HELLUVA BOSS - Spring Broken // S1: Episode 3

Birt 31 jan 2021
Happy 2021! Have episode 3!
When Blitzo's ex girlfriend steals his parking spot things sure do happen.
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  • My God... I need a clean version of Verosikas song.

  • Vivziepop: **goes one episode without stolas** Me: Impossible.

  • “You know the kind of FREAKS up there who drool ALL over you!" I APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING

  • Dear vivziepop Please take my money!!💰 Sincerely yours- everyone

  • Blitzo used to be a comedian dating Verosika. The comedian part was stated by Fizzarolli in Loo loo land when he said he used to stay there and tell his lame jokes.

  • Viziepop is it funny that almost all of the viewers are kids 🍞

  • Blitzo: I don't pried to your stupid personal lives. Me: Says the guy who keep spying on Moxxie and Millie 24/7.

  • Lol

  • The amber alerts 👁👄👁

  • I like Coco and Kiki’s outfits.

  • 2:26 when your crush rejects you for an asshole

  • This video should have been called body count

  • Suck-4-life!!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • 6:59 Is one of those demons the one Angel Dust fucked?

  • I actually like the cartoon 💕💕❤️❤️❤️

  • What the fuck is h r

    • HR is human resources. They're kinda known for how useless they are most of the time.

  • "You KNOW the kind-a ffffffFREAKS up there who drool _ALL_ over you!" **looks at viewer**

  • I’m really gonna need an extended version of Verosikas song


  • 9:12 “WHERE’S MY BABY?!” Blitzo saying that is the cutest thing ever

  • My Thoughts 0:11 You know I've been thinking about Blitzo's love of horses (notice the one on the front mirror), I think that he's also a fan of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 0:15 "Buck You Flitzo", who put that up there? 0:48 That was one time and he was a target! 0:55 "Suck-4-Life" yep, that's a Succubus 💘 (also no refunds at a museum) 1:05 Which sister is it? 1:31 Horse riding lessons? 🐎 1:50 And what does that stand for? "Hell's Resources" 😄 1:58 "I.M.P. is a scam", someone even literally wrote "Swear Word" 2:10 Their van has those stick family window stickers (Is that a tank?) 2:40 You know that guy is 79 right? 2:50 Mario: "Here we go!" 3:00 Awwww, she does care ❤ 3:14 I'm sorry but did Vortex said that theres no room on the "Sucking" floor? 3:34 "WHAT, I'M NOT SORRY I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!" 4:13 Seriously, how many holes does a Imp have? 4:25 So the C word is censored, good to know 4:28 Really... When? 4:45 Could've been worse then herpes 5:21 Today's special, "Roast Corpses" serving for Sharks, Eagles, Snakes... and a Goose? 5:56 Loona has a new phone case 6:03 THAT'S RIGHT, THEY KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING 😈 6:10 Apparently Loona's a Werewolf 🐺 6:45 "Spring Break Victim, 50% Off!!" That sounds better than his last deal 6:57 Hey look, Travis! 7:06 There is no way he can take that many pills? 7:23 Huh, all this time I'd never notice the buzz cut 8:27 Bonetown?, I thought we all forgot about that videogame 8:33 In case you don't notice, NO those heart shaped auras are not special effects, Verosika and her crew are using some type of spell that makes humans to "do it" with them 9:00 Talk about a crackhead 🍀 (did he ate a stuffed animal?) 9:13 "Where's My Baaaby!!!" 😭 9:37 Sorry, literary not your type 👊 9:45 Discount Pollyjuice 10:08 What the?.... 😐 10:44 Now I want some candy 10:50 That's what I call a bloodbath 10:52 "Notice Me Senpai :'( " 10:58 Wow, the crowd don't even care about what Blitzo is 11:17 So what would that make her in dog years? 11:37 Kiss of good luck 💋 11:45 A Possum?, they are really drunk 11:55 CHUG!, CHUG!, CHUG!, CHUG! 13:00 The von Eldritch family would love this 🐟 13:11 Millie's white spot is back 13:30 Is he seriously punching the uvula?, also High Five! ✋ 14:09 Sea Cream and Dagon' Juice 15:11 Moxxie Emoji 15:50 Ohhhhhhhh, so close 💔 16:01 "🎵We're all a little Looney🎵" 16:09 Well what do you know, two of her crew are a couple 👭 16:20 Yeah, that's (probably) not gonna work up here, not even for the robot or the clown 🚓 (WAIT, is that how she got out of rehab?) 16:33 Wait, Blitzo still calls his mom "Mommy"? 😆 17:01 "Went though puberty TWICE?" how is that possible!

    • Remember boys and girls the opposite of love is not hate its indifference and varasica hates blitzo

  • Moxxie: a hUmAn cAlLeD mE a pOsSuM. I aM nOT a pOsSuM

  • Dead body i vote green

  • wow these 17 min were spent watching demons fight over a parking space. Ngl Helluva Boss is so fun to watch

  • Is Hazbin Hotel out too??

    • Not yet. However the pilot was picked up by A24, and the series is currently in production. Helluva Boss is independently funded, and thus they upload episodes either as soon as they're complete or basically whenever they want.

  • Jacked about next Episode.

  • This episode kind of makes me wonder how Moxie and Millie met

  • S.S Cum Gutter: Lol thats awesome

  • Why is there a rehab in Hell???

    • Imps are a Hellborn race (same with Hellhounds, Succubi, and Incubi), and judging by Octavia and Moxxie, demons aren't born with inherently evil traits, and are rather influenced by the people and environment around them. So it's likely that some Hellborn individuals, and any sinners who potentially would like to improve themselves before the invention of the Happy Hotel, would attempt to rehab themselves, even if that rehab is a scam or whatnot.

  • Breaking The Forth Wall be like:

  • 6:08

  • 2:27 well she did just come out of rehab

  • Vivzie haz la version completa de la cancion de Verosika por favor 😔💗💗 Vivzie do the full version of Verosika song please 😔💗💗

  • Okay can anyone gonna appreciate how Milly almost sacrificed herself just to safe Moxy and of course she didn’t even angry at him, she just asked “Is Moxy okay?!” We need more people like Milly UwU)👌

  • 4:24 what did they bleep?

  • After seeing her alternate form ...them lookin at us.. they're not wrong..

  • Remember boys and girls the opposite of love is not hate its indifference and varasica hates blitzo

  • How did she turn into a human

    • she’s a succubus, she has the ability to change into a human form

  • When they introduced verosika I was expecting a borderland's title card for some reason.

  • this show is incredible lmao

  • Is it... is it blitz written on Verosica’s arm? Like, in a heart? *And crossed over?*

  • Next season, if you need another voice actor I'm available. Should hear how many scam artists I fool with my impressions on the phone lmao

  • Explain to me this: The other night I was going to bed after watching all the helluva boss episodes,I have a dream about blitzo being my FRIGGEN FATHER ._. Help me pls :,(

  • why did it bleep last time tho

  • I like how they look at you

  • 8:37 the two dudes on the right are kissing and are dudes

  • 4:25 the hell did they censor lol

  • Please make more

  • we need a new hellhound character working for IMP next episode/the one after next

  • 3:30 blitz is just me.

  • 6:00 POV your a rule 34 artist

  • I challenge you to a challenge

  • EPIC !

  • I like how blitz says he knows the song but don’t know the lyrics 😑😂😂

  • I'm surprised Blitzo dated anyone

  • I’m not one for vulgar shows but this series is the only exception😂 but seriously the animation is beautiful and so is the character design!!!

  • 6:58 See the bat looking guy with 2 different colored eyes? He’s in Hazbin Hotel as the driver for Angel Dust... What...?

    • @Showtime&Hazbin that’s cuz this place is called imp city, but the hazbin hotel is based in pentagram city. that’s why it looks like two different hells

    • @Reina Garcia then they must be in 2 different parts of hell lol, because the setting of Hell looks different. Also I know XD thanks though!

    • They are in the same universe

  • that was a really good episode i cant wait for the next

  • they break the 4th wall

  • 13:53 moxie’s tail

  • *I am NOT a possum*-moxxie

  • I amost couldn't breathe

  • "Yeay! The third episode has come....!"

  • Are we going to ignore the fact that Verosika pronounced blitzø's name wrong?

  • Okay why is Verosika's song actually good?

  • I didn't notice the little back window family stickers on the back of the IMP car till the third time watching.

  • I hate to be that guy, but the furry character is such an obvious straw man of the creator of this cartoon, it's like, 'what're ya doin putting that in.' Like how out of sync is the beat for beat of this demon having to cringe through some pseudo adoptive relationship with this completely out of place furry character. The worst parts of this series revolve around the shallow emotional constraints the characters are forced into having with this complete fan service. Like are you gonna cliche me all the way to my death with this shit? Demons with emotional issues revolving around their family ties is fucking done, and lame. Kill the paper thin dramatic shit that plays like a scene from a movie we've all seen. Like how many times are we gonna have a strained relationship between two characters who obviously care for one another, and wait to see them finally break into that bullshit, and they are DEMONS? Nah. Hard pass.

  • 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • sick

  • The fact that Verosika shares a voice with Darkness (Konosuba) feels so wrong, yet so right.

  • To everyone upset that Loona isn't a lesbian: It's ok, honey. Just because she fell in love with a guy doesn't mean she's straight. She could be bisexual just like Moxxie, or Pansexual like Blitz. Don't lose your hopes.

  • human luna makes the lesbian in me go fucking WILD... also verosickas voice is pretty hot



  • I think I saw a character like Brassica in Hasbin Hotel.

  • Pretty Please release the entirety of 'Vacay to Bonetown' by Verosika. I love this song!


  • A doge like dis vid

  • EP 4 PLEASE!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Can't wait moreeeee

  • Pls make more he'll boss

  • This is cringe ful

  • Stop watching this, Soldier, a red spy is in the base!

  • i mean yeah he ain't wrong about the furrys

  • hey viviezpop i have a theory on Charlie...okay we now lucifer is maybe the son of god in hazbin hotel so maybe charlie is good and kind because maybe he took it from his grandfather God but this is just a theory and MAYBE charlie is half-fallen angel and half-Demon? so she might be VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY POWERFULL this is just a theory of mine

  • GODZILLLAAAAAA (All I could see this episode)

  • I looove loona's human appearance😍 love from 🇯🇵💕

  • "Maybe a goose, f*ck it"

  • loona should have been a lesbian, im disappointed.

  • Moxie is really cool because he voice acts invader zim

  • is cool in love it

  • The 4th wall break starting at 6:03. LMAO

  • 6:09 What are you looking at me for?

  • awwwwww i just noticed something! after moxxie gets attacked (and borderline assaulted) by verosika, blitz gets MMAAAAD, like way more than before. even though he mocks him a lot and seems like to he hates everyone besides loona, he does care about them or he wouldnt have warned him. thats sweet :3

    • that is sweet, he does for for his clients

  • I ship

  • Am I the only one who noticed the crossed out heart tattoo on Verosika? 😆

  • You got the Genie and Miraculous Ladybug? Who’s next? Tom freaking Kenny?

  • we need ep 4 are u making it plz

  • My crush got me into this, and yesterday I asked him with a fanart of Moxxie and Milly saying, "can this be us? " And he said yes!