Birt 27 mar 2018
Gus Johnson joins the squad for our funniest Try Not To Laugh Challenge yet!
Try Not To Laugh #4! ►►
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  • That dookie stain song was fire

  • been a viewer of smosh since 2013. Who else?

  • i really wanna know what keith said when olivia was in the chair...

  • Soooo where's the uncensored version

  • You’re my favorite pizza place

  • "There moreeeee than great!" "They got ALUMINUM INEM " I literally spit out my drink lol

  • TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE #5 w/ GUS JOHNSON i'm not sure but i think gus johnson is the guest

  • Only here for Gus. The others are cringe.

  • Look up “funny definition” and Gus will be there

  • 4:00 psychosis

  • Gus Johnson

  • Your my favorite pizzaaa plaaaaacee

  • 8:45😂🤮

  • my dad has the same shirt Gus has ...not that anyone prolly cares😂

  • Gus Johnson I saw the hair

  • Keith representing way too many viewers when he said "I want you guys to make me laugh, I've been going through some thangs...".

  • We want more


  • Oh I thought it was Kanye

  • Gus and shayne are the funniest

  • Nopal

  • 15:42 how they made dino bash sound effects

  • when shane said "just saw black panther"... that hurt

  • 10:33 just sayin shayne got errr

  • Who’s watching during quarantine.


  • gus jonhson

  • Gus Johnson

  • Btw,keith said the n word

  • In the video, Gus looks like tiger king 😂

  • I think it's Gus Johnson

  • The girls ain't too great. They're gigglers and get by because they easy to illicit peals of laughter.

  • Gus!!!!!♡♡♡

  • This is an all time great tntl episode hahahaha

  • All Gus Johnsons Parts: 1. 2:35 2. 4:25 or 4:23 3. 6:56 4. 8:51 5. 12:06

  • Gus Johnson

  • They are so funny

  • What makes Gus funny is that he smiles at his own jokes

  • Keith look like beetle juice

  • 2020 is the worst year I wish it was 2018 again

  • Man

  • What is Courtney's shirt referencing?

  • Bobby is a knock off of tyrone biggums

  • 0:37 idk imma say Gus Johnson

  • Can we get a full version of the song Keith's for gus.

  • Who else is watching this in 2020 after Chadwick Bowsman died and is sad

  • Keith actually looks like chris rocks younger brother

  • Can someone explain the Last Mimsey/Barbershop 2 joke?

  • everyone else is meh they are ok but gus.... my god he is one a whole other level lol

  • I love how only 1 person and gus continue into the latest one

  • 13:51 We need more of this song

  • Olivia's a gusher

  • Wonder why he thought those generic buttocks were a man being penitrated?

  • Ikr Gus is amazing

  • Keep doing try not to laughs.

  • It's 2020 and this is still the best episode.

  • Ah yes, the start of it all. Shaynes life long journey to make gus spit his water out. A momentous moment. Thank you.


  • Me: has Pepsi in mouth Shanye: im here to show u how to make FRIENDS ME: Pepsi goes up nose

  • If you can I would love to see Kevin Hart and Gabriel Iglesias in one of these skits

  • Gus looks diffrent without his mustache

  • Gus Johnson

  • shayne is the funnyest

  • Two years ago? 2015: hold my video quality

  • Who let Goofy loose?

  • I've dicided that my personality is a combination of Shane and Olivia, and I think you should all be very afraid.

  • When gus Johnson is the only reason u watch the video

  • Tiger Noah has my heart.

  • At 10:00 is that the cow blood sheet from the blindfolded stain smell test on GMM

  • yO i ThInK tHe GuEsT mIgHt Be SvEn JoHnSoN

  • The guest is call me carson

  • After two years and 40 something more try not to laughs, number one, this is still the best one, and number two, I still have no idea what Keith said.

  • When Noah was making Keith laugh only true smosh legends know

  • 2:40 Random Olivia xD i'm ded

  • I think its gus-

  • I swear the old ones are the best lol

  • this was before the stache

  • 11:08 was Courtney referencing fire force???

  • courtney looks so annoyed throughout the video

  • Olivia is sooo cute

  • ...Is Courtney’s shirt in Simlish?

  • Keith is just always pretending to be Chris rock.

  • 10:54

  • Gus has thrown rocks around in his underwear for entertainment before, the only thing that can limit him are ISchats's guidelines

  • Bring on Gerard Way

  • when it said censor we all knew what he said xD

  • For those of you who wanna know what being on a crowded train in Japan feels like 4:02

  • If only Shayne had used his Pizza Place joke on Gus, his 46 episode streak would have been destroyed so much faster.

  • I bet you its Gus Johnson....Oh! im right!

  • Hi my name is CLARISSA

  • why is no one talking about noah from 7:13 to 7:21??? omg 😂😂😂

  • so Gus totally won that round for her hahah "She hasn't developed yet"

  • Im guessing its gus jhonson

  • Gus kind of looks like young mark hamill

  • i think the guest is Gus Johnson

  • I’ve been brought to tears by THERES ALUMINUM IN EM

  • Gus Johnson is the embodiment of out of context videos

  • Gus (OmG I gOt iT rIghT)

  • someone has prolly said it but...what was keith saying when it bleeped out, it was just n-word right?

  • Why are Keith and Courtney touching so much in the beginning