Birt 2 maí 2021
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In this video I confronted an old clown...
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  • what 30 year old wants to fight a 20 yr old lmaooo

  • This is literally the most childish, garbage thing I’ve ever seen 😂

  • Lowkey thought bryce's personality has changed I guess not

  • I'm so over these fights now😒 now we have tik tokers vs youtubers so hilarious

  • He screams like it’s it’s gonna echo but it isn’t a dome🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ 1:00

  • After Everyone saw how big KSI and Logan Paul fight were they been trying to out do it but can't

  • i live in miami

  • Why-

  • This guy is soo immature and stupid why do people bother making these social influencers this much attention!

    • Exactly. They are so reckless.

  • They say the person that speaks the most does the least and the one’s that keep quiet always achieve so just keep calm Bryce

  • u really went and said his daughters gonna grow up seeing there dad get knocked up and be messed up in the head do better atleast he can keep his gyal u lost addison after 1 month

  • Bryce is gonna knock Austin back to 2020 😂❤️😁✨

  • "Austin Mcbum" I CAN'T💀🤚🏽

  • I want the yourubers to win but I want Bryce to knock him out clean😂and bye for all the vinnie fans he is getting knocked out by deji😂

  • Blurry ass camera

  • "It's hotter than Satan's ahole. We're in Miami." - some 21 year old "That's adorable." - VEGAS

  • Bryce go beat Austin ass no lie

  • R u high austin is gonna beat the living hell out of that tik tok

  • Bryce is winning not 100% but 1000009990900% for sure

  • Austin is such a quierbait.

  • You guys make the cutest couple!!! I ship.

  • Astin is getting knocked out real quick

  • Bryce best him

  • ISchatsrs to win

  • Bryce gonna knock the shit out Austin 100%

  • If he does get knock out by Austin I want to see a video of flashbacks to all this smack the be talking the same thing if Austin gets knocked out

  • Who is he again oh right Bryce I forgot him because ms Addison left she did the best thing 😂

  • I like that song👍

  • Bryce i liked you even when you acted like an egotistic self centered goofball. But drinking and partying close to a fight, you don’t show signs of want, pathetic.

  • he’s trying too hard

  • What did Austin’s kids do to u your so childish👎

  • niga

  • ok i’m not joking austin is going to actually be in hospital like -

  • Braah if he gets knocked out lol. I can see it (directed by robert b weide-producer larry david)😂😂😂

  • I feel like this match or boxing match is just an excuse to go out on vaca/trips and boats and shit

  • Tic tok if so cringe its for years between n 3-7 years old

  • Lol why Americans always think they are on job lol you both are wet asf

  • The way Bryce is running his mouth I hope Austin knocks him the fuck out


  • going to lose tho.

  • Lol i dont like either of them that much, but i really want to see Austin get knocked tf out...

  • I miss the days when ISchats had some decent drama, like Logan paul vs jake Paul. That was actually entertaining

  • Fight jake paul

    • Ur rude and disrespectful and a literal 16 year old

  • i cant wait for the fight

  • i know they breck up but i bet addie is so mad

  • Who else did not know he talk Spanish

  • Bryce hall cannot fight he’s just a pretty boy 😂😂

  • Ok i gotta say they are both good boxers but i think that austin is winning sorry bryce

  • all of this is for entertainment ya know they aint shit

  • 1:24 quarantine made bryce down bad his left is bigger

  • Just cuz he put a bad bunny song Ima sub😂

  • Hi

  • Dude… you shouldn’t talk about his kids…

  • This is so cringe 😂

  • Goofy ass dude

  • Bryce well lose I grante

  • Ur rude and disrespectful and a literal 16 year old

  • Why is Bryces neck like that

  • The fact that Austin thinks he can win is 🤯🤯🤯🤯😏😏😏😏

  • Yo Bryce is such a cringe person 🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢

  • Hahah lol Austin is gonna win 100%

  • Austin is gonna knock the fuck out of you 👀

  • Y'all hate the man but yet y'all on his channel 🤫

  • How do you get even that fit while still rocking a gamer neck.

  • Yep

  • Jake paul 2.0

  • I rlly like Austin bcc I watched the ace fam longer but I also rlly like Bryce hall soo IDK WHO TO PICK

  • Why does he have to talk bout family tho? ._. It's annoying. Don't bring kids into the damn discussion. Stay professional and don't go saying "Austin's audience are a bunch of kids and mom's" when yours are the same. ¡Qué lógica la tuya Bryce!

  • He talking so much shi just to get knocked out Austin will knock u out

  • Lol this guys a tiktoker and the other dudes a youtuber who fell off both are jokes to me 😂 and neither can fight most likely

  • I really wish they would show sparring footage against any amateur around their weight, not just footage of them beating up their friends who can't fight. I haven't competed in 5 years, I could walk in his gym beat him after ordering a Big Mac meal from McDonald's.

  • Bro but the way Austin walk up to him 😂

  • I hate them both but shit i need Austin to fucking get kod

  • Bryce is not gonna even try and win

  • Did Bryce just put safaera on this video, OMG LMAOOO I LUV U BRYCEE


  • Austin will beat the shat out of him

  • Bryce you can’t fight for shit. I’m 17 and would knock you and Austin TF out bruh.

  • Bryce will get a first round k.o guaranteed

  • Austin is getting knocked the fuck out

  • Ace family all the way💪🏽

  • Mate Bryce is gonna get knocked tf out

  • Be honest, that ending was powerful

  • Go bryce I believe in you.

  • He to cofitee

  • GAWDddddddd DAMmmmmm

  • Bryce is going to get knocked out

  • Why did Austin walk like a horse 😂

  • Why does Bryce run so slow 😂

  • Damn the thumbnail yall both look ugly

  • Bryce a pro tip from a guy who is watching combat sport for the last 18 years... don't let you emotions get involved ...then whatever your skill is that decreases by 40%..

  • Bryce gonna shock the world 🌎

  • “Austin mcpussy” what a great year 7 insult

  • This kid is small

  • What a bunch cringies!!

  • Austin’s gonna win

  • At this point them both is childish. don’t even know who winning man