Birt 8 sep 2020
Get the exclusive tour of Michael Jordan’s former estate of 20 years!
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  • its been for sale for a longtime

  • I would love to buy it if it's 23$ instead of 23,000,000

  • When I think Bel-Air, it's not the swanky upper class folks who come to mind. It's hipsters and partiers, like Will Smith.

  • Lmao... still on the market.

  • This mansion is on wish😂

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  • How is this only 14mil

  • Let me just see what I have saved up in my couch..

    • @Liquidty it wasn’t meant to be; it was meant to be over the top because I couldn’t afford to buy this place in a million years

    • That was not funny 😂💀

  • 55 million for the disgusting smog view of LA 🤢 Ps. Scotts tattoo’s look like garbage in comparison to someone like Paul Acker or Nikko Huridto.. 🤷‍♂️

  • This house is literally still on the market man I wish

  • This was not a good investment

  • House used to be 30 million it can’t sell 😂

  • Seal is friends with MJ

  • It’s been sale for years it’s albatross

  • fact travis scott did his music vid here

  • I would buy it. Just dont have 15 million laying around

    • @My F World property taxes are 120000 a year 😬

    • @My F World let me look up the taxes

    • He would sell it for 10 million

  • why do most celebrities have such small TVs relatively speaking. usually it's some lesser Samsung 32incher. I would have a top of the line OLED. lol.

    • @ctrezzy11 errrmm.... celebrities do watch tv.

    • Because they don’t watch it. Too busy making money, traveling or improve themselves. Tv watching is for poor people, with no desire for improving their lives.

  • Shaqs Orlando’s mega mansion is more expensive

  • whos here after Travis Scott recorded the Franchise music video here??

  • Jordans shadow so huge no one even wants his old house. 😂😎😎

  • I want it but can’t afford it! 😕

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  • no ISchats, don't want this house, stop suggesting this video

  • You can't see it it surrounded by trees

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  • It's not ugly or outdated..just different.

  • Jordan left for Florida so he could golf

  • Nobody wants to live in Chicago

    • Third largest city in the US so apparently you're wrong.

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  • This used to be on the Market for over 100 million

  • i actually like the interior but the outside is really bad

  • "yup! in my white tee"

    • They gon wipe you before you wipe me

    • Call up Hype Williams for the hype, please

  • $10,000 on just a tattoo!! Wow!

  • I grew up near lake forest where MJ house is. House has been sitting on the market for years. If it wasnt so ugly and outdated it woulda been sold by now


  • So he has this house and trained in it with his team before they won their first championship? He was rich before basketball?

  • Keep it a buck sum of us here from Travis Scott vid lets be real

  • 😍😍💪

  • L

  • MJ is goat but his taste on houses and interior designs is not goat.

    • Agreed

    • @Winston Mcgee what is wrong with you? He just gave his opinion about Michael Jordans taste in interior design and what did you do? You insulted him and called him irrelevant without even knowing who he is.

    • @Winston Mcgee shut up i dont have properties like MJ's but I have gold...lots of gold.

  • Make it a museum

  • That house is insanee but it’s in Chicago

    • highland park*

  • The second house looks like Dan Bilzerian's rental with Kevin O'leary.

  • Jesus loves you. :)

    • @Zionn Belton he is dead tho..

    • @Ar S Jesus isn’t dead he lives inside you, pray to god and have faith

    • Jesus loves you too

    • I don’t believe in Jesus but ok 😞

  • Stupid tattoo

  • Idk if i would buy a house from someone that wears a suit like that

  • The obsession with tattoos has no end 🙄🙄🙄

  • Ive been inside the Jordan house and it is actually a poor design all the way around plus it felt outdated. Gonna be a hard sell.

  • 7:33 he looks so sad

  • Lol 1000$ hour and that's the artwork... some people have more money then brains

    • Ermm... Idk about you but I only have one brain. So yeah I have more money than brains..

    • Seen plenty better work than his.

    • I think we all got more money than brains

  • Funny hard working intelligent people make it in the USA will not matter what color

    • Funny? First of all so many people are hard working and intelligent but never make it. Second of all race has nothing to do with this.

    • Ok and your point? Just because I’m a millionaire,”worked hard” or I’m “intelligent” doesn’t mean I still don’t be called the n word or be looked at differently. I will just be a rich n word. Don’t forget the ppl who will be mad that I’m doing better than they are.. how dare a person of color do better than me. He must sell drugs...

  • Nobody wants to pay $14 million for a large outdated and bland mansion that looks like a 90s rehab center.

    • @Eric K heard of an opinion. Having no taste is subjective...

    • @Alex Devlin Okay and? Your taste in architecture is inexistent.

    • @Eric K wow good one🙄 I also like a Ford GT40, Ferrari GT 66, Lamborghini aventador, Rolls Royce Phantom etc I bet you don’t like them too

    • @Alex Devlin Yeah you have an opinion, as well as no taste.

    • @Alex Devlin Yeah you have an opinion, as well as no taste.

  • Location, location, location Too bad it's in Chicago

    • @Gurl bye It's in Highland Park, IL. The houses there will blow you away. It's marginally closer to Wisconsin than downtown Chicago.

    • Why? you think this property is located in the hood lmao. Chicago as beautiful as LA and Miami and just like those cities they all got a ghetto area where people die and commit crimes. You just can't be about that life then you're good. It is not like you are randomly going to die if you live in Chicago. White people........

    • You see how white people just go off everything they hear or read..this place is located outside of Chicago. Wtf would a multi millionaire live in the hood.

    • Gurl bye It’s an overstatement. None of them are complaining about New York.

    • Thata awesome

  • Here before 1k views?!

  • Better drop the price. Or they didn't get the memo. Nobody wants to move or live in California anymore.

    • Mike DC watch*

    • @Jimmythy I that's an awesome thing

    • @Jimmythy I lol you need a brain. You mad cause you stupid lol

    • @Jimmythy I you must didn't want the whole video you dummy. The house after the Jordan house in Illinois was a house in bel air California. Watch the whole video you stupid person lol. Duhhhhh I know the house is jordans house in Illinois fool. Next time think before speaking or commenting. You look dumb af lol

  • Wow this house just won’t sell!!! It’s been on Zillow for so long

  • Who in their right mind would buy a house in Chicago, why do you think he moved.

    • Some parts of Chicago is bad but no highland park

    • @Thomas Ryan There are no murders or riots in Highland Park. People are moving because surrounding states have cut corporate taxes. So jobs are opening up. But this strategy will fail because no taxes means no services. Eventually they'll return to Chicago because the economy is diverse and solid. (9th largest economy in the world.)

    • Omari March I know that's right. That's one of the reasons my family and I left. No body cares anyone, it's all about what you can get($) from the situation, they don't even care for our own youth. But it's sad for those who are too poor to move and want to.


    • @Thomas Ryan Lol stop cappin, this house is no where near Chicago city.

  • Fun fact: this house has been on the market for over a decade, nobody wants to buy a house that big

    • The biggest issue for me, and I read an article that also stated that fact, is that it's too personalised. Not many people wanna spend millions buying it & spend more removing all the Jordanness from the house. Every corner of the house is Jordan, Jumpman logos & such. If I bought it I'd feel like it's still his house. That's just me though.

    • @Hisoka Morow but the inside looks nice asf, don’t judge a book by its cover

    • Jerry Reinsdorf ought to buy it.

    • Even at a reduced price? If i had $15 million, I wouldn't mind buying it.

    • I personally like it

  • Early bird gets a like 😋

    • Larry bird ?

  • First

    • @Kikcuh stfu , stop capping.

    • @Kikcuh ❤🌹

    • My aunty said if i could get 250 likes on my newest video she'll buy me a brand new monitor so i could improve my videos. All I ask for is one like