Film Theory: Thor Will DESTROY The MCU! (Marvel Phase 5)

Birt 5 nóv 2020
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The MCU is in trouble - and no I am not talking about how Marvel has had to shuffle around their phase 5 releases in 2020. Sure, we still have no Black Widow movie and we're getting trailers for the Disney shows like WandaVision that keep getting pushed back but what I am talking about... is Thor. Thor is going to destroy the Marvel multiverse. From the comics to the movies, it's all going down because of our favorite lightning god. What dark fate awaits our favorite superheroes? Let's dive into it!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editor: Forrest Lee, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Matpat: Makes a theory about phase 5 Phase 4: Am I just a joke to you?

  • Everyone confused about what the multiverse is: 🤕 Me who has played marvel contest of champions: 😝

  • 12:32-12:46

  • More like a money verse. Creating new alternative storylines and arcs to keep the story (and) money flowing. More verses, more money. At some point, I got to get off this ride. You can only reheat this so many times before it gets redundant.

  • Agents of shield is not canon! Just like rebels and clone wars are not Star Wars

  • 4:21 I had the same theory I am a real theorist

  • 4:32 mmm He said "I reduced them to atoms" so, he basically didnt destroy them

  • Too be fair in comics you're not supposed to be able to destroy infinity stones

  • ummm didnt cpt marvel all ready do that XD ether way if they do not remove the woke ppl from disney it wont matter what they do XD i mean do u really want 12 or so more movies like cpt marvel i know i sure dont XD

  • Below all?

  • Comicbook Theory?!?!?!?!? Maybe the blue section

  • Disny: 0:13 Me: *Screams in Sony Animation*

  • but didn’t thanos say he reduced the stones to atoms? not that they were destroyed but reduced to the atomic level?

  • This is impossible

  • there redused to atoms not destroyed

  • agents of shield is not MCU canon

  • Well when thanos destroyed the stones the energy of them is still there it’s just that nobody can harness them but when you take them away the energy is being removed

  • thanos didnt destroyed the stones...he shrunk them to a sub-atomic level

  • >Matpat knowing all this ridiculous knowledge, but not how to pronounce "invalid" as a noun

  • Do a video about mcu time travel

  • The memes that will come out this after airing will be legendary

  • By the time phase 4 ends I’ll have graduated high school and gone on to bigger things (theoretically)

  • also the into the soiderverse universes arent the same universes as the comics thought they have the same number the into the spiderverse movie universes have a letter in front of the earth numbers

  • Now destroyed is defrent from gone so yeah they did remember

  • Marvel: * pays him 100 000 dollars to delete this vid *

  • That sounds exactly like what happened with the Arrowverse, in the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover

  • Dear god, the countinuty of MCU is so convoluted and confusing.

  • Every multiverse is a new set of physics enacted by the watchers that’s my theory you’re welcome

  • He didn’t destroy the stones he only reduced them to atoms they’re still there he confirmed it if they weren’t the universe would fall apart

  • Marvel after watching this : Who leakes fucking script to Matpat everytime !!!!??

  • Didn't thanos use the stones to shrink the stones down to atom size stones?

  • He didn't destroy the stones he turned them to unusable atoms, so that he couldn't be temped

  • Pretend like every friken timeline joins together to defeat a big baddie like...i dunno! Mephisto? Galactus? Greedy Coperate insecurity?

  • What are the implications of these events on the space/time continuity of the Anti-Multiverse, Dark-Multiverse & Earth-00100 ? 🤔

  • 12:41 XD

  • fortnite

  • Comic theory? ... 🤯🧐😱


  • Thanos reduced the stones to atoms so they still exist in that timeline but aren’t useable

  • I still like Wanda being the main villain for phase 4

  • Matpat and Bob iger... Modern day Batman and joker 😅

  • Well, Thanos didnt "destroy" the infinity stones, he just made them so small that no one can use them.

  • So then in the mcu, these alternate universes were created when the avengers went back in time to take the stones?

  • You should make a channel called comic book theory

  • I'm a simple person I see spiderman on the thumbnail I click :)

  • Everyone knows Deadpool will be the one to end the mcu

  • 4:40 Or it's VERY much intentional and VERY much related to the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. She said that losing one stone would be bad enough but the MCU now has lost all of them. I think we're up for something big in the upcoming movies. Matpat. Please take more than thirty seconds to think over the implications of lines and actions before calling the writers stupid. Also because I don't trust you not to think this. The Ancient One wouldn't know that the Infinity Stones would be destroyed in the future and think to warn them that all stones being destroyed will be really bad. They make it clear as day that she can only see the future up until her death in the Doctor Strange movie.

  • Next one: Film Theory: Hawkeye Will DESTROY The MCU! [Marvel Phase 5]

  • The way he said “invalid” bothers me more than it should. For anyone that doesn’t know/actually cares, invalid (the way he said it) is in the context “this coupon is invalid”, but if you wanted to talk about an injured person, or a collapsing planet, you say “in-VA-lid”. Emphasis on the “va” instead of “lid”. Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.

  • You’ve seen: game theory Film theory and food theory now get ready for :THE theory

  • 14:15. Please don't tell me were gonna be seeing fortnite characters in our next marvel movie. I see enough people cranking 90's in game, I don't need to see it while watching a marvel movie.

  • They better bring Galactis into the MCU in Phase 5 or I’ll be upset 😂 he literally should be the next villain where the Space setting is set up

  • I thought it was silver surfer, that's the only thing old Thanos fears

  • When the avengers see corporate expectations .............. oh no

  • Plot twist: it is all a plot to get rid of captain marvel

  • So where did fitz get the idea about the quantom realm? Who figured it out first? Him or tony?

  • Petition to make comic book theorist

  • Lost me at Agents of Shield. Theyve already confirmed AoS isnt canon

  • I think it would be really cool if maybe in the upcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, they go to the Marvel Zombies Universe since they said the movie would be a horror, but instead of it being a Zombified version of the MCU, it’s the exact one from the comics, so we’ll get to see zombie versions of the X-Men, or the Fantastic Four, and zombie Avengers in their comic designs. We could even see a zombie Galactus!

  • So, I watched your DC multiverse video before this one aaaaand now my brain hurts.

  • what about ultumus or fortnite

  • Well as it will pobablx bee secret wars as the next big crossover movie anf that is still 4,5 years minimum out, your theory will be realizied in like 10 years..still like it

  • He reduced them into atoms, so they are still there, just no in physical form so no ones can use them

  • Letting Kevin be in charge of Marvel comics is a horrible idea. Why would they let a cinematic worker to be in charge of a 80 years old franchise. Jack Kerby and Stan Lee will be in great pain.

  • Stich from lilo and stitch is experiment "626" related? Probably not.

  • It’s weird watching this with today’s knowledge. The shows aren’t canon to the mcu (the old ones) so some of the things he said don’t matter anymore

  • what happened with trolls?

  • I know that you are a genius and what not but when you took the line of thanos saying he destroyed the stones, but he said that he reduced them to atoms so they are still there just really really small

  • I'll save everybody 15:12 minutes of their lives - this theory can be summed up in two words - SECRET WARS!!

  • Agents of SHIELD aint canon now

  • Me throughout this entire video: Total confusion

  • I am still a pro-DC fan

  • maybe you should express yourself more respectful

  • I'm so tired of Spiderman crap.

  • Thanos reduced the stones to atoms, meaning the physical material that makes up the stones still exists in the universe, but they have been broken down and separated to an atomic level. As I'm pretty sure the stones can't be destroyed without eventually coming back (I remember something about the universe recreating them if they're destroyed or something, might be wrong), the loophole being Thanos "reduced [the stones] to atoms", not technically destroying them.

  • If you think about it this theory could lead to a marvel dc crossover and could introduce access

  • All I got from this is fortnite might be coming to marvel

  • Agents of shield isn’t officially canon

  • *finishes snorting powdered theory* Ahhhh yeaeahh that's a good theory

  • Funfact: Thanos didnt actually destroy the stones, he turned them to atoms. Rewatch the scene again.

  • if the MCU is a multiverse, then it is the MCM

  • Thanos didn’t destroy the stones he just shirk it to the size of Atoms it is still there but very small

  • * “in-vuh-lid”

  • Hey AOS isn’t actually canon anymore

  • 4:30 mat are you joking? we are in her universe and bruce is in the destroyed universe where thanos destroyed the stones

  • confused.

  • I feel it’s important to note that the necrosword belonged to Knull, who is basically dead now.

  • I dont really know about marvel, but dc called it Omniverse with one universe as the source of everything in any multiverse. Meaning other universes are a variation of that universe. They called it earth prime or Metaverse

  • The most ambitious crossover in history was actually terraria adding a minecraft creeper costume.

  • That rare, satsfying "and cut" got me-

  • 8:13 I dunno I can imagine quite a bit

  • Matpat should narrate a book on audible or something! His voice is so cool.

  • I don’t think infinity war and endgame can be topped. Thanos was the best written villain ever and tony Steve and Natasha were amazing in these movies

  • That amc deadass looks exactly like the one near me house parking lot and all

  • How bout the Fortnite story line

  • Thanos reduced the stone to atoms not destroyed, they're still there, but barely accessible

  • Someone forgot Marvel Zombies

  • anyone else miss it when they kept stuff simple like in the origin stories?

  • Ok Thanos said he reduced the infinity stones to atoms so they still exist but aren’t able to be used.

  • He didn't destroy them he reduces them to atoms