Birt 31 maí 2018
Peter Gilroy and Tyler Philips from The Bath Boys join us for another edition of the Try Not To Laugh Challenge!
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  • Thanks again to Peter and Tyler from The Bath Boys for joining us! Go to their channel and show them some love! ►►

  • They thought they'd get Zach Galifianakis like we wouldn't notice :D

  • 17:38 2020 be like

  • Does anyone else hear the Teams notification sound at 1:37?

  • 14:34 goofy is behind the scenes

  • Noah can really spurt that water

  • Courtney doesn’t really shine in prop comedy

  • 10:10 Keith being white

  • i never laugh it is rare if anyone sees me laugh

  • They’re not trying that hard

  • Peter was Idk, he wasn't funny for me

  • Im a fucking psychic First, I was in a roleplay group with people I never met in my life and we finally did a discord meet, I predicted exactly how they looked like, to the nose piercings Second, I knew Shayne would sit down when I didn't watch the video before or knew in anyway.

  • Keith’s laugh sounds like goofys laugh from Mickey Mouse Club House

  • Why do the bath bois look low key like Walmart brand Rhett and Link?

  • ‘We need someone regular’ *looks to Noah expectantly*

  • I think the bean bit hits harder for me because my name is tyler and one of the main parts of my diet is beans

  • I miss the old smosh 😔

  • Lol Shayne Topp auditioning for the role of "Hismione Granger"

  • Ok why does Courtney looks and acts just like my sisters BFF

  • Ngl kinda thought The Bath Boys were Rhett and Link for a second😂😂😂

  • Shayne’s laugh is the best

  • I kinda felt like peter and courtney are exs as they were very rude to eaxh other

    • How were they rude to each other for one. And two thats a big fucking jump

  • I wish I was in this vid so fun fu-unn

  • Shayne's loud bit was unexpected, yet so expected of him lol

  • "Some of this loud" is one of my favorite bits

  • The bath boys look like dollar store Rhett and link

  • Who else is binging?

  • 13:58 if only keith knew how accurate that was

  • Usher

  • 10.06 is what started corona virus

  • 11:48 Courtney fake laughing

  • Oh cool, Rhett and link are in this one

  • They are the dollar store Rhett and link

  • watching this in quarantine 2020 is horrifying because of all the shared spit water stuff 😭

    • Omg yeah.. I felt totally weird when they hugged too. weird how thats weird lol

  • Not a funny video for the viewers but it was cool to watch I guess, the blond chick wasn’t funny at all it felt like she put minimal effort it like my 6 year old sun could of came of with the shit she did except the difference being he wouldn’t make it cringe to watch

  • I was watching this an for a commercial a got a full on 30 minute video of board af😂 AND I WATCHED IT AND AFTER THE VIDEO I FORGOT THAT I WAS WATCHING ANOTHER SMOSH VIDEO🤣

  • Roses are red My nose is runny Girls still ain’t funny

  • I watch them everyday there so funny

  • How is that not Steven Suptic?

  • Why do I still have a crush on Noah in 2020

  • They predicted the show Barry!!!

  • 11:59 Courtney: I'm gonna go. Death stare Tyler: Yeah, yeah... go ahead.

  • Tyler looks like Crack Galifinakis

  • 11:56 looks like Courtney was upset Court: "Can I go?" Peter:- "Tyler's going." Court to Tyler: "I wanna go :{ ." Tyler: "Yeah Courtney, you can go."

    • He said tylers the winner, he wasnt trying to decide who goes next

  • Keith and his johnson are the only people on this channel that made me laugh

  • 14:16 i like how my captions said "*buckyball*".

  • SCREEM = HEWMORE God I love shayne

  • Omfg Shayne you make me laugh everytime I love it thank you

  • Is it just me or Courtney isn't funny at all, or it's just my sense of humor

    • If you check other episodes try not to laugh you will find out that she is actually really funny but I don't know what happened to her in this episode.

  • 3:59 among us😏

  • Why does Damien look like David Harbour/ Hopper I'm this episode

  • Ikr Courtney

  • What we learn from this video is that Noah is a way better spitter than Keith

  • I would have walked out there with the puppet Noah had and done a bad stand up routine, ending with a straight face and the lines, “This is why I’m just a gynecologist.”

  • vines

  • Is that noah's laugh, cause if it is that's the first time I've heard noah laugh for real. (10:51)

  • tesla model y

  • 2 years later and these early episodes will forever be classics

  • 9:06 “you have been served” Pineapple Express reference

  • I gotta say shayne is the funniest and Courtney is the prettiest/cutest.

  • Tyler?? Wait, that isn't Zach Gilifkaniakilisilis?!?!

  • 6:24 he should of said its pickle diiiiiiiiiick

  • Haahah

  • Sup this bean funny

  • Is it just me or were they being kinda mean to Courtney...

  • Wait what else is wet tho?

  • 10:10 how Rona was created

  • who's here after the facebook repost

  • This scene reminds me of being bullied in school: 11:56. Tyler looked at Courtney and ignored her wish just as Peter. He just yelled out "Tylers turn!". I dont like the feeling in this video and how the bath boys act to Courtney

    • He says "Tyler. Tyler is the winner" She is the one who jumped in when he was still talking about each person's joke individually. Also when else were they "rude" in this video. Tyler thought it was up to the person in the chair obviously and peter was saying he won. Like wtf is your problem

  • Courtneys subway bit broke me

  • That spitting bit that Noah and Keith did would not be okay right now. lmao

  • Who is the knock off rhett?

  • Keith and Noah that was some weird ass foreplay

  • When this between water on each other in 2020 that would be illegal

  • This episode hits different in the virus lol

  • The katana joke never gets old.

  • Thing's i know after watching these..i love keith. His laugh is infectious. Everyone is funny tho and courtney really has some unique style..i wish she would stutter more and be more methodical. She can be so crazy

  • I only came for Keith

  • why did 16:00 sound like the start of a hobo johnson song

  • After I hear the “wettest bios in the biz” I amediatly resort to THATS what she said

  • Courtney *Stop,Stop!* Keith *Okay*

  • Whats up with Courtney in this one she seems indifferent

  • Keith is what happens when Eddie Murphy and Whoopie Goldberg have a baby..

  • Tylers a cute lil bean 😊

  • lol

  • I’ve never struggled to laugh so much

  • DAMN! Shayne's funny! "Look what I got AHHHHHHHHH!"

  • "Don't spit on my phone" Courtney *spits* "nooooo"

  • Shayne got me with the loud joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ahh the glorious time before corona

  • I thought Tyler was Zach galafinakis first time I saw him

  • Hi

  • 10 minutes into the vid, and I find out the person "peter" is a Guy. Note, i didn't hear his name was Peter until then

  • Pickle Rick

  • 10:17 u would not be able to do that now

  • I’m just here to see him shirtless

  • “I think you’re all coming to Hollywood.” Shayne: *laughs in Hollywood*

  • One of the bath boys: oh that was a wet one Me:thats what she said!

  • 6:25 it’s penis rick with his pickle dick

  • Me, watching this 2 years later during quarantine cause I’m so bored😑