10 Things Marcus Rashford Can't Live Without | GQ Sports

Birt 22 maí 2020
There are a few things Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford can't live without. From his football boots to his dog, these are Marcus's essentials.

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10 Things Marcus Rashford Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  • i cant be the only one who also eats 7 or 8 bowls of cereal a day...

  • He's way to adorable

  • I like him even more cuz he listens to a boogie

  • He literally said little baby😂😂😂

  • 1:12 Pogba

  • ho he using ps5

  • "Monoplleh"🤣🤣🐐

  • I love this guy

  • His fingers.......

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  • that PlayStation can actually come in handy when you're traveling

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  • I cant live without my oxygen..

  • No no no, the weather !!!!??????

  • Most over hyped most inconsistent player that gets paid 250k a week man utd have ever seen.

  • Go Rashford

  • "HEVA" lol

  • Marcus: “I ate 7-8 bowls of cereal a day” Everyone else: *Write that down, write that down*

  • Yo neymar sunny innit

  • I love you rashford

  • yo ney sunny innit

  • irish people will see it and say “ayooo bruv this neymar? it looks like my uncle timmy prewty schtewpid innit”

  • Marcus rashford will u sign for Liverpool for 4500 wages or stay at Manchester United

  • Rashford listens to lil baby 💥💥💥

  • What watch has he got?

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  • nice dude. Hope he fix his fingernails

  • I agree with this guy 100%

  • Finally! a male professional athlete who actually has a baby face!

  • I like this !!!

  • He signed with Nike at 11?

  • He’s so ugly. 😂😂

  • My man can’t live without school dinners either

  • I hope he doesn't act like a big baby over an injury because all male footballers are crybabies!

  • "Marcus's" is actually correct. Kid's got instincts!

  • I love the jacket Marcus has on. Does anyone know where i can find it?

  • the most humble and probs the richest guy on here

  • Fruit n fibre is actually too good

  • On your playlist not nle choppa

  • Where can i get that ps4 travel case with the monitor? Whats its called?

    • You can see on the case the brand name it called POGA portable Gaming case

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  • I support Liverpool but I look up to Marcus

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  • Sponsored by Nike since 10yrs old?!

  • OMG i have the same dog as Marcus Rashford mine is called Max

  • Did he say he signed with Nike when was 11?

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  • Drake is Canadian artist!

  • The african sponge 🙌🏾

  • 5 long shots a game

  • He dont listen to his twin nba young boy 🤯

    • @MoneyMakinMitch oh

    • @-- the rapper nba yb

    • What’s that

  • 5:50 what tracksuit is that can someone tell me please🙏🏾

    • Just look up man u tracksuit or sweats black/red

  • I remember in 2016 when I told my dad that he was going to be big

  • Fun fact: he can actually live without them

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  • I am Liam Hobkirk and want to grow up to be like you

  • I even play foosball

  • Marcus pls can u feind me I’m literally ur biggest fan

  • Your my favourite footballer and your at my favourite team

  • 5% of Americans finna claim he’s not speaking English

  • Whats your ps4 name

  • Warte auf den Reaktionsboss...

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  • you are the best manchester united player and i support manchester united say to pogba i said hello that one that says pogba my little brother said hello and i put you are the best

  • I’d smoke u in fifa tho

  • Man United FC still 💩tho RASHY sorry mate

  • I love u rasford so much please win Sunday

  • he eats cereal like papa john eats pizza

  • rashy is my faviroute and best player on united player

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  • A true gamer.

  • Advanced🧨🧨

  • I dont supot manchester United

  • 4:21 that's 8😂😂

  • Rashford keep playing like that let's good luck to you man.U match you have to stand

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  • marcus you got us 2nd in the prem your like mini manu ronaldo

  • We need some more footballers like Rashford please:)

  • Rashford if your reading this place say hi and I’ll cry

  • Tackle ya shitebag

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