Jay Leno's Garage: The Ultimate Car Week - Jay Leno's Garage

Birt 7 sep 2014
In his show for CNBC, Jay goes deep into the heart of Monterey Week, culminating at Pebble Beach's Concours d'Elegance.
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Jay Leno's Garage: The Ultimate Car Week - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage


  • Super cool

  • An awesome display of cars, I remember the lightweight E type’s racing in the 60’s very well.

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  • Lot of fat people.

  • That Edsel looks freaking awesome.

  • Is not Leonel Messi the one who bought the $35m Ferrari?

  • Cars were meant to be driven. Not sitting in a collection for bragging rights

  • Jay, you wear nice shirts!

  • 27: exactly, exactly!

  • I want to see a documentary on the Autobahn, Indi 500 or something similar & wanna hear Jay narrating

  • Thanks Jay...I think you are the best "people person" I have ever seen....It accounts for you wild success. Couldn't happen to a better guy.

  • Jay...steam car on a Dyno...chop chop

  • I wish you could do a drive and test of vw Mr fitapaldy made for a Brazilian endurance race and went up against gt 40s it had two vw air cooled motors coupled together at the crank he led the race for quite awhile then gear box failed. I think it would be cool to build a car like That basikly flat 8 his was punched out or bigger pistons made high 200 hp.

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  • when you sell your cars for MILLIONS...then 4 years to turn a profit shouldn't be a surprise lmfao cmon now

  • Hey Jay you should make a show adaptation: Go on a date with Jay Leno. The guest picks the car’s style and let the show provide the rest. (costuming, dinner location, costs and fees.) what network do I pitch it to! Hey Jay! ☕️☕️

  • Jaguar is pronounced Jag You Are, not Jag War.

  • Ian Callum, cool guy, stands weird.

  • I would have not got on that motorcycle with the automatic ball remover

  • How weird is that? There was no car in the United States during the cold-war that said made in the USA in the Russian language on the tires so why on earth did our mortal enemy write made in the USSR in English on their tires? It's not like there was export and trade between America and Russia back then, at least not with vehicles, not that I ever heard of.

  • the good thing about that Stanley car is that if you were out camping you could just take the boiler pot off and cook your food right on the motor

  • I grew up in Santa Cruz California and we used to go to Pebble Beach all the time. I was fascinated by the fact that the beach wasn't sand.

  • That's a good idea, a sneaky idea and a d**khead idea. Buy the car back as the owner for a massive amount of money so that the next time you are auctioning it off, you can start at that massive amount of money and double your profit. Wonderful!


  • Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.

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  • 0:11 xx

  • 0:33x.

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  • bruh where did michael go

  • Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.

  • Steam cars remind me of hydrogen blimps or asbestos. Not the best ideas..

  • Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

  • Ten to one odds that Jay's hair has hairspray on it.

  • 34 million for a car,

  • Alfa's were not all that bad before.

  • Great video Jay! Lots of laughs, good way to kill a Sat. morning. Have a great week and be safe.

  • Mc Laren isn't a new car company wtf

  • the Alfa looks like a Kit Car Ferrari

  • I had an about 1/30 scale 196(2?) slot car Ferrari GTO coupe in about '62. Seems it was a 350. It would fetch a truckload of money after that real one sold.

  • Can someone explain to me how the Italians consistently design the most beautiful cars in the world? I don't know if they're all like this, but I saw a freeway bridge in Italy and even that was beautiful. I'm not kidding.

  • hey remember that time you could have brought one for $45k Jay, who knew?

  • My 1977 TA had 650 HP without blower 4 barrel Carb

  • I grew up near the ocean in the 70' . Neighbor bought a alfa sud . He said I could have it when I turned 18 , only 11 years . But it rusted through after 7 . Well done alfa romeo .

  • Nuts 34 millions for a Ferrari

  • Very nice cer

  • 2:19 i want that hat. yeah i collect weird hats lol

  • damn dem ads

  • Its the display model...... JaY....jAy....JjAaAaAaaAaYy!

  • Jay "This is a brand new Alfa" Alfa "rev limiter noises"

  • That Jag is crazy beautiful!

  • where's Don's bowtie??

  • Do you think you could squees just a few hundred more commercials in during this show?

  • Its a LOT better than most car shows, Jay really knows his stuff @clarkkent999, and he's a genuine petrolhead, add to that his real sense of humour and some insane vehicles, you know they never start when you got someone looking

  • Of course, knowing what we know now , the 4c never took off, in fact here in Europe I don't think it was even released after the untimely death of Berlosconi

  • Pebble beach 1907 white steam car , what an amazing beast

  • Holy cow.... That new-old jag e is gorge !!!!

  • throwing aRROUND WITH MILLIONS OF $$ makes me sad !

  • I peed on that exact spot at 22:00 in pebble Beach 10 years ago.

  • I slept like a baby, thanks mate!!

  • Nice Böhmerland

  • California dreaming...

  • The whole video was amazing! Really enjoyed watching it. Thanks Jay!

  • Jay....i have good idea for you and your jet car.... I think you need a good set headphones and Mike combo... driver and passeager.

  • "the fluffer" rev's the engine at auction "the phone bidder" fluffs the price higher

  • Jay acting like the guy at a car meet that would get beat up because he's crapping on everyone's ride lol

  • The fluffer. lol

  • Awesome.like.Jays show's


  • The Jaguar 60s was my favorite car, next to the GTO and the X 15😯.

  • Love the Steam Jay you are the steam master

  • I love your show Jay. I’m 78 and the jags take me back to when I had a mark1 2.4 then the 3.4 mark two Saloons in the sixties. The mark one had spats on the rear wheels . You are so right about the women loving them especially when I had the red seats.

  • No man should pay $36 000 000 for a single car. That's just absolute waste of money in times where 95% of all the people on the world living at the edge of bankrupcy

  • 1.... 1-800... steamers?

  • How about a TR3

  • Jay Jay Cool Jay

  • The new c8 is garbage compared to to old ones...

  • Jay don’t like it 😂

  • in 23 40 min is a red beauti what is that????

  • car companies : hay jay wanna see our cool car ? its a very first one and its only for display jay : oh yeah ,,vroooooom

  • The Concourse De' Lemons is absolutly funny, but the Yugo is hilarious. Even funnier, i saw back in 1996 in Sacramento, CA a Yugo i had never seen with a driver i cant believe was driving it. First off ive seen plenty of Yugo's but the one i saw on this day floored me. It said on the lower half of the door in manufacturer's vinyl stickers "1.5L Turbo", WTF. I swear, it had a foam like rubber spoiler like Sciroccos had and a sports style body kit with front spolier, i thought the only thing worse would be if it had sub woofers in the trunk, it was outside a Denny's restuarant. Just as if walking off laughing i see some people leaving i thought, gotta wait and see if one of them own it. Now there are 5 people, 1 is like 6'6" and you probably guessed it, he's the owner, Seriously. This guy gets in and im busting up laughing then it starts up, omg this guy had sports exhaust and a tunner muffler, which i heard briefly before the subs ce on and drowned out the sound with bass, lmmfao back then to me hecka funny, now i see i saw a very rare treat.

  • they paid recently by a 250 Testa Rossa driven by F1 Champion Fangio almost 60 million it was bought by soccer player Lionel Messi

  • well, thats how you make 3.2 million dollars in a car thats not your's xD

  • I didn't realize there was only one 206 Ferrari. What an amazing collection of cars and bikes there. Thanks for taking us along. Also, I read somewhere that you do not own any Ferrari Cars in your collection?

  • To those who said they ruined this corvette doing away with the traditional round tail lights ..why hasn't the after market auto manufactures come up with a left and right hand tail light assembly with day/night running inner shell of red glowing oval shape twin "Halo" LED demon eyes that will replace the entire rear left and right hand stock tail light assembles and still retain your luminating red tail lights stop lights and turn signals separate surrounded by the always on oval "Halos" representing the traditional round shape tail lights inside this corvette's tail light assembly as a remove and replace complete unit ??? OR DID i just give away another million buck idea ? It will be expensive but exclusive ! Build it and they will come !

  • I've always said don't buy a car or motorcycle in your favorite color until you see the type of theme work that can be done on a particular vehicle purpose-built. this McLaren is the perfect color for a McLaren. Where are you have a metallic gray classic look blended with darker gray accented with the racing Orange make the statement of a classic track car that demands respect

  • You're good at this mainstream presentation lark Jay; ever considered doing a chat show? 😉

  • ha ha he is a funny man

  • 33:23. Damn Jay, I can feel the pain of extending your hand for a handshake, but get nothing in return.

  • that yellow looks so 1991

  • Jay "My Favourites are some of my Favourites" Leno

  • Su video que me recuerda mi primer auto un Dodge cupe que vendí en 100 ds.hoy vale mas que cosas saludos des de el confinamiento UNA LARGA VIDA SR. JAY

  • car hop trays www.amazon.com/Drive-Professional-Business-Industrial-Aluminium/dp/B087DX1Z29/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=car+hop+tray&qid=1589167204&sr=8-2

  • Jay Leno should have done this show years ago! We can feel the love and passion .

  • 35:30 for the jetsons.. But without jets.. 😂 And one question is missing this time.. The on for Aircondition 🙈

  • Need more of these episodes in my life

  • Jay “I’ll bash your vehicle and then say I like it “ Leno. Yea don’t hire him for promotion.

  • "Trailer Queens", I thought of the old Sammy Kershaw song, Queen of My Double Wide Trailer 😂

  • So how dose a person get ahold of you if they have something worthy of your attention ? I had tabs on a 47 and a 49 American import Triumphs and they ended up being scrapped because you can not be gotton ahold of.

  • Stupid crazy money