World's LARGEST SUPER SOAKER!! (not clickbait)

Birt 11 júl 2017
Introducing the Guinness World Record Largest Super Soaker evaa at 7 ft long!! This could definitely shoot Ralphie's eye out.
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Bob's Video-
Thanks to Nathan for the High Speed camera. If you need a High Speed camera to rent for super cheap check him out. Insanely low prices for great gear-
Grant Thompson from the King of Random made a version himself. Mine is WAAAY longer by an inch though:
Shout out to my buddy Ken Glazebrook of NASA JPL fame for his significant help on designing and fabricating the gun.
Dani does prop work and made the gun look as amazing as it does- GatewayProps/
More info on Super Soaker inventor Lonnie Johnson-

0:27- Cereal Killa- Blue Wednesday -
1:02- Time to be Sad- Andrew Applepie-
2:15- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
6:35- Frisbee- Andrew Applepie-
8:44- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: I made the world's largest Super Soaker as a follow up to my World's Largest Nerf Gun. It shoots at 2,400 psi and 243 mph. I destroy a bunch of stuff in slow motion and talk to the inventor of the Super Soaker Lonnie Johnson.

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  • 7:09

  • If i have this water gun, i would just destroy the city

  • I was asking how does he clean the place after experimemts... but now I know

  • My man a portable hose

  • General: what are you doing with that big water gun?!?! Soldier: the water gun is a deadly laser

  • *Blastoise used Hydro Cannon!*

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  • excuse me sir, i sure hope you have a license for that laaser gun.

  • AKA How to make stainless steel no longer... stainless.

  • I don't want to be in a water fight with him

  • What the fire truck?

    • @Schrimpl Benjamin oh i didnt reach that point in the video yet

    • @Hisaudience He says in the video that it is stronger than a fire truck and I wanted to make a joke out off that!

    • What

  • That's nice how ur neighbor made sure u were ok

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  • The craziest thing about this is that Mark Rober's neighbors check in on him and don't just assume he built a giant super soaker

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  • When I was little I used to fill it all the way up with water and put so much air pressure that before I pulled the trigger water would already be coming out

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  • Am I the only one who like the science the most?

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  • fire fghters should upgrade to this instead

  • me as a kid: how do floods happen mom: mark

  • *best uncle in the world*

  • When the quiet kid fights the silent kid in the water gun battle:

  • You’re amazing at science

  • What does ftw mean

  • Coooooooool! Reinventing the fire hose :D

  • That must be good for cleaning walls and stuff that we can't reach for the sake of height.......................

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  • That was actually insanely funny

  • where is my super soaker?

  • You can literally use this as a torture device

  • 7:02 We lost a Hundred men that day..

  • If a giant water gun could cut those things maybe it could cut a human bonE

  • at first i wanted to stand infront of that stream and enjoy water being thrown at me, now i dont want, because he said the speed of water and the pressure -_-

  • “I wanna see how it will do in an actual water fight” Precedes to slice children in half with water shooting at 272 mph

  • Splatoon 3:

  • Mark is the science teacher everyone wants.

  • water juggernaut exists now

  • Just load her up with hot water and you’ll be the mvp in the water fight

  • kinda like MTHEL but much more ergonomic

  • wait I’ve seen this in my Guinness work record book

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  • Can I have one? How much does it cost?

    • I’ve seen you on the watermelon video

  • I have never been a big fan of water fights cause I was never shure if there where rules or like to the death I always used cold water lol

  • Initially i thought they should wear a safety glasses...then i realize it's Mark who quit NASA for doing this crazy stuff and now I totally satisfied 🙌 Amazing stuff and amazing video 👍🏻

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  • Imagine what’d happen if you accidentally put your hand in the stream of water. 😟😳but right on the nozzle.

  • That’s insane...........LY AMAZING

  • Imagine those kids having Vietnam flashbacks

  • Imagine those kids having Vietnam flashbacks

  • Is it painful? Yes How do I know? My friend made and used it against me. Bandages never were so must have until that moment

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  • NEXT TIME: "World's Largest Etch-A-Sketch"

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  • Mark is the new Ironman.

  • Satisfaction...

  • How being an engineer works: 0:01 Problem 0:03 Build Montage 0:05 Solution 6:50 Test it on your kids