The Profit In 10 Minutes: Farmgirl Flowers | CNBC Prime

Birt 14 ágú 2020
"The Profit" episode "Farmgirl Flowers" is now available to watch in just 10 minutes! Hear the Full Episode with The Profit Podcast:
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When Marcus Lemonis isn’t running his multi-billion dollar company, Camping World, he goes on the hunt for struggling businesses that are desperate for cash and ripe for a deal. In each one-hour episode of The Profit, Lemonis makes an offer that’s impossible to refuse; his cash for a piece of the business and a percentage of the profits. And once inside these companies, he’ll do almost anything to save the business and make himself a profit; even if it means firing the president, promoting the secretary or doing the work himself.
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The Profit In 10 Minutes: Farmgirl Flowers | CNBC Prime


  • Attitude is everything. If she doesn't reboot hers I see bad things on the horizon.

  • The mindset here is a problem. This I can't get funding because I'm a woman is just bull. Farm Girl thinks she knows it all, can't be told what to do. Marcus would have helped accelerate her growth. She chose to hang on to her percentage.

  • No wonder why the competitor's are making millions. .

  • Ya she looks a little ditzy and selfish ....hes right...make me a check so I can get outta here ! ...hey you snooze you lose !

  • Marcus is saved here. She does have some issues.

  • He's right about tech valuation. They are ridiculous, especially most don't succeed.

  • Make IT AN open STORE for walk in s WITH GLASS TO SEE ALL the workers. Very cool to see people arranging all the flowers. Give you ideas

  • No wonder many VCs didn’t invest, $1M for 5% for a flower shop, come on really and don’t even pull the sexist card here!! Some entrepreneurs are just in denial and can’t see their own undoing, the real question should be do you want to build a profitable business by running a right ship that you own wholly or a “billion” dollar business you own a fraction of with a mountain of debts, make your decision first and then go raise or not raise fund! Worrying about other businesses raising large investments here and there you don’t even know the terms and one thing I learnt in my long entrepreneurial journey is that never count someone else money, focus on yourself and stop comparing your failures with their successes , each had their own journey full of successes and failures

  • That valuation came from the sky. 20 million with no back end and zero profit. She's the kind of founder that needs to get out of her own way

  • The unrealistic valuation is the sole reason she cannot raise money

  • Lol one minutes she's about how she can't get money, the next she turns down $1 million and a partner that she desperately needs.

  • Girl would rather have 100% of a grape that 75% of a watermelon

  • SJW man HATER. Always playing the victim role. Marcus was going to say 50% but he fell for her pity trap and offered 25%.

  • 5 per that's why she is not able to raise 💰

  • She needs to move out of Sanfrancisco/Silicon Valley.

  • Stupid B

  • Loooooooooooser....

  • "NobODy wiLL inVesT iN mY CoMPanY, because I'm a WomEN".... then give a horrible valuation on the company and Marus is offering to fund her company, but she turns it down... I'm confused will nobody invest in your company because you're a woman, or is it because investors are smart and aren't going to get ripped off buying into a company with valuation way too high.. I mean the investors can just wait for you to fail they buy up the company for pennies on the dollar or start a competitor

  • I like this guy

  • Love how she calls her factory workers "designers". She certainly is an expert in BS. But in making that first crazy offer, I think she succeeded in having him make a higher offer than he would have initially.

    • @Héctor yes but I think that's just Apple being sarcastic.

    • Like Apple "genius" bar.

    • If you noticed her previous job "Director of Alumni Relations" at Stanford. Basically, a BS job title for someone that pretty much begs for donations on behalf of the University.

  • What a joke, woman cant raise money? women CAN raise money, not bitter and angry feminists, maybe if she wouldnt ask a MILLION for 5% she could raise some money-- she deserve to sink. So happy that Marcos didnt go for it...

  • Another angry and bitter feminist... nothing new..

    • I wonder why, when men talk about women like that for legitimate concerns, instead of hearing and having empathy for them.

  • "Even if things go back to normal. Stembel knows Farmgirl Flowers won't. The pandemic forced her to transform her business. Before, 90% of orders were processed in one facility in San Francisco. Now, Farmgirl Flowers operates in six facilities, including two in Ecuador"

  • now you realize why she has never gotten funding lol

  • I swear he hit it on the nail with the crazy valuations of that crazy valley

  • Like he said the business is not broken.she will do good.she is a strong woman

    • nope... she is just an angry, bitter feminist... and she will sink, thats for sure...nothing new..

  • It's weird. This owner was dour and made a poor impression on we viewers. So, then she went to a credit card company which featured her in a series of commercials, all of which she smiled as if they wired her like that. This obviously was an attempt to undo the impression from The Profit. Now I read below that the company isn't doing great. I have no data on that, though...

  • i don't get these business people that call on the Profit to help them out of a deep dark valley. They know what Marcus wants and it aint 5%. Now that is insulting when you know how Marcus works. Good on ya for walking away ML.

  • She needs a loan more than she needs an investment.

    • 3:18 New Money Guide

  • Wow I can't believe she passed Marcus for 20%. In life u shouldn't pass up chances like this and say no body gives u chances.

    • 3:26 Money Guide Easy

  • She's doing quite well top line revenue in 2019 pre-Covid at $15 Million in revenue yet I'm not sure if she's profitable.

    • @G Coyne 💯

    • Top line revenue is great if you have huge funding to support losing money.

    • 3:15 Fast Money Guide

  • Lol everything wrong with the world is in this woman

    • Amen. What a nasty nasty person.

    • 3:18 Money Strategy

  • The moment he arrived it was all about the money for her and tbh sounded like it was “poor me”

    • 3:04 Max Trading Profit

  • I hope she reads the comments and gets a grip! This lady has an ego that shes unaware and blind to, she's a victim and a feminist. Get out of your own way

    • Being a feminist isn't a bad thing. It's more about her attitude. Now i get why she didn't raise any money

    • 3:13 Really Profit

  • She was literally wearing a Chris Saca shirt. Projecting much?

    • 3:31 Really Profit

  • There are 2 profits: the shows where he wants to takeover and the shows that feature nutty owners, this was the latter

    • 3:00 2020 Money Guide

  • 100% of nothing is nothing.

    • 3:30 Profit Strategy

  • She is going bankrupt soon

    • 3:35 Fast Money Guide

    • Old episode, try google, doing fine. Marcus is a liar

  • Has she never watched the show? 20%?! She's lucky...he normally goes in at 50%!!

  • That is a good company. She can make a fortune even without Marcus.

    • @altar7 I don't think she's a whiner, she just wants to stick to her values and be treated respectfully, and this guy has a brash way about him that seemed to insult her.

    • @Tshaba Tjemolane Because she just launched national shipping (a large expense) as a sole business owner trying to also not stray from her values (paying well, providing employees with medical benefits, being sustainable and high-quality, etc).

    • If she can't raise serious money she's going to get crushed. Maybe she was just using the show to be more visible to VCs. But I don't think investors want a whiner in charge.

    • Sometimes the owner is investing all the profit for it to grow, it looks like that's the case. It wasn't clear in this video the profit/investment rate. Tesla and Amazon didn't make profit for years and that was the plan.

    • she's $80,000 in debt did you not watch this

  • lol she crazy

    • 3:01 2020 Money Strategy

  • Flower Karen

  • I would not want to partner with that personality! I’d rather eat some glass

    • 3:24 New Money Strategy

    • so would all the other investors. but she needs to blame someone other than herself

    • yes

  • What a shame, she could have brought on a valuable person in Marcus, learned how to compete with those in her marketplace, and grow her business. Instead, she was too hard-headed and sought to blame all issues around her like not having the ability to raise capital on her being a woman. Maybe her attitude was the reason that no one wanted to invest in her business, not because she’s a woman.

    • Says a dude who has never experienced any issues related to being a woman in a male-dominated industry.

    • YOUR 100%RIGHT

    • 2:55 Max Trading Profit

    • i hate to dog marcus. please do a proper google search on marcus.

    • Old episode, still running, Marcus is full of sh&*t

  • True.