How to Survive a Grenade Blast

Birt 6 apr 2016
Just some helpful science if you ever find yourself face to face with a grenade :)
Thanks to Nathan for the High Speed camera. If you need a High Speed camera to rent for super cheap check him out. Insanely low prices for great gear-
Really good paper on why jumping into the pool is a much worse idea than the pool deck:

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4:40- I’m So- Andrew Applepie-
5:00- Apple pies and butterfly's- Blue Wednesday-

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  • Imma do this in a war when I grow up

  • That’s very scary :{

  • Nice video!

  • I would go in the water

  • Niye başlık bende Türkçe gözüküyor. Başkalarındadamı öyle

  • Ur a bit of a nerd

    • What he is smart so he’s a bit of a nerd

    • That's not nice.

  • BUT what if you combine both methods, staying with feet towards the shockwave/grenade

  • Water, I was right thanks minecraft

  • Minecraft lied to us

  • Right know there is exactly 800k likes :3

  • Of course this happened in Florida

  • pool

  • Or you could have just picked up the grenade and thrown it somewhere else, 5 seconds is enought time to pick up something that weighs around 2-ish pounds.

  • luck on the driving

  • Thank you for telling us

  • I kick the grenade into the water...

  • Well... R.I.P. KEVIN.)))

  • This video introduced me to both of these two great guys. Btw I chose land

  • I would choose water because as he said bullets cant travel in water so it must be the same with grenades

  • 1:19 it’s a 3 second fuse not 5

  • а теперь по-русски балабол

  • waarom is je tumbnail nederlands

  • SO... In​ water:die In​ land:die?

  • Water

  • In water

  • Water

  • pool ?

  • You can tell who survived at the beginning of the video because who is still explaining

  • Mark: "with your feet facing towards the grenade". Me: But what if it hits in between my legs...

  • 0:53 hmm, lets think about this... we can see Mark, so... Kevin is Dead

  • Wouldn't it make more sense to jump in water when the grenade is on land and opposite? i mean why would there be 2 grenades firing at the same time, and the odds of one being in water and the other on land next to you are just about 0%

  • maybe u can just kick it bravely hahaha

  • Yes, 72M people need this life skill

  • I chose land. Yay

  • i would get out of the house?

  • News Florida man does something insane

  • 1:50 it might be lower chance to hit you but a higher chance for a critical strike

  • According to minecraft logic the water one has chance to survive xD


  • If you are on the ground with legs facing towards the grenade, what's the probability of the shrapnel finding its way between your legs?

  • Mark: Oh my god! We killed Kevin! Carl: We're bastards!

  • I remember watching this a while ago and im only finding out its made by you now

  • I choosed land

  • Gg

  • heheh am curious how u got those grenades heheh

  • So you telling me that when im throwing grenade into the sky, i get random kill by grenade bullets

  • This is why the fraise ”dropping like flies”came to be more better “blowing up like flies”.

    • @Dougal Farquharson The way you misspelled it seemed like English might not be your first language and you tried to sound it out. A lot of languages you can spell the words exactly as they sound, but English is full of things that can't be. Just trying to help.

    • @Charles okay....

    • Phrase. English is weird.

  • I chose water

  • Minecraft water: you underestimate my power Me: puts tnt in water "nothing blows up" Me: :O

  • So don’t go in water

  • Post another video pls

  • Der Titel ist Deutsch

  • And the silver balls and went the hit through that means tjey are shaking and thats how they get through

  • If someone through grenades through it back😎😎😎

  • 1:51 the most vulnerable spot

  • Wtare because fire with water cant hurt u hehe

  • Troops could bring an empty bucket with them and fill it with water when they are stationary.

  • I always wondered, even as a kid, what the "depth charges" used during WWI-II would do to sea life. Then I started looking into how may atomic bombs were "test" detonated at sea!

  • well,why not

  • i chose land because i know this world is weird and it would probably be something you wouldn’t expect lmao

  • Fun fact: Drop a grenade in a public pool to get sneaky kills

  • Wait this was by mark Rober?

  • Just don't let the explosion hit your hitbox and you'll be fine.

  • Me who put TNT underwater: *I am four parallel universes ahead of you.*

  • I choose air, I trust air more than water

  • I think jump the pool is good the out off pul is bad

  • the sliver ball thing = a newtons craddle

  • Me going in house.....

  • Makes sense. Even though the frag doesn't kill you, the shock wave will.

  • Can we just appreciate how these guys RISK THEIR LIFE to teach and help us

  • Cats: well, this sucks

  • Well there is no pools at airport 😶


  • I tested this out... and now I keep getting alerts from both my FBI Agent and the Fourth Reich. Thanks Mark

  • best way to reduce the population just give them wrong information but in a scientific way so they believe it works every time

  • What I was wrong I thought you dive in the water I’m so glad I saw this video

  • RIP Kevin

  • I would run in the house lol

  • Warter is the safer then ground

  • Am I the only one who’s remembers seeing this on their brothers IPhone 6 in 2017

  • The tricky tennis synthetically paint because bottom peripherally tie up a embarrassed satin. puzzled, teeny tiger

  • I choose run away the ultimate way to survive

  • Throw back with strong arm perk Solved with cod

  • Human Body also has muscles, bones, strong tissues that support the whole structure. You simply cant compare a baloon to a human body. What kind of research you have done?

  • You forgot to discuss the huge effect of the distance between the water grenade and the subject.

  • in iraq 🇮🇶 u must to learn such things 😔❤️❤️

  • mark rober wood liv

  • Thanks For showing me how to impress somebody!

  • I choose life


    • Seeing as they didn't do the experiment with grenades, they probably don't. Those are props.

  • I had a real grenade thrown at me. The key to surviving is just not having one tossed at you. Outside of that you just have to be lucky, or be more than a few feet away.

  • 2:56 satisfying

  • cool

  • place a grenade block in the water near the village and you will live

  • What if a lady with big butt laying on land , does it hit?

  • 1:53 they teach you to put your feet together... You can probably figureout why.

  • que pasa

  • I already learned that tnt in water does not take damage

  • 1:52 shrapnel flies in the middle Shrapnel: I'm gonna end this man's whole ancestry

  • Minecraft players: Not like the simulations