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  • Thank you for such an amazing season. The fam has grown and we’re so excited to take what we’ve learned from this season and come back twice as hard in May. We’re not taking any breaks from filming just from posting, currently typing this as we’re about to go film a new episode that’s going to be... Interesting 😅 see you in a few weeks!! 🤘


    • Can ya'll do a follow up on this? The people wanna know if there was a 2nd date lol pls & thankyou 🙌

    • Hi Yes Theory I have noticed that you guys are not wearing Covid masks Please promote wearing masks and follow these norms We all look upto you!

    • My 7year old son loves your videos so much Yes Theory hope you can visit philippines too.

    • Great inniatiave by yess theory❤️❤️ lots of love and video is awesome

  • I'm on another awwww level

  • أحلى قناة ديتنج دي ولا ايه عماار المهم ايميل مي وهبقى أقلك شوية أفكار ممكن تعملوها جيت باك ذا جلوووري


  • I dont know the 61 year old had a first line

  • Part 2 chain

  • Are they official ?

  • They should be wearing helmets on the bikes.

  • Its safe to say... Theyve got third wheel the whole time

  • CAN YOU PAY MY CREDIT,LOAN FOR ME AND MY BILL? this is my phone number +62 82123437094

  • Amazing 👏👏👏

  • i had forgotten about quarentine until he put his mask on lmao

  • Video Idea: You should try out the “roll the dice feature” on google earth that selects a random location from around the globe and then you should travel there

  • I am a new subceiber, very interesting videos. keepo going...... Love and support from INDIA ( KERALA)

  • I really hope she isn’t using this as publicity for her song


  • Awesome video guys. Looking forward to upcoming video's

  • I have a dream to travel the world but I dont know how to do it. I dont have the money too and am currently struggling to find a job. I really want to do amazing things starting off with visiting the netherlands to meet my boyfriend of one year.

  • indescribably amazing Im just happy that im able to see this if only i could meet you

  • Do you wanna help me build a business... im already on it

  • I can just tell this was very aquard

  • hike the Appalachian trail

  • Ultimate Wingman Challenge complete

  • OMG this is hilarious. I came here from your Turkey episode, you guys are so much fun. I'm glad I subscribed! Keep them coming.

  • Ammar's jacket is siiick. Anyone knows where I can find it?

  • I really hope they stay together they look so happy

  • why you film yourself ????

  • The road at 8:00 looks very familiar

  • I want to become part of the yes theory team so badly. My dream right now is to be able to travel the world as much as possible. My first destination is within europe to meet my boyfriend of over a year now but I've struggled finding a job

  • Waiting for yes theory to join bitclout and do something with their top coin holders😣😣😍😍

  • Imagine he was like " are you the guy from the billboard, fuck you "😂idky i thought that

  • Do the "camino de santiago"!!!!!


  • Me here more than a year later still waiting for pt 2 of the backflip vid

  • I feel envious😅💌

  • rickey

  • no other name besides the one on this profile

  • hi 👋

  • It was nice. Very nice. I don't know what to say!!!!!!

  • Drunk thought- buy elonmusk a knighthood (they're not that expensive)

  • MACEDONIA (Republic) say Big YES for steps of 3 extraordinary minds~God bless You

  • honestly a dream lol

  • Exciting boss Keepsafe always boss

  • “Oh yeah yeah yeah” 😂

  • All the single peolpe are crying right now .

  • Boom boom

  • no

  • Did matt leave the group? Fvck.

  • Imagine if they end up becoming lifetime partners

  • Is this before or after COVID?

  • This was cute!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰 Edit: New subbbie from the near death skydiving video. Good luck on reaching 10 million Subbies 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • You guys should check out voodoo village in Memphis, TN!

  • Can I be part of Yes Theory. Skills: Nothing 🤞

  • Man. This is the typa life and relationship I hope for in the future. Or now.

  • A week straight? I thought it was gonna be up for 2 days

  • She is so gorgeous ohhh my god. Such an attractive personality too.. you can tell she’s a kind hearted person with a positive aura

  • Did anyone else catch the tattoo on her elbow. Do I sense another tattoo trip for the boys???

  • Looking forward to a spontaneous party at a random venue They are some of my favourite vids

  • Wait how come nobody is wearing a mask

  • Love you guys 😍 love to see how you grown in your channel, you have motivated get out of my comfort zone not only did I open my own ISchats channel but I i did two! Keep being your self.

  • I don't know why, but I always struggle to find out what the temperature is in California, some people have loose clothes while others have warm clothes on, I don't understand... Am I the only one??

  • That was one of the coolest videos I've seen. Best friends doing good things.

  • Hello Everyone!!!! My name is Bob...I'm from INDIA Hyderabad, me and my friend have started a youtube channel and we seek only 1 member in our group who wants to explore the world (atleast INDIA) if you want to join us you can message me through my mail Remember seeking discomfort and exploring the world is our aim.... If you want to join us remember that it's all about teamwork.... * SEEK DISCOMFORT *

  • 16:25 yea yea yea yeah theory

  • please come to Australia

  • You guys should go around offering to cook for random people 😋

  • get a yes dog!

  • Dang, send me the contact info for the 61 year old millionaire. She shoulds like she could give this poor super smart and creative goddess of air war a whirl wind tour of LA. Might be fun. I passed through it on a bus, got off at Rockaway Beach and was like... oops heck no, war zone! And got back ont he bus and kept going. Maybe that was San Fancisco. Dunno. It's all Metropolis jungle to me.

  • Can you guys make a family dinner and invite a random stranger and their family to partake? Just suggesting

  • The way that Omar looks at Thomas 😌😏😂❤️

  • Tommy had to edit this video

  • So no one's gonna talk about the money involved? Dude they had a 3 wheeled bike, two motorcycles and a BMW probably just for this event! Im just guessing though

  • Anyone else miss Matt? 🥺😢

  • 🇱🇾Follow you from Libya

  • any yes fam in tennessee down to do a meetup? LMK and we can start organizing!

  • 😍😍😍

  • Anyone else annoyed that the‘re playing „I’m yours“ on the downbeat??

  • Are they still dating????????

  • The one video where a square space sponsorship would make sense

  • áts mega vandtæðalegt dæmi

  • Lost heaps of respect from you copying SO much. The Aussie guy is a schmuck rockspider

  • the friends i have and the friends i dream off

  • Question is, was there a second date??

  • So sweet video, i amazed😍😍

  • My neighbour intimidated by all guys here in yes theory.. well he's living under a rock and fashion outdated accusing each and everyone is a gay 😆😂 but the true fact is he doesn't have what it takes homophobic extremely cheapskate guy. Well he loves noodles 😂🤣🥢

  • That man singing yeee yeee was getting in his feelings

  • I had the biggest smile on my face for Tom, if you read this Tom, You da chammppp!!

  • I know for a fact that you would not be able to find me a date in Ardoch ND. This would be the worst challenge of your lives. I've been single for 6 years. At 38 years old, dating is impossible. I challenge you yes theory. I absolutely love you guys, but I don't think you can handle this challenge in ND.

  • How does a guy get the premier yes theory clothing? The stuff on the website js bland (although still inspiring), Where's really cool stuff. I LOVE IT!

  • I CHALLENGE you guys to attempt to cross the Mexican border to the US . My parents are Hispanics and have made the trip themselves. I have heard stories and the difficulties it took to reach the US. As you notice there has been a increasing number of people coming to the United States hoping for a better life! However a lot of children and family are getting separated, street vendors are getting targeted and immigrants are labeled as dangerous. I would like to show that the people crossing aren’t what they are labeled. They are just Humans hoping to for a better life.

  • no one talking about the fact they mentioned Elon Musk at the end. What does this mean? 😅

  • Imagine going on a date with someone you've never met before and you have their friends filming you the whole time from afar LMAO

    • All for the views...I think they're terrible friends

  • Hey brother, I just came up with an idea for you guys. You should try asking an homeless guy about his favourite location in the world and take him to an trip to that place :)

  • imagine if they date forever and get married and their children ask em how did they meet, what a crazy adventurous and beautiful story they are gonna have to share

  • I think it’s so sweet to see him being a bit awkward and shy whereas he usually comes across as being really outgoing and funny in the other videos. I hope he finds the right person!

    • Visit our country and try Philippines, if this pandemics done.... more adventures awaits the team...

  • Cam looks like a blonde version of Matt 😂


  • Couldn't stop smiling throughout the entire video. Y'all rock. Keep doing you!

  • Couldn't stop smiling throughout the entire episode. You all rock. Keep doing you!

  • Next vid should be inviting strangers to a party and telling everyone a different theme