Birt 28 jún 2020
The Sidemen to a Mukbang because their other video idea fell apart haha
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  • its 1.2m likes soooooooooooo

  • I Iiihh

  • me: 150K OMG THATS SO MUCH JJ: only about 150k

  • Ethan: I'd like to fight a pig Me: ETHAN vs PIG.... more like PIG vs PIG

  • vikk sitting at behind like cinderella who is not allowed to eat together :(

  • JJ thinks he's THANOS

  • My dad knocked out a cow sooooo (he had 15 boxing experience)

  • Ethan and Harry are sooo dangerous together lol 😂

  • harry,”i’ll do anything if this get a million likes” jj,” charity match in 2021 if the gets a million likes”

  • Sidemen should do escape the hounds. That would be an amazing video

  • I just realised they're in Etham's backyard

  • 1.2 m likes

  • I died of laughter when Simon said "oh banana! " When he saw the plantain😭

    • 😂😂😂😂😂nah i was laughing he’s too funny

  • 1 mill likes... I want to see another charity match

  • it actually got 1,2M likes

  • So I’m gonna get exited for the charity match this year 😁😁

  • JJs laugh that legend

  • Watching this for the third time and I always feel sorry for Ethan when JJ reads Ethan's book from when he was three because u can tell it got to him abit because he laughs too much for something that isn't the funniest thing in the world I get it's banta and that but u can tell Ethan gets affected by it 💙💙

  • Now it got million likes

  • ok were is the match boys

  • Sidemen: Laughing at the idea that this gets 10mil views This video: gets 19mil

  • Great video. ☺️

  • U can tell bezinga really loves them he’s dope

  • i am ethan and i love SoSjIs

  • what i would do with the 1 mill and the slug i would hire every slug hunter in the world to kill every slug that exists

  • gawddamn simon clueless about music

  • ohhhh how they were wrong about this video and it’s likes

  • Crazy thing is, it got 1M likes 😂😂

  • It’s a tradition to watch this once in a while...

  • they dont know what a drop kick is bruh

  • Who else went to go see a giraffe killing a lion?😂

  • “we won’t get a mill likes” 1.2million likes

    • We need the sidemen cick off

  • The way they laugh at if they hit 1mil likes now it’s on 1.2mil

  • Sidemen: A Mukbang is not getting 1mil likes Community: Our power is beyond your imagination.

  • I've come back many times to watch this one video, i find it so entertaining, love how they would've thought this could've been a stinker yet it got 1.2 mil likes

  • My favorite sport ThRoW tHe ThInG iNtO tHe BiN

  • Ha Ethan say a pig wat about a nz black boar

  • what about a sideman vs faze official match

  • what about lady gaga for the music question?

    • hell naw

  • 1 mil likes

  • It got a mil likes🤣

  • I had a thought if jj has a daughter and simon has a son. Would jj push his daughter into going out with Simons son. 🤔🤔

  • 1mill likes btw

  • 46:30 the moment history was made

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  • well charity match should happen

  • Harry: Whose the greatest musician of our time Sidemen: proceeds to argue about non musicians and producers

  • Fun fact but not rlly: giraffes can decapitate humans with a kick since scientists have seen giraffes do it to lions :D

    • He was talking about getting kicked or getting hit by the neck i dont think he was talking about getting decapitated

    • Vik said that

    • Mate vik was talking about that lmao

  • Yes

  • Bruh ...hahah already got 1 million likes.

  • 1.2 million likes and no charity match?

  • i cant believe this was 6 months ago already

  • The weeknd

  • 1.2 million

  • noway ethan wrote that when he was three

  • Has a million likes

  • it got a mil

  • Bro Beyoncé is not even in the top 20 best musicians of all tume

  • Beta vs sidemen

  • This is a podcast, and a good one.

  • Did anyone realise Ethan give harry his food 19:00

  • if ur from eboys fanbase their talking abt them here: 34:45

  • Ethan had 9 sisters

  • 1.2 million ! lets get this match going !

  • Aye we hit a mil

  • put it on ksi reddit 1.2 m

  • Josh is so boring

  • They got a million likes on the mukbang

  • Where is the charity match

    • there is a bit of a virus going around so they can't really do one.

  • 14:13 They better ever do this idea with the dog

  • 5:54 Age 6 A few sec later: I WAS 3

  • We still waiting box match beetween JJ and horse

  • well i guess there will be a charity match this year :)

  • 31.14 The best Music artist of all time. Wtf Kanye west and drake, what About Dr.dre without him it would be no Kanye no drake

  • Josh is the glue for the sidemen

  • well, it got a million likes....

  • 16:40 simon cracked me up then

  • But what's ethan favourite toy

  • Looks like we are getting a charity match

  • 1 million likes = charity match me still waiting 👁 👄 👁

  • Simon gets so hurt the guy actually gets on my nerves

  • At 35:41 did Ethan say "This nigg*"??

  • There best musician conversation pissed me of. Lads didn't even mention Freddie Mercury & legends like that.


  • Ermm, it’s 1million likes mate

  • Best musician of all time is definitely Freddie Mercury

  • Up there with one of my favorite vids on ISchats

  • Nothing against the guys, but I can't take anyone who says that Kanye is the greatest artist of all time seriously 😂

    • i use to say this until i heard his album from the 2000s like LR,TCD AND OTHERS.

    • Rappers in general I feel can’t be in that discussion although I love hip hop

  • 1:00:26

  • JJ: ''If this video gets 1 million likes we'll do it'' Rest of the Sidemen:''HAHAHAHAHAHAHA'' BOYS: ''We gothu'' P.S 1.2 mil likes, I can't wait for this.


  • ayyo where is that charity match

  • Yo this was JJ's best hair, that SSG

  • The video has a million likes boys!! Waiting for the football match

  • i just got a ad saying help ur dad get the milk 😭 this was made for ethan

  • The best musician of our time is objectively Mike Patton.

  • Vik: I don’t want to touch it, I’m not worthy. Also Vik: Has more money than JJ and has made 3 million from minecraft

    • To clarify, in a reddit video, JJ did say that he is worth more than Vik but Vik has more money than him.

    • @Amir Khan vik will probably overtake jj in the near future due to his servers and businesses he invested in . IDK

    • @Comment Troll he's not. JJ said he's close

    • @Voffo that vikk Is richer than jj. Jj said vikk is richer than him

    • @Comment Troll what up?

  • JJ vs Juan

  • Jose : Sorry there won't be a charity match anymore couse we ain't hitting 1 million likes 2021 : 1.2 MILLION LIKES