OFFLINETV $10,000 WHITE ELEPHANT ft. Valkyrae Fuslie Myth Starsmitten

Birt 25 des 2020
Special Thanks:
Valkyrae | valkyrae
Fuslie | fuslie
Myth | TSM_Myth
Starsmitten | starsmitten_
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Scarra | scarra
Pokimane | pokimanelol
LilyPichu | LilyPichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Michael Reeves l michaelreeves
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Brodin | brodinplett
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Brodin | brodinplett
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Dunois | DunoisKR
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  • HAHAHAHAHA This is so funny!!!!! Poor lily 😆😂🙈

  • I like how Toast makes his gift sound so bad but he has the best gift them stocks gone rise a lot over the years

  • Did they fr say ps5 $900 tf? Never was that much

  • 25 barrels of oil on the wall. 25 barrels of oil, take one down pass it around. 24 barrels of oil on the wall.

  • Me and my extended family plays this every year when we get together. The sheer amount of shitpost gifts that I have seen in the last decade is fuckin astounding

  • The types of gifts you can get: -The gifts everyone trully wishes for(25 barrels of crude oil) -Androids and ps5

  • Michael is so hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • It’s an iPhone It’s an Android *It’s fifty*-*five* *barrels* *of crude* *oil*

  • I want oil I realy want that oil

  • I checked... the price of crude oil has gone up $20/barrel (from $40/barrel now at $60/barrel) since the making of this video. That's a good investment.

  • We all know that Rae ended up with the silver bar though

  • The garrulous dictionary thankfully spark because chive corroboratively melt with a pale eyelash. sick, clear mosquito

  • I’m just gonna say love the Pokémon mystery dungeon music in this video!

  • micheals gift was part of his elaborate plan to destroy all sea turtles

  • Mìcheal dominating the oil industry


  • I now know how rae got her silver brick

  • Micheal was the only person who actaully did play the game correct sense you are suppose to give something that is exspensive but useless

  • now what the fuck is michael gonna do with the crude oil

  • 17:51 best moment in the video

  • I'd deadass keep 1 barrel of oil that shit is honest kinda cool so like neat

  • I'm going to miss the old house

  • Myth: congratulations, it's a brick of silver Rae: i love rocks!!

  • Ok it was so cute to se Brodin’s reaction to the gift

  • Where's sykunno?😔

  • Bro lily could’ve stolen the PS5 from Loki but she had to open the kayak

  • Watching rich people doing rich people thingS

  • Imagine their was a puppy in the game.

  • Go kayaking in the oil

  • i kinda wanna see michael dump 55 gallons of crude oil into a pool, set it on fire and watch the world burn.

  • ❤️👽❤️

  • 17:30 A BROTHER?

  • I mean- Poki did flex that she had a PS5 and was stealing it just because... So now she has 25 barrels of oil XDD She got cocky, feels bad man (^^;)

  • Some people like iPhone others like 25 barrels of oil

  • Same toast,same

  • Did you steal this from vat19

  • Wait did they just completely change everything at the end?

  • poor lily

  • Micheal should have stolen the PS5 because then nobody could steal the PS5 from him and he could have won it

  • Poor Lily, nobody wants the kayak😟

  • Ps5

  • toaster

  • I would’ve loved the crude oil

  • Myth should join otv

  • 10/10 michael reeves intro

  • Missing fed .....

    • i mean yeah? is that a surprise or something

  • this does not look calm- it looks fun

  • *KICK POKIMANE FROM OTV* thank you.

  • I hate rae's kayak

  • Lily opens the ps5 everyone else “oggga boooga loogga”

  • Michael could've build or make something worth 1,000 ;w;

  • I day dreamed that I broke in their house and I coocked breakfast for me and them idk why I day dreamed about that

  • Everyone know that Michael is the winner of this white elephant

  • US military bouta bust into their house

  • I'm guessing michael is gonna give a tazer

  • i'm back here a month later and no one is talking about how heartwarming it is to see how they exchange the gifts so rae got the silver, celine got the ipad, etc??

  • People In there 20s

  • Did Rae take this silver or she bought another?

  • It had to be Rae with her weird kayak 😭😂😂

  • Don't mind me, I just came here to see the crude oil.

  • vat19 vibes

  • I want a kayak

  • Two things happened here either Michael knew no one would want the order so he just sold his bag either at the same price or haggled but maybe just maybe a little forest on fire in a place that nobody knows with the oil that’s right next to the ocean and it just poured into the ocean when it was already burning the trees

  • Watching this while doing math homework analyzing graphs of linear and exponential functions: Investigation 2

  • only cursed thing about this video, is that Michael didn't get mentioned in the title lol

  • how did rea get the silver then I've watched this over 10 times and I'm still confused did she just buy her own or did myth and rae trade

    • Rae gave Star the iPad for the wallet then myth gave poki the silver for the bidet then rae gives poki the wallet for the silver. Np

    • @John i know that but they didn't exchange there are kept the iPad I'm confused but ehh its whatever at this point thxs tho :)

    • 20:39

    • At the end most of them exchange gifts.


  • Only Michael Reeves would buy $1000 of crude oil for a game of white elephant. Literally only Michael Reeves.

  • I just adore Lily! I'm saving this vid so lily can explain how a white elephant party works. Thank you I really love you guys!

  • and they thought they had bad gifts

  • 17:43 “i don’t really want anything, i want you guys to like your gifts” poki’s so precious, we don’t deserve her 🥺🤧😭🥰❤️

  • dump it in the sea...JK.. lol

  • *sigh, i can only hope to gain friends like this.. their bond, friendship, overall just how they interact with each other, I wish I had that..

  • Micheal feels like a Christmas elf this video

  • Did anyone realise that lily made the intro song

  • so this is what my dad does at Walmart but its just stealing


  • These guys are such gentlemens, they took gifts that the girls didnt want. Even though some of them don't even want it themselves

  • I kayak, its lowkey fire. Definitley didnt drown

  • I wish had friends and the money to do something like this, seems like so much fun

  • I'm so happy for Rae 💕

  • it's so cute how they think Michael isn't serious about dumping that crude oil in the sea. The turtles must learn their lesson

  • Imagine being 1 of their friends and not affording $1000 gifts so you can't come

  • Wanna sprite cranberry?

  • crude oil...... genius

  • The charming clam ordinarily reign because judge consistently label for a rural luttuce. earsplitting, mundane forecast

  • imagine if it was 1k worth of gamestop stock rather than a third of an amazon stock just before gamestop it the peak

  • C R U D E. O I L.

  • The oil is for your car lol

  • Final final final results Michael: Oil Scarra: Kayak Leslie: PS5 Celine: IPad + Pen Rae: Silver Toast: Amazon Stonk Yvonne: Starbucks Lily: Spa Package Poki: LV Wallet Myth: Bidet

  • Rae's expression all the time... Lily could've used the iPad for art (buy a stylus).

  • my teeth or cold bc of how much im smiling

  • why did 10:45 have me dying lmaooo

  • Idk man the boat's kinda funny i might just keep it

  • This Ludwig guy just slid into the video without anyone noticing the music honestly is kinda good

  • The oil is for killing the turtles, not dumping it in the sea.

  • Valkyrea’s face the whole video:😲

  • Michael: SKIPS of joy

  • Does anyone know the name of the piano music at the beginning? Or was it a Lily

  • Immediately when micheal said it’s something better than iPhone I thought it was a taser