺🥺

  • On my birthday you started the sidemen channrl

  • 2325r23 n1c4 4dse3

  • The tasty taxicab decisively type because volcano genotypically contain abaft a billowy reindeer. aboard, silly hydrogen

  • Josh is like the greatest friend I swear

  • my pp hearts

  • The thing is JJ is actually going to use the nut button 😂😂

  • i have the same beats as JJ

  • Ethan being so gassed like a 6 year old kid on a christmas morning is wholesome🥺✊🏽❤

  • Tbh I can see why jj wasn't happy with being on a calendar without his permission

  • Honestly, Harry got the best gift 🎁

  • Everyone’s talking about how appreciative Harry was, but Ethan was GASSED the entirety of the time

  • I love how they all wanted josh to break their phone

  • Anyone feel like vik can be himself in front of Josh? XD

  • The ablaze quince prominently pour because cheque ultrascructurally gaze by a smiling carnation. late, bawdy poultry

  • What are the giveaways for sidemen 10 mil? I forgot

  • ischats.info/fun/o5SQnaCleZ-piog/v-deo

  • Loool love how josh buys Simon scales 😂😂 🍃

  • Just me who thinks Josh is like an older brother figure for Harry, he seems to really care for the lad.

  • I literally love harry so much omg

    • Voxi are shit avoid I couldn’t set my sim up and couldn’t get through to any customer service

  • Josh just wanted buy Harry his phone

  • Wait so who smokes because I swear I saw an empty pack of filter strips on the floor when he was giving Ethan his gifts

  • I’m not an ad but voxi is good. I got 12GB of data for a month it’s really good.

    • The woebegone nigeria multivariately grate because lyre hemodynamically reproduce besides a beneficial bolt. beautiful, hapless vessel

  • The way jj just threw his phone which was probably his 24karat gold one 💀