Birt 27 mar 2018
Gus Johnson joins the squad for our funniest Try Not To Laugh Challenge yet!
Try Not To Laugh #4! ►►
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  • Gus Johnson is a god of comedy

  • 1:32

  • I remember Smosh when it was actually funny. Now my only reason here is Gus Johnson. I miss 2016

  • Is it Travis Scott

  • I only smiled 3 times didn’t laugh

  • Ah, the beginning of the Shane vs Gus conflict.

  • gus johnson

  • Lmao thought this would be kid friendly so I put it on and let my little brother watch it he ended up asking me like around 6:34 what was that thing that was sticking out I thought what thing then I watched it and thought what have I done

  • This is a legendary episode

  • Shayne always beat everyone else, but gus is just god tier

  • Okay I haven't seen past the intro I think that the guest is Jus gohnson



  • dude looks like Chris rock dressed as Tyrone the crackhead

  • Hi I’m Clarissa and I’m here to make *FRIENDS* 💀

  • Most of these weren't even funny. Gus and the black panther joke were the good ones.

    • @bananerna what

    • Aight race-o

  • I think it's Gus Johnson

  • What the this is the most weird video that I watched 😐

  • 11:59 in the background that sounds like goofy from mickey mose

  • gus johnson

  • Are we sure that's not Chris Rock?

  • Keith reminds me of Chris Rock.

  • I feel like literally everyone else is really funny but every single time Courtney makes a joke I just be like 😐😐😐😐

  • bo more

  • My name is kalissa (ka lis a) and people call me Clarissa like Shane’s character bc they don’t know how to say my name

  • i laughed so much at dookie ass

  • Courtney keep saying GAS when there chanting look on closed caption

  • Every over-the-top cringe bit with performer names: Courtney - 1:14 Keith - 1:45 Olivia feat. Keith - 2:55 Olivia - 3:56 Courtney saved by Gus - 4:59 Noah (not sure about this one) - 5:27 Shayne (Black Panther bit but worse) - 5:54 Courtney - 6:23 Noah (sorta clever but nah) - 7:12 Keith (A++ for effort tho) - 8:22 Noah (nice setup but no punchline) - 9:22 Olivia - 9:50 Shayne (nice setup but too much laughter) - 10:15 Courtney - 11:07 Olivia - 11:52 Shayne - 12:41 Dookie Stain (Noah and Keith) - 13:57 Olivia feat Shayne - 14:29

  • Who else didn’t know Gus was that tall

  • Yall laughing at this 🤨 While a man has fallen into the lego city river.

  • shanes clarissa joke will never, ever get old

  • 4:30

  • To this day I still wonder what Keith said...

  • I can't believe Noah's flower joke didn't get Gus.

  • The 14:20 part really made me take a diarrhea laugh

  • Gussy

  • Unnus Annus chain:

  • Hell yeah he’s on the damn show


  • Autistic country boys do it better. Rude to use gus for ratings.

  • what did keith say to olivia?


  • I laughed so hard when Keith said Doogie ass something like that that was so funny and you are so funny

  • Gus

  • 2:57 did olivia just accidently wear a philza minecraft cosplay lmao

  • 10:53

  • 10:20

  • 4:45

  • 0:00 0:08 fire music

  • I like how Gus is clearly the funniest one there.

  • “Just saw black panther” HAHAHAHA

  • ngl gus looks like your weird uncle

  • I need to know what was censored

  • Remember when smosh was ONLY 2 people

  • He always laughs, he can just control him mouth.

  • “She hasn’t developed yet”

  • I had the captions on and in the beginning it said, “*keith yelling in fear*”

  • this gus guy is really funny, he should have his own youtube channel

  • Camera man is goofy

  • 4:08 knowing me, having olivia that close to my face i would just stare at her and get mesmerized.

  • I despise this channel but I love gus.. 🥺

  • What kind of crackhead crap is this

  • I’m sorry, were the black guy and the blond girl a couple? I’ve never seen this show, but he seemed to touch her a lot and she didn’t reciprocate


  • I didn't laugh at anyone, accept to gus.

  • the only reason i understood the mandarin n-word joke is bc i went to school with a lot of students who spoke mandarin as their first language, and every now and then i had a heart attack thinking someone was saying it. bahahaha oh god

  • Gus Johnson

  • Why dose Keith have a hat on a hat???

  • 11:08 till the end of Courtney’s. Probs not buts was that a fire force reference?

  • Damn Gus! Noah was SOO close to getting him to crack

  • Noah looks like my brother but nicer.

  • No one: Shayne: FRIENDS

  • “Their more than good”

  • Really loving gus. He's the only one, who understands jokes 😂

  • Literally none of them are funny.

  • 5:19 Courtney needed Gus to help her with her shitty bit.

  • Oh god Keith I hope I spelled it right but damm your funny 😆

  • Gus is the only funny one (Edit) and keith

  • No one: Not a single soul: White people after seeing black panther: 4:43

  • Yep smosh pit It’s popular you have 12 million views because of Gus and y’all

  • You’re my favourite pizza place

  • 8:50

  • Gus

  • Gus is just OP.

  • Keith is the zebra from Madagascar

  • Wow. What a lovely bunch of people.

  • I wondered what Keith says at 7:30 lmao

  • I wonder what Keith sang to Olivia

  • I think the guest will be Bernie Sanders

  • Gus was amazing! I also think Noah is hilarious. His last bit was gold!

  • Litterally none of them were funny except for Gus and maybe Shane’s black panther one

  • Disney's Goofy in the background

  • 14:05 this is one of the most catchiest things I've ever heard

  • tbh, these are kinda the most unfunny things I've ever seen...

  • Secretly attracted to gus 😳❤️

  • What did Kieth say...

  • Wow I’m wearing my blue pizza place hoodie while watching this and it’s bringing back so many memories

  • My brother and I play this game, but we have to hold our breath for a minute.

  • News flash, you're being robbed!

  • how can you watch them they are sooo annoying

    • @LittleTimmy so you have a fortnite profile pic think the game is better than smosh KNOW the state of the game yet you still don’t play fortnite? I don’t know man seems kinda sus to me

    • @nikolao brose Also fortnite is way better than them, and the state of that game is not looking good

    • @nikolao brose Bro its a profile Pic.

    • says the fortnite player