Birt 16 ágú 2018
Special guest Gus Johnson returns to Smosh for some Try Not to Laugh challenges!
Try Not to Laugh Challenge #9 ►►
Check out Gus Johnson ►►
Keith Leak Jr.
Courtney Miller
Olivia Sui
Shayne Topp
Gus Johnson
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  • 7:44

  • I haven’t watch these guys in like a year, and it’s weird to see how much my sense of humour has changed and now unfunny I find a lot of their jokes. I still respect their types of humour, but it’s just not the type I find as funny anymore

  • how did olivia even get a job in smosh?

  • Shane was the only one at Gus’s caliber

  • Stupid Matt Bradley

  • The girls are awkward as hell, could do without their skits, but they are still amazing

  • Packers

  • I think the problem is Gus can laugh without opening his mouth.

  • 7:46

  • 2:37 courtney just got denyed like look at her legs

  • I still dab

  • Fernicus

  • YES! Shane is waring Grateful Dead

  • I love how no one is talking about Courtney’s loud ass burp that they just ignored 😂🤣

  • I like the hat on Olivia when she's in the hot seat

  • Bro last time I went to my friends house and she got on the bed and we READ THE BIBLE

  • H mmm lobster jokes

  • Courtney actually sounds like Jojo siwa

  • Lol I love how my mum works at pizza hut

  • *Dabs again*


  • I literally wheezed at Courtney’s jojo bit, she’s fucking hilarious even when she’s not trying


  • TSLA

  • Gus and Shane have the best friendship lol

  • 3:19 next time on my strangest addiction

  • It’s true. Tho 4:17

  • Wait did they actually wax keith

  • The whole smosh isn't even close compared to gus, wtf.

  • Shayne is wearing a Grateful Dead shirt like he would in the Goldberg's like stupid Matt Bradley

  • Read the bible

  • 7:46

  • I feel like this was an ad for gus Johnsons comedy more than a try not to laugh video 😂

  • mOm... I'm, very ThIrStY... Whip out those BaZoOmBa'S. Let me have some shbyddwhrnc.

  • Gus is king


  • gus, shayne and courtney are the only funny ones ngl

  • Man they be reading the Bible to the max

  • Did any one see Gus in background? On 9:18

  • I’m surprised how many people aren’t talking about the waxing...

  • Gus is great

  • I died at ur my favorite pizza place

  • I never realised how much taller Gus is than the rest of the squad lol. Then again, everyone in Smosh is pretty short :p

  • When Keith said just put it in your mouth I told myself that’s what she said

  • Sup Matt Bradley of the goldbergs

  • is anyone still here in 2020


  • The courtney birthing bit was pretty good

  • I have re watched this 5 times just for the gist scene's

  • That black wasn’t that funny Especially with the but Waxing

  • Omg Gus is the tallest

  • Roubot gus t-1000😂 7:53

  • Olivia: he crushed it sooo hard Everyone else: stares at her for a second then continues the inro

  • Gus is bee

  • Are we just gonna ignore Keith pushing Cortbourt off him? 😂❤️

  • yeah this video made me *READ THE BIBLE*

  • Shaynes reaction during the butt waxing was funnier than the waxing itself

  • Courtney and Olivia are GOAT babes

  • *R E A D T H E B I B L E*

  • 5:38 is my fav

  • who else listened to courteny say gus johnson back in sthe game for an hour

  • Gus is big brain

  • Sometime i feel it should be called try not to cringe challenge

  • Gus’s one liner at the end of their skits is is funnier than smoshes whole joke

  • Never fails courtney burps I bust out laughing

  • gussy got me acting strange

  • 8:10 was the funniest....

  • This Gus Johnson guy’s funny, he should be a comedian!

  • Amazing how toxic gus Johnson's community is, I really didn't expect this because he is such a good guy and comedian

  • This gus looks like that guy who banged summer on rick and morty on the apocalyptic world episode.... no one? Xp

  • Gus cheated

  • Keep dabing i will dab with her

  • Gustavo The Absolute UNIT

  • Olivia is the definition of "should not be on this show"

  • 2:36 Keith is a player and has no time for courtney cuddles

  • Gus is tall

  • I lost it to the READ THE BIBLE it was so funny i was dying on the flor of laughter🤣

  • Courtney is really cute

  • Read the Bible

  • *R E A D T H E B I B L E*

  • "do people call you gusle crow?" "uh... I have something I gotta... uh"

  • Hell yeah he’s got a Grateful Dead shirt!!!❤️💀💙

  • Neither of the gurls are funny at all.

  • Gus is really tall

  • Does Courtney like keith

  • 6:25 look at Gus eyes

  • How about the Holderness fam

  • mac lethal

  • 7:26 yo I’m dead 😵

  • Shayne wearing a Grateful Dead shirt 😍

  • courtney is just objectively unfunny

  • Why does Gus do dis


  • Nobody gonna talk about how Keith had both the girls on him than just pushed them off?!? No? Ok

  • 5:30 Shane read the Bible

  • I couldn't quit laugjing at Gussel Crowe

  • I didn’t realize how tall gus was until i saw him next to all these people lmaoo

  • If it was try not to leave my dad would've lost a decade ago...Don't worry I'm fine :)

  • Gus is so natural here and no offense but shayne sometimes seems like a try hard or just act kinda extra especially when Gus is on the show? Shayne is still funny tho.

  • Wtf was that at 5:18 😂