Jay Leno Does A Dukes Of Hazzard Stunt With One Of The Original Dukes Stunt Men | Jay Leno’s Garage

Birt 24 sep 2020
Jay looks back at a classic episode where he jumps head-first into some of the most dangerous-and underappreciated-automotive jobs. Catch him doing a Dukes of Hazzard-style stunt with one of the original Dukes stunt men! Then, don't miss an all new episode of "Jay Leno's Garage: America's Toughest" Wednesday at 10P ET on CNBC.
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About Jay Leno's Garage: Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
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Jay Leno Does A Dukes Of Hazzard Stunt With One Of The Original Dukes Stunt Men | Jay Leno’s Garage


  • One of the longest video descriptions I've seen on ISchats, and Jack Gill's name wasn't mentioned once.

  • A little weird that that specific General Lee was a Crown Vic underneath,but as they both said,better to potentially wreck that than an original late 60's Charger

  • thats a nice charger, seems like somethings missing......

  • We need that flag very unhappy that the flag is gone like wtf

  • I'm a car guy as well drop by and say hi sometime Jay you're the king of cars

  • Ok. So my kid can see gays and lesbians kissing and trans people in FAMILY shows but a Flag is removed from a car from a real family show which didn't promote racisim or anything. Workds fkd up now a days

  • No Flag, No General Lee. WTF is the matter with you people. Stop removing history.

  • That is NOT the General Lee, that is merely an orange painted Dodge Charger!!

  • I love that he took off the loser/traitor flag AND didn't ruin a real charger. I love you guys.

  • Jay does a good Rosco there :-)

  • Hey wait the flag of the south is gone Now I know what the south did but the flag is something that the general has from history you can’t erase history even the horrible one they could modify the flag

    • @resistance is futile yea pretty much if in the past something for example a beatle had a nazi simbol it is obviously racist, but if the car belonged to hitler then it’s a pice of history or another example this car had that original I don’t know the story but because the car had that symbol on top during its episode and merch and movie’s it’s now a part of it you like it or not and getting rid of that erases its authenticity but we can lagh at the flag I mean the 2 movies did

    • Context. A Nazi symbol on a WW2 P109 is history. On your car, it just makes you an a-hole.

  • How is the confederate flag racist it’s not it’s a peace of history final.

  • I came here for the comments about the flag. Political correctness gone overboard.

  • Stopped watching when I noticed that history had been erased.......

  • If the flag is gone,then it's not the General Lee...peace

  • Sad of course expect nothing less from CNBC.

  • Mr. Leenoss!

  • Lol at folks who complains about the flag, its not even a real charger.

  • Look how they've massacred my boy!

  • Where is the flag?



  • That was greta

  • It’s not a general lee without the flag

  • Whistlen diesel just bought one and I’m sure he will destroy it and I really hate to see the world loose another charger there isn’t a bunch of them left! 😳

  • Sold out to the snowflakes ❄ for a simple little clip. Grow a back bone show the flag

  • Look at all the snowflakes crying about the flag being gone. Liberals are the sensitive ones? Lmao. You lost the war, facts don't care about your feelings losers

  • No flag disgusting 🤮

  • Was wondering why all the dislikes til I read the chat , then I hit one myself.

  • bunch of babies offended by a gosh darn flag give me a break thats what made the general the general

  • Only time I’ve ever disliked a video with Jay, the General isn’t the General without the flag.

  • The flag doesn't mean racism it means heritage not hate

  • You can’t photoshop history.

  • Jay turns to the side, tips his hat .." Ma'am " .... that's spot on Duke's of Hazzard speak

  • I wonder why they headed out to the middle of nowhere to do this stunt. Oh yeah, there's no BLM mobs in the desert.

  • took the flag off, no balls

  • Come on Jay that's not the General without the Stars and Bars.

  • What an embarrassment on all sides this comment section is. The lack of understanding in your country is mind boggling... and yes you all act like idiots.

  • miss the flag on the roof ....

  • I’m almost shocked they didn’t put a hammer and sickle or a CCP flag on the roof.

  • Stop erasing history!

  • No, you have destroyed the original

  • Too bad there is not the original Confederate flag on the top.

  • Where’s the flag tho

  • Thumbs down 👎 for removing the flag!

  • I'm super hard-left tree-huggin' liberal WHO LIVED IN NORTH CAROLINA AND WATCHED THEM DUKE BOYS every Friday night... And I think it's a shame that they retroactively removed the "Stars and Bars" from the General Lee 😭😭

  • I love lemons garage. Thanks jay

  • Yeah... erasing history... sounds like a Mao thing. I mean, I get "why" but at least put the stars and stripes up there, and hope people won't notice. This just looks blatant and pathetic pandering to absolutely no one complained about this car's livery.

  • desde Argentina . Quisiera la musica exacta que se oye en este video.Since Argentina. i´ll want the music exact of this video

  • Love this episode. Saw them carving up the dirt and I was thinking OMG that looks like fun. Makes me want to take my car and find a random field and go to work on it. Thank you Jay Leno. You come back now, ya hear.

  • 4:15 3.6 V8??? It's a 5.7 for the V8 and 3.6 for the V8. Make up your mind Jay!😂

  • To all of you saying they photoshopped the flag or removed it... you're wrong. Don't you watch the news? Media man says the flag jumped off the car and started killing people.

  • @CNBC Prime Very cool ! Jay Leno Makes a Great Sheriff Rosco ! :) i have Some questions if ya can email me if ya can't respond here ? at danguy4532@gmail.com.AU or just danguy4532@gmail.com the questions i have is 1) is CNBC or NBC network gonna have a New The Dukes of Hazzard TV show ? 2) i thought Waner Bros banned people from using The Dukes of Hazzard and General lee name ? so was there any Rules WB asked so you could say Dukes of Hazzard or have a General Lee on the show ? 3) yeah i think we all know why you guys editied out the flag and some Dukes fans don't like it as seen in the Comments of this video ! - but question if there was a Flag you would put on the General what would it be ? 4) if you guys were gonna make a show do you think with or without a flag on the General would be best ? ok well great video ! Regardless of flag or not ! to me an Orange 1969 Charger look with an 01 that can Jump IS A GENERAL LEE ! sorry other Dukes fans ! but this to me is cool and kinda makes me hope for a GOOD Dukes TV series remake . :) just sayin ! :) Great video guys ! :)

  • Hi Jay that was Staged for the General Lee to get away!!

  • Bunch of idiots ruining pop culture.

  • This comment section is full of snowflakes. It's a flag crybaby, get over it

  • Who else found it weird to see doc Hudson in green and here

  • They should put the flag on.

  • Im a man of color and im offended the flag is NOT on the car!

  • Show watched by millions around the world including me as a kid from Scotland who just saw a cool car with a cool paint job n roof flag that had no meaning to you as kid except iconic Today 1% offended by flag on top of the car Take it off Might as well ban Tom n Jerry as it can offend cat lovers Cool video Jay but you could of stood yer ground on that one

  • I hate this TV show for destroying so many Chargers.

  • so thats why they are no more left hahaha

  • Looks so weird without the flag

  • NBC: we fixed racism, look! we are building a better America by removing a flag no one cared about 5 years ago! BLM: it still says General Lee on top though, so you therefore still support racism by using the name of a traitor to the country. now please excuse us while we burn this American flag and loot local businesses as an expression of how much we want whats best for America Extinction Rebellion: oh my god. this car is soooo offensive. that 5.2ltr 318 v8 motor is killing our planet! it should be replaced with a Tesla. NBC: oh please forgive us our sinful capitalist ways! We know not what we do! We have so much internalized racism and we made sooo much money in the past on these racist and wasteful symbols of white supremacist earth crippling capitalism. we will definitely keep all the money we made off these symbols, but we will use our new knowledge of our sins to shame the rest of the nation for watching and liking the cultural content we provided them all those years ago Rest of america: oh my god dukes of hazard! i used to love that show when i was a kid! wait... what happened to the car? wasnt there some stars on it or something? NBC: wow. you americans are so racist. shame on you for liking content we created for you years ago.

  • Wow they even digitally removed the flag in the historical pictures.

  • Where's the flag? You do know that the civil war wasn't about racism, don't you? It was about the never ending bad politics between the North and South. The Tariff of Abominations was what started the feud some 30 years before the fighting began. Don't believe me? Look it up. The sooner people learn their history, the better off everyone will be! Grow some balls Jay!!

  • That is not a general lee. No flag. I am surprised they allowed the name general lee on it.

  • Rebel flag is American history. The liberals want to erase our history because they have no history. Annoying.

  • Hire Me

  • Just so we are clear thr dodge charger 3.6l is a v6 not v8 that makes 290 something hp. Lol

  • No flag ..no watch

  • I thumbed down this video cause the flag has been "Erased" in photos of the show and in the idea of its existence in the show in this video. And if you think it SHOULD be removed from history of this show and catering to people being offended. Then where does this censorship end? Stop giving people inches, cause they actually mean miles and even then, they are not happy.

  • No flag, no General Lee.

  • "3.6L V8" Anyone else notice that?

  • hey jay , are you the next boss hog ?

  • No rebel flag on the General Lee. Next thing you know will happen they will try to take the black lady off my maple syrup. O, wait that's already happened. What's wrong with the world today? The only racist people I ever see is the media.

  • Aww man! It doesn't have the flag on top. It's not about racism its about the memories people 💪👍

  • Jay should of been that guy....

  • Thumbs down. No Flag.

  • flag aint racist, put it back on

  • It looks wrong without the flag give the General something to fly

  • General Lee needs to have the Confederate flag on the roof !!!!!!

  • They seriously took the flag off...

  • The Crown Victoria is a classic now and they are destroying them.

  • That's not the General Lee and The Dukes of Hazzard is and was the most family friendly show of all time ! Put the Flag back on the car like it is supposed to be !

  • Loved the video but it’s a piece of history so put the flag on it. It’s like making a civil war movie without rebel flags or a ww2 movie without swastikas. It’s this type of censorship that makes extremists out of normal people 🙄

  • I’m not even gonna talk abt the flag. I understand those who wave it and I understand those who hate it. But this brought back soooo many memories watching the general again

  • Amazing! Case the OLD Rebel Flag. Make room for OLD Glory. 🇺🇸

  • I don't disagree about what the flag represents, but it must be there regardless.

  • "Like a possum on chilli peppers" hahahah

  • Jay P. Coltrane

  • The people complaining about the lack of the racist flag are bigger snowflakes than the ones who removed it.

  • Cant believe it man, the damm democrats take off the flag of the general lee

  • Ain’t no general lee there no flag

  • I enjoyed it! Leno still is the best! yay I get it...flag...we have another on

  • Not the General Lee without the Rebel Flag on the roof! Then again, it's not a real General Lee anyways because it's a Crown Vic. I'm glad to see they're not actually wrecking a 69 Dodge Charger for a stupid stunt. By the way, a ramp to ramp jump is not how they did it on The Dukes of Hazzard. It was always a ramp to ground jump which is always much harder. Anybody can do a ramp to ramp jump and be okay...

  • How PC can you get!? Cover the flag! We might offend someone! :/

  • That’s not really the general without the flag

  • Jay as a cop really reminds me of Buford T Justice from smokey and the bandit

  • More of a sailor than a general without the flag