Waking Up In The Most Expensive Hotel Room In Bel-Air | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

Birt 24 júl 2020
See what it’s like to wake up in the most expensive hotel room at the super exclusive Hotel Bel-Air. The luxury hotel has a giant presidential suite that’s probably one of the most lavish in all of Los Angeles. The mega-suite includes a secret paparazzi-proof entrance, a giant private pool, grand piano, outdoor hot tub, and if you want the full VIP experience: Chef Wolf Gang Puck can serve you dinner for ten in your suite’s private dining room. After showing you what it’s like to wake up in the super expensive VIP suite we’ll also give you a look inside the hotel’s LEAST expensive room and reveal three things you can do here that are way less expensive and you can do them even if you’re NOT a guest.
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Waking Up In The Most Expensive Hotel Room In Bel-Air | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich


  • Meh.

  • Pathetic. It looks like a typical $200 suite.

  • There's something about an English person loving in LA they no longer look English

  • Who has coffee while watching this?

  • Love this show...💯 😅✨good hosts 💁🏼‍♀️✨🕺🏼

  • old and not cool. no jor

  • Picnic for me

  • Wow, that background music from when he greets the camera crew at the door is AWFUL! 🙉

  • They're both into each other. Especially the girl.

  • I want to be rich

  • With 25k usd I can pay 6 years of rent in a 2 bedroom apartment in near makati in Manila Philippines

  • Which one would I choose? The same as always, KOA or Kamp Grounds of America! Oh yeah, they are much more fun than any hotel no matter the price!

  • Wtf is wrong with the quality

  • Maybe I’m spoiled but $600 a night is usually what I pay for hotel rooms.

  • Impressive. He can count to ten.

  • He had to count all of the chairs and couldn’t do 5x2. Lol

  • Like $25,000 is a lot, but $595 is pretty average for any hotel and especially for Hotel Bel-Air

  • dining room for 10 in a hotel suite = pointlessness realized.

  • Make money work for you for this lifestyle!

  • Tone deaf

  • People who earned their wealth would not book in here , because they know the value of money. BUT 2nd generation wealth will blow it on stuff like this $25k a night suite.

    • You're wrong. If they earned it, they would book it because....they know they're rich.

    • TOTAL TRUTH 🤣😏

  • 2 stars: No basketball court😂

  • All three.

  • Bruh all that money for no view and the same LA u get for a hunnid a night

  • Picnic

  • I demand you give me a month's stay for free or ima send my goons for yall

  • Hello, I forgot my key....😆

  • This promo did not include Will Smith and for that reason, I'm out.

  • Nice vid! If you’re reading this, I hope one day all your dreams come true!