VFX Artists React to HARRY POTTER Bad & Great CGi

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Niko, Wren and Clint sit down to breakdown some of the best (and worst) VFX from the Magical world of Harry Potter!
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  • Have the VFX or Stuntman reacts series covered the 2008 film Wanted? Particularly some of the car stunts and VFX would be interesting to see reacted to.

  • Here's a real niche one. Eragon. (2006) It's a terrible movie but some of the dragon shots in it are actually still fantastic

  • Hey Guys can I request Final Fantasy The Spirits Within, a movie that had a CGI human cast 3 years before The Incredibles. I was a big FF fan as a kid, & I was so disappointed with the direction they chose, but now after studying CGI myself, I don’t think they had any options, it had to be Sci fi. No cloth physics (so their all in space suits), hair barely moves, very basic lighting, & the Aliens look like a basic effect I could do in blender right now.

  • have you checked out the Raid short films? they are great short films made for the game Escape from Tarkov

  • YOU did the OMEn Chronicles?? no way I LOVE that film

  • Please use wizard people dear reader sounds in 2nd video. Would be dope.

  • Aaaand one movie you should look through is avatar the last air bender! 😂😂 woooooorst movie ever.... and I wanna know how they did the basilisk in the second move of Harry Potter! And all the spiders 😱

  • And you have the magical beasts to!

  • Do an 8 episode series where you walk through every movie in detail! I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world 😂 I’ve seen every single movie more then 70 times and I’m not even joking 😂 I’ve read the books 15 times... I LOVE IT. And I’m a higher fan of you guys to! So it would be the best combination ever!!

  • you should take a look at "Iron Sky The Coming Race Teaser" its got some pretty nice VFX where things just look right but also some very odd looking bit...and the film itself is slightly mad but fun to watch

  • Wren: "I was totally able to do that" Ummmmm haha sorry Wren that is no where close hahah

  • please please react to the battle of the bastards from Game Of Thrones

  • The werewolf transformation!!

  • You guys should react to the original Star Trek movies VFX.

  • You guys should react to the Escape from Tarkov Raid series it's just too good (specially Episode 5, it just looks insane)

  • you should look at the vfx in pitch black (2001)

  • The scene in movie 6 where Dumbledore rearranges a ransacked room when he takes Harry to visit Professor Slughorn!

  • I just saw Galaxy Quest for the first time and I was amazed by how well it has aged, for the most part, 22 years later. Would love to see you break down why it has aged so well! In particular the character of Sarris and also when the ship lands on the planet with the little goblin bastards and the rock monster

  • Can you talk about the poly juice scene at the beginning deathly hallows p.1

  • Can you react to Dhoom Taana from Om Shanti Om if you haven't. But also the movie Devi in Tamil (or Tutak Tutak Tutiya in Hindi). There is a scene in the movie where Devi traps her husband in the room and I thought it was pretty impressive cgi. Thank you!

  • All four legs Nico 😂

  • When Neville flies the broom

  • Y’all gotta react to Cole Bennett’s work

  • Quick one guys, just watched episode 6 of Wanada Vision and at 20:20 in Vision is walking across the road and the camera pans out to show him walking away, why is his cloak CGI? At 20:30 you can see that the shadow of the cloak separates from his shadow really noticeable. Is it because the whole suit is CGI or is the whole character CGI to make the shot easier? If so is this where we’re at now with filming that they can’t even spend money to do even easy shots practical?

  • The collapsing shelves in the Hall of Prophecy from Order of the Phoenix ...animated or simulation?

  • when niko says "you're in my house now" everyone at home watching finished it off with bitch lmao i love corridor crew

  • Can you react to "invisible city" VFX?

  • From a frame shot perspective, Harry Potter 3 is the most artistically impressive. There are some beautiful frame shots in there. A lot of them have to do with the Dementors.

  • Please do the cursed movie that is Aventures of Pinocchio from 1996 and Dinotopia!

  • Can you react to Halo Landfall?

  • You guys should do vfx artist react to monster hunter

  • These are my favourite videos! But he made me laugh as a British person 😂 “patio room” it’s a conservatory.

  • If you guys do another animators react I think the league of legends cinematically are well done

  • So the duel in Order of the Phoenix between Voldemort and Dumbledoor has one of my favorite touches. In it, when their wands are locked in Priori Incantatem (which, honestly, made no sense in this case because their cores were different, but whatever), Voldemort was trying to hit Harry with electrical sparks. Dumbledoor, seeing this, pushed Harry aside.

  • React to the series "raid" by Battle State games

  • Not related to Harry Potter but please review sharktopus vs whalewolf

  • Idk if this has been done, but I would love for you guys to take a look at Animusic by Wayne Lytle. As a kid, I loved watching it on DVD, and have always wondered if there was anything interesting or even groundbreaking in it

  • Do this next ischats.info/fun/acuhlZuakHybfJA/v-deo

  • On your next VFX vid could you look at the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, specifically the skeleton effects when the pirates go into the moonlight. Thanks!

  • Some of the scenes from fantastic beasts could be fun to look at specifically newts suitcase

  • The womping willow effects would be cool to look at

  • You should check out Guy Ritchie King Arthur Slow motion scenes

  • Hey you guys should check out the vfx on the show inhumans it’s really weird

  • So, he watched the HP movies, but non of the MCU ones?

  • Can you react to Quicksilver’s scene where he saves everyone if it’s not already done?

  • If y'all are looking for some negative energy, my least favorite VFX shot from the series is probably Voldemort's face on the back of Quirrell's head.

    • Do Cedric Diggory death

  • Did you guys react to noOne’s dark Pokémon?? ischats.info/fun/dsesYZtyd6aPpG8/v-deo

    • Whelp time to rewatch Harry Potter for the 100th time ❤️

  • You should react to the flash vs Godspeed in season 6 of the flash episode 18 I believe

  • You gotta do the Basilisk from Movie 2. That came out like 20 years ago and still looks great

  • Plz react to Wandavision

  • 1.3 million views... Only 86k likes... somethings fishy here

  • When they drink the polyjuice potion, as they turn into crab and goyle, and hermoine in cat form.

  • A suggestion: Lord Voldermort's face in episode 1. Like when they reveal that professor is Voldemort

  • 08:04 this will be someone's profile pic on ISchats

  • You guys should check out eareka

  • You should review th scene from the movies eher the house elfs charge into the battle of hog........oh wait

  • For bad CGI the destruction of Venice scene from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

  • switch it up make a rated r movie Pg

  • Im freaking out by the constant rocking on the chair!

  • Could you reveal the underwater scene? It's pretty epic

  • Whelp time to rewatch Harry Potter for the 100th time ❤️

  • Do Cedric Diggory death

  • It’s the Philosopher’s Stone !

  • Did anyone notice the ground glitching

  • Review this comment

  • Please react to mayamohini malayalam film

  • Do the polyjuice potion scenes, the werewolf scene, the fireplace Skype scenes, the dementors, the Quidditch scenes (especially the bad CG models of the first one), the Mirror of Erised scene, the Pixies scene, the Ford scenes, the Time-turner scenes, Buckbeak, Basilisk, Aragog and the spiders, the dragons, the mermaids, the moving stairs, the Fred and George fireworks scene, the portraits, the ghosts, the scenes with Hagrid, Dobby, (not so great) Grawp and Troll

  • React to call of duty Cold War trailer and campaign

  • Please react to Waldo C. Graphic from The Jim Henson Hour and Muppet*Vision 3D. I think he's supposed to be the very first digital character performed and rendered in real-time.

  • Probably 4 days too late for this, but I really want someone to explain why Dobby looks better in Chamber of Secrets than in Deathly Hallows. Also the scene of him in CoS where he grabs the lamp is really impressive.

  • How they used puppets in the finale of chamber of secrets.

  • “Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” directed by Zack Snyder, 2010, day 62.

  • You're in my house now!

  • Pls review Razor wire vengeance from silent hill

  • please do the hedge pulling in someone in the maze in goblet of fire

  • Really surprised you didn't mention the fact that all the explosions of tiles in the ministry was practical and they didn't allow anyone on set with a phone because they were scared a random frequency might set off all the explosion triggers early... Pretty awesome

  • Pls do an fx review on inuyashiki the last hero movie.. I wanna see what you guys thing..

  • Do we know where that original Hogwarts Express is? Can you see it anywhere? :)

  • Always love watching these😂 would also love to see one about Van Helsing

  • "Two dudes shooting wands at each other, look, we can just use the same goop simulation." -Niko

  • why would mandrakes be made into shoes tho there a root

  • pls react to back to the future

  • Harry v Voldemort in the 4th movie

  • Plz remake Harry Potter scenes

  • Can you react to the D&D movie? It’ll be a riot

  • Oh nice I just completed the series for the 5th time

  • Can you react at the andrew garfields spiderman special efects? I think the phisics and the effects are really good

  • Thank you for responding.... And making a video on HP 👍🏻😁 can't you make 8 videos like one for each movie it will not confuse your audience

  • The scene in the half blood prince where the death eaters destroy the bridge

  • "Patio room" Don't you have conservatories in America?

  • Patio room = conservatory

  • Please do a VFX Artists React to Music Videos Bad & Great CGi - old ones like Madonna's Frozen, Michael & Janet Jackson's Scream or Peter Gabriel's Kiss That Frog, or more recent like Coldplay's Adventure Of A Lifetime. Thank you, you are the best! 😁

  • Stranger things

    • Just watched Jiu jitsu and it had some of the worst composition of blood effects and dust effects oh and the aliens look pretty terrible as well haha

  • Stranger things

  • Stranger things

  • Stranger things

  • Stranger things

  • Stranger things

  • Stranger things

  • Stranger things