1st place science fair ideas- 10 ideas and tricks to WIN!

Birt 1 feb 2017
10 ideas and some power tips to make you the king of your science fair!
Studio C collab video! ischats.info/fun/gaaOqpmad2ZjYYg/v-deo
Credit to my sister Lisa for being my professional consultant on a lot of these ideas and tips.
My 10 ideas:
1. Number of card shuffles
1.5 Do Carrots improve night vision?
2. 5 second rule
3. Dirtiest surfaces in your house
4. Helium soccer balls
5. Rock, Paper, Scissors strategy- www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/03/rock-paper-scissors_n_5255288.html
6. Does Practice make Perfect?
7. Best paper airplane
8. Best microwave strategy. Measure the speed of light- ischats.info/fun/d6tuiGepdpWPZow/v-deo
9. Rubber animal reactions
10. “He looks just like you”

Additional awesome ideas from the comments:
1. How often do people actually stop at stop signs? See if there are patterns for age, car model, etc.
2. ???

4 power tips:
1. Make it relatable
2. Measure 1 thing. Change 1 thing.
3. Make a prediction
4. Practice the interview

Haircut tips raw data- www.dropbox.com/s/hctsaf86pvste2l/Haircut%20Tip%20Amounts.xlsx?dl=0

0:08- Almost Original- Joakim Karud- soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
2:01- Berlin- Andrew Applepie- andrewapplepie.com/

Summary: I'm a big fan of science fairs because for a lot of kids it's their first exposure to science! But I think a lot of times it's not a good first impression. I tried to come with 10 ideas and general tips that will make it way more awesome for the student.

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