Why Goldman Sachs Went From Investing For The Rich To Targeting Everyone

Birt 2 maí 2019
Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street investment bank, has a storied history. Founded by Marcus Goldman 150 years ago, his son Henry revolutionized the industry with company valuations and IPOs. It was the gold standard in investment banking for decades and partners got rich when the company went public. But the firm's reputation took a beating during the financial crisis, eventually leading to one of the most interesting pivots in Wall Street history.
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How Goldman Sachs Became Wall Street's Most Powerful Investment Bank


  • What do you think of Goldman Sachs' strategy?

    • It's obviously a ponzi scheme how do people not see this? Example they went public paying themselves with investors $ then they sold there bad assets and bet on the down turn. Hiding there ponzi scheme by ripping off their customers, yet profiting with there investments making them look bad yet good on the investment side. This new banking scheme is to shore up there assets so they can claim more profits to pay themselves more huge bonuses. Watch Documentary Federal Reserve Not Federal No Reserve! The entire banking system is a ponzi scheme including the stock market IMO hence the periodically "crashes".

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    • @John Smith Based on their corporate credo and strategy of always profiting, anyone can think that they have found good prey: the innocent sheeple.

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  • so, instead of getting taxpayer's money via the gov't they decided to cut out the middle man and go direct to the source? let's not kid ourselves, they still 'invest' for the rich - and they fleece the rest of us.

  • so it’s not rothschild?

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  • Trading firms should probably stop short selling, it always seems to end badly, either in bad optics, bad PR, losing money or going deep into debt with a short squeeze. I bet you, GS have shorted their own stock somehow, perhaps through an ETF, and not even known about it,.

  • It's pretty amazing that the one bank that took risk management somewhat seriously, got publicly shamed as they managed to stay solvent during the financial crisis. Talk about damned if you do, and damned if you don't. Regards to the "Government Sachs" critique, well, ppl have known for a long time that is a rite of passage to get into the White House. If they want to work for the government, they had better do an internship at GS, or something like that. The alternative is that the government is clueless about what really goes down on Wall St.

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  • Goldman Sachs. I advice peoole to read my comment: Money-payment means are created by private banks when companies, private individuals, municipalities, county councils and the state take out a loan credit - take on debt. The loan amount is created when the bank books this as if the borrower had borrowed IN money to the bank. The bank thus has no money from the beginning. The loan amount has an INTEREST RATE. It can be said that the money is provided with interest for its existence. The interest rate is OUTSIDE the nominal - the amount put on paper - and there we have the problem. As long as money is circulating in the economy, it costs money because it is someone's loan debt. They are INTEREST-BEARING LIABILITIES. These interest-bearing liabilities today make up the majority of our economy. The banks might say they don't create money from nothing. Or, that if they borrow someone money they in return borrow the same amount, but where does those money come from then? They might say they have full coverage, but if they have 100% coverage why do the need Capital adequacy ratio then? So END FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING. START PRINTING US TREASURY DOLLARS AND NOT US FEDERAL RESERVE DOLLARS.

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  • saying anything good about this bank is absolute hypocrisy and ludicrous to say the least.

  • who wrote this ad for how nice these people were? al capone said it best " the stock market is a sucker's bet ". there is a line in the " godfather part II " where michael corleone is told the syndicate is bigger than u.s. steel. goldman-sachs is a criminal enterprise. they were selling junk on one floor and betting against the same on a different floor. after the next crash the government will bail out the capitalist once again. another minsky moment .

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