Birt 6 jan 2021
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  • Even Var cannot save varchester united today

  • No1 on trending is the only W we can take from this

  • Like ??????

  • least he wouldve gone somewher with playing time

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    • This goon cracking up at united best part of 2021 so far and was our happiness for 2020🤣😅

  • Bitcoin is on the rise!

    • ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  • what did fernandes even do when he got the ball? He tried to do it first time everytime and failed. He was horrible

    • Can someone clip the ALRIGHTs from Mark in this video

  • I am so angry that football is still playing and hugging and kissing, when all around are dying of covid. STAY AT HOME!!

  • Pogba hasnt played for a year his manager says he wants to leave and he has played every game since 🤣

    • This goon cracking up at united best part of 2021 so far and was our happiness for 2020🤣😅

  • Why no Cavani in this match

  • Old trashford biggest

  • Check me out and show some love 😁

  • minority tennis post speed lesson shortage privilege through vary kiss unlike.

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  • The treatment of dvb is absolutely horrendous such a good and young talent bought in just absolutely being wasted.... If we didn't wanted to use him then why was he bought at least he wouldve gone somewher with playing time

  • Mug 0-2 only team playing the right way is city

  • This goon cracking up at united best part of 2021 so far and was our happiness for 2020🤣😅

  • Idiot 💙

  • Can someone clip the ALRIGHTs from Mark in this video

  • ...................and not one comment about freds first touch and how he gives it away almost all the time ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  • Reasons for you to subscribe to me: none, have a nice day:)

  • violets are blue my sub button is red why dont u click it and it will turn grey

  • تابعوني الله يسعدكم

  • Thanks for replying to my comment Mark I said WAKE UP

  • Outclassed

  • ;DD

  • Ho do you supot

  • United should have lost by 4, City were strolling

  • Guardiola name is bigger than you and your teams history

  • Nuclear dilemma intellectual separation hang complexity distribute principal regulatory bear episode.

  • Watching U live in LONDON GOD bless you all

  • ৩℅৬£¶৮

  • I love watching this channel whenever Man United lose 😂😂

    • @F Atcha what team do you support

    • Me too mate

  • "please help me to develop my channel" "I hope those who come to my channel are always healthy" "I want to succeed"

  • U bottlejobs


  • Pen Utd didn’t show up...

  • Luke Shaw is crap who doesn't mark his man Stones. Don't matter if Maguire or Lindelof didn't touch it because at the end of the day Shaw let his man go like an idiot he is.

  • Another year without a trophy

  • A in aàa a lot

  • No1 on trending is the only W we can take from this

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  • Hi

  • Weird this guy 😂👽

  • 4. 99£

  • 44£

  • 4 ££

  • Get in! Get in! Get in!

  • ""Life is too short"" "Girlfriend is Nothing" "Free fire is everything I need" from" "Everyone ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️"

  • In all seriousness, United still miles off the pace. Bringing Van de Beek on with 3mins to go, 2-0 down. Just insulting to the player. Strange to sign a player like him and not use him. Especially when the lack of creativity couldn’t be more obvious!

  • Mans trending!!!

  • Subscribe

  • United were extremely poor even tho both teams were poor

  • Why some players was playing bad and ole he don't did subs early, he was joking when he brings in vdb in the 85min .

  • Thomas frank for man u manager

  • "I'm a beginner ISchatsr" "I edit every day" "Ayu, we are both developing the channel" "so I can help parents" "we support each other"

  • 2:38:52 0-1 John Stones 3:11:35 0-2 Fernandinho

  • Klopp fucked up 4 finals. Ole fucked up 4 semi finals

  • Class showed in the pitch today. Being happy winning games with dodgy pens is keeping Ole’ in his job. 😬 No pen.... No win 😩 🚍🚍🚍🚍🚍🚍🚍

  • The moment Ole started Lindelof, we lost the match

    • @Anurag Vishwakarma I would be quite happy to see both Maguire and Lindelof dropped. It wont happen because we have a poor poor manager and his pride wont let him drop maguire. Whoever replaces Ole and he will be replaced within the year will bench and sell maguire

    • @o vaughan Not buying this whole though partly agree with you. Lindelof won't work with Maguire and vice versa. Either Axel or Bailly should have started or atleast brought in, in the second half. And with you on your take on AWB. He was trash

    • That's bullshit , Starting Shaw , Maguire , AWB and Rashford against any team means you are not a serious force . Lindelof did alright . Maguire did what he always does, be in the wrong place at the wrong time .Players need to have a level of football intelligence , three of our starting back four last night are sub normal on that dept .



  • Why didn't he pick Tuanzebe and lindelof, they worked against PSG, Maguire and lindelof dont work.. They both slow and makes our midfield look bad.. Because they must protect those two slow centre-backs, and then they will have a bad game because they always out of position because they defending too much..

  • Stones and Dias are the best cb partnership atm

  • United have zero chance to win the league if they can't beat City

  • United weren't even that bad. We just outclassed you and wanted it more. Didn't think we played at our best either but we controlled most the match.

  • Ole is a master in failure

  • 3:16:03

  • The same tricks won’t work against pep for long

  • Tom Jones Phil stones?

  • ”The only cup we are getting is a cup of tea”😂😂

    • Watching U live in LONDON GOD bless

    • Watching U live in LONDON

  • Need a winger get sansho city done their job that why city

  • Maguire and lindelof doesn't work. As simple as that

  • No Pen.. No Fun.. 😂🤣😂

  • Tuchel in solskjer out

  • Ole gave up that Mickey mouse Trophy to push for a proper one. Number 4 loading.

  • So salty 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 2:38:48 for the first 3:11:32 second

  • Why is everyone chatting rubbish saying that people play bad when everyone is probably terrible at football irl

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • Utd are such a funny club. You’ve made some seriously crap decisions post fergie. But 80 million on harry maguire has to be the worst! 80 million?! Didn’t you get that when you sold cr7 to madrid 🤣 i get theres being desperate but you could’ve got any other bang average CB for not even half that price

  • 3:16:03 Donny Van De Bench

  • 3:16:03

  • The league position will blow up too. Only a matter of time.

    • You never know. Nobody looks certain to win, especially considering all the random covid related injuries and drops in form

  • Man Utd are pure shite.

  • Looks like Mark and Pep is a new rivalry now 🤣🤣🤣

    • Why ?

  • Can't believe some people still thinks that we are in a title race 😂.

    • You can’t win the league with that defence imagine being that deluded😂

    • @Jamie McCabe Then lose to Liverpool, Arsenal. City have easy games in January and will be top of the league

    • @Jamie McCabe no ur not ahaha think about the bigger picture for once ffs

    • We can literally go top of the league by beating Burnley we obviously are in a title race

  • ole playing for penalties from the kick off🤣

  • But fair play again Mark you say it how it is ..

  • “Where are we compared to City” Ha...nowhere son!

  • Ole, the gift that keeps on giving.

  • The premiership is over rated shite

  • Another semi hard on !!!!

  • Masterclass from City, Man U are levels below and have been for the last 7 years

  • No penalty , no win , simple as ..

  • I really hate how much he glorifies Bruno like yes he’s a important player but the way he goes about it is awful like no one else matters only other people can do wrong and the only player that matters is Bruno

  • Ollie out