Why Are You Alive - Life, Energy & ATP

Birt 10 maí 2020
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At this very second, you are on a narrow ledge between life and death. You probably don’t feel it, but there is an incredible amount of activity going on inside you. And this activity can never stop.
Picture yourself as a slinky falling down an escalator moving upwards - the falling part represents the self replicating processes of your cells, the escalator represents the laws of physics, driving you forwards. To be alive is to be in motion but never arriving anywhere. If you reach the top of the escalator there is no more falling possible and you are dead forever.
Somewhat unsettlingly, the universe wants you to reach the top. How do you avoid that and why are you alive?
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    • The most important thing is the Mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell

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  • All of school is on youtube... Extra help can be found via personal teachers you can interact with via webcam... Homeschooling is more prominent than ever even without the pandemic, just need the parental guidance to be afforded!

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