8-bit Annoying Person Remover- NES Hack

Birt 28 feb 2013
An old school solution for dealing with your annoying coworkers.
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  • I guess the twin bed didn't do it for her

  • The sexy song comes on when your co worker comes in then gets freaky

  • OMG I totally lost it at the end hahaha the look of the co-worker hahaha

  • 1:57 browsing through your old videos and found this 😂 this is gold 🥇

  • Was that his wife??????

  • Would've been even cooler if they found a way to keep the original NES components in it to make it a functioning NES.

  • Wow his hair

  • the ending

  • 😂😂😂

  • he was cute with the rose! i dare you to say otherwise

  • BRUH Pre-2018-Mark-Rober's jokes are so cheesy, they are beautiful lol

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  • Anyone else got this video in the recommendation list after 7 years?

  • i clicked on a random video and said "hey! that looks like mark" *scrolled down and said* "ouh wait! it is" lmao

  • Lmao

  • No no no no lol

  • this was actual hilarious

  • if your watching in 2020 like plz thanks

  • Mark looks so different from 2013!

  • No you Are smart mark rober

  • Perfect bring it to school for math class! Lol

  • I’m from the future


  • Is that the same guy who made the Nintoaster or is this wishful thinking?

  • LMAO

  • Felt like going back to watch Mark's old content and I'm really glad I did. Hilarious ending

  • 1:50 Did you marry a feminist lesbian?

  • The older content is funny. 😂

  • ✨fun fact✨I was 3 when this was posted

  • 😂😂 Ending lit.....

  • Bruh his hair tho it looked like he still lives in his parent’s basement

  • Are you serious My guy was left horny and lonely

  • @Mark Rober Could you make a Video to a Secret room

  • Super marıo effect

  • Quarantine Recommendation


  • But do you still have to blow on the cartridges 5 times? It's not true NES without it!!

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • (Me 7 years late): uhhh crap

  • 1:50 is that his girl

  • Nice one bro 👏

  • hes a real chad

  • Chad what a lad

  • 1 month is over

  • How many to make

  • Does he still call chad

  • Oh my God his hair

  • 2020

  • and the goiders all like...

  • Lol

  • When I loom at the time 2:04 I just think now that’s a child predator

  • You have a beautiful wife, Mark!

  • *1:38** - The guy supposedly died because he ran out of time but he had 2 seconds left. Enough time to quit the room. lol. Well done Mark Rober*

  • Cool

  • i felt like ......... 2:04

  • 2:00 lol Mrks reaction is gold and this is still a humiliating part

  • Who else feels bad for Mark at 1:50

  • NICE hair

  • OMG! that was hilarious!!!! i'm dying laughing

  • That ending is awesome

  • 2:00 r/suddenlygay


  • Why did you do that you destroyed it?????

  • Whose watching in 2020 Like and check my channel

  • what a crazy ending

  • lmaoooo

  • This was 7 years ago.......

  • Is this before you were a rocket scientist?

  • the end though

  • like anyone would actually make this at home or be smart enough to

  • I like Careless Whisper!

  • Your boss is awesome

  • One more Maku wobu

  • Epic ending

  • 2:27 video proof that he just dematerializes from existence once a month every video

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  • Just leave and re enter

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  • the ending lol

  • IM NOT SUBSCRIBING ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want one. Just to show off. Literaly have no reason other than that.

  • Mark made a gay joke. How does Twitter feel these days?

  • Gayyyyyy2:00

  • you have so many friends to help you build stuff.

  • 2:04 looks like Kevin from the office

  • you should do version 2 of this. with new games.

  • This is Epic.

  • C

  • Just don’t forget to change the song

  • #18 of the binge

  • This is great!

  • I want thisssssssssss

  • I'm gonna have to leave when that saxophone came on 🤣

  • "Don't forget to change the song." I never will

  • Its not 10 mins

  • yo i'm watching this in 2020 almost but september 26 2019! lol

  • You friend who made the controller looks like the guy from Person of Intrest

  • I have the nintendo enter. Sys model 0001

  • 1:45 but that means you only have 500 seconds to... you know. YIPPEE!