I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)

Birt 11 okt 2020
pure talent

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i wonder if cooking mama is single


  • I can speedrun Pokémon brick bronze from roblox

  • Brooooo i havent played this game since i was like 9 years old i was oN THE FLOOOOOOOR WHEN YOU MENTIONED HER ENGLISH THAT DETAIL COMPLETELY LEFT MY MEMORY HFHSFKKFDSK

  • I saw mrbeast video I wished you won

  • YOU PLAYED AMONG US??? I need to see this animated...

  • Jaiden VS time Me:turn on jojo bizarre music track Jaiden:•_•?

  • Imagin doing speed run xd

  • jaiden's videos never bore me,even tho ive watched it a million times.

  • 11:24 Sans is everywhere now *He's watching us right now*

  • u not gonna upload the among us gameplay with jack and albert etc.

  • Charcoal% for the apple pie

  • Jaiden please make Pokemon heart gold nuzloke

  • That phrase: "Crack the egg!" Reminds me of: "Touch the Bidoof."

  • Jaiden takes 6 hours to complete 80 dishes perfectly. My grandmother who just completed 99999+ perfectly exotic dishes with the most exotic ingredients just after me calling her 5 mins away from her house. Grandmother: You did good Jaiden dear

  • I just realized this is JaidenAnimations 100th video sooooooooooo happy one hundredth video jaiden

  • Glad to see the animation community is getting loads of views

    • I saw Sans on her ISchats home feed-

  • I,JAIDEN ANIMATIONS AM A SUPER..........-speedrunner-

  • I summon smallant to speed run this lol or point crow

  • Dancin elmo

  • OMG jaiden did a collab with albert flamingo I just wanted to say thank you cuz its my dream I hope you do more collab with flamingo even though your content is nowhere related to his

  • send bits not nudes

  • It's weird that at my age of 8 years the mango pudding was the eziest one for me or I just have luck

  • I'm like oooooooOOOOOOOoooooo

  • I watched flamingos new vid the among us vid and saw you in it

  • Hello

  • thx so much, waching your vids has helped so much cause my mom has canser my hole family has covid and your vids are helping so much, thx.

  • Is that a jojo reference?!?!

  • Do you mind if i name my new cockateil ari jr

  • 9:21 she drank spicy water and all I could think of was that tiktok that gose “ WhY iS It SpIcY” and that just sent me in to orbit i was on my floor dying of laughter

  • Hey jaiden why you don't you try doing it againg your record has been beaten

  • *I saw Sans on her ISchats home feed-*

  • I know your secret jaiden you play among us with flamingo you lied to us!

  • Cooking mama is married to her work. She ain't single ;D

  • How did your you tuber amoung us go

  • Oh Jaden I like your videos because you play with flamingo and among us isn't that right in flamingo channel

  • I think you did great playing among us :))))

  • Jaiden is that you playing among us with Albert and other ISchatsrs

  • Jaiden's oc looks so cute in this video!!!

  • the clickbait 💀

    • I mean - she did exactly what was in the title.

  • Fun fact: jaiden is a millionaire and has a net worth of 3.5 milion

  • oh yes, I play cooking mama

  • 4:19

  • Man her voice changed

  • WOW

  • Good job on the speed run I saw you at creater game mr beast when you came up I was happy and got excited I wish we you won but good job

  • good job jaiden

  • 2 months later: Little boy beats adult at Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends speedrun

  • Who else remembers this game I had so much trouble with the corn soup I don’t know why though

  • I swear you community of simps is bigger than pokimanes simps

  • why does every video that jaiden makes i get determination

  • 4:50 that kurokiba ryo imitation lmao


  • Are we going to ignore the fact that mama is with the yakuza

  • Jaiden you got your wish everyone is now trying to burn a pie as fast as they can

  • lets go smallant fan

  • And after all this suffering and therapy you become the faster/best chef in the world. Getting as a prove, the number 1 world record

  • I don’t speed run but I use dream’s nether portal technique

  • Jaden I would love for you to stream with Carson on ISchats and have your fans confused and saying... wait this is an animation channel!!!

  • Sorry that you didn’t win the beast 300,000$ I was rooting for you

  • no one talking about how she has 99 vids wander what her 100th vid will be

  • Jaiden is still probably scarred cause of the weird events in here life. And in regards to her hive breakout. I kissed the booboo she should be fine now. Also, I know utterly FEAR mango pudding

  • Flaming among us albert E

  • Try playing Minecraft and tell us what you think about it in an animation. (Maybe even do a speedrun on it)

  • Your video has caused a lot of people to start speed running this game

  • 49,001 Comment Speedrun link?

  • Saying your brain is smooth is actually big brain time because the brain looks the way it does to get the most surface area as possible.

  • Did you submit it now? How did it go?

  • Make an amount us animation of the time you played with Albert / flamingo pls he is my fav youtube and he deserves a chance to get known by more people

  • hey look buddy, im an engineer

  • heck, if i had to make a bento box for kiryu, majima, AND mama, i would panic too

  • Don’t know if she knows it or anyone else but, newest record is 4:29:37. Shit this escalated quickly and Jaiden is awesome to be a founder!

  • I tried to do the last of us speed run... you can guess what happened.

  • hay Jaiden do you got a tatto??

  • Food wars scarred me... but then I kept watching it because, man, it's actually a decently made anime

  • Cooking mama taught me the only necessary life skill: how to make ramen

  • 0:33 *h m* *bread is soup*

  • I really love your videos can you make more

  • I’ve seen this 3 times already and it’s still entertaining see kids you should watch jaiden! WoOoOow!!!

  • Jaiden: "I've seen Food Wars" Me: *Holy music stops* Same though

  • When your ten and saw food wars 😒

  • when you know that that person she drew doing a super Mario odyssey speedrun is smallant ;)

  • Majima really is everywhere. Now I like you even more.

  • I speed run the Classic Sonic Heroes hack from time to time, and it’s fucking brutal when you accidentally trigger the reset code on the Genesis. (Pause/Start+A.)

  • 10:40 majima, kiryu, and mama. the most dangerous of yakuza

  • Omg what the heck 6 hours and ima feed my birds and also head to bed

  • I swear to god If you break her world record- *i will find you* just let her have it please she tried so hard 😭

  • I nearly screamed. My mom and I LOVE this game. Awesome work, Jaiden!

  • ima see if i can speed run a uuuuuuuuuh how do i say this a non youtube friendly game

  • 1:37 lmao I didn't recognise that she was meat meat. I think you forget to add some meat on her jaiden XD

  • The way jaden drew this makes it look like her and mama are a cottage core lesbian couple and mama is trying to teach her gf how to cook and it's not going very well and I love that

  • YAY!ーーーーー ☆ * . ☆ . ∧_∧ ∩ * ☆ * ☆ ( ・∀・)/ . . ⊂ ノ* ☆ ☆ * (つ ノ .☆ (ノ

  • Whenever I think of the word “speedrun”, all I can hear is Corpse Husband in my head 😂

  • This is more impressive than anything I’ve ever done

  • oke


  • I have the game, might attempt to beat the champion JaidenAnimations

  • Damn this child got COMMITMENT


  • 5:32 For like a full 30 seconds I thought those were the Krusty Krab doors in the beginning of the Spongebob anime and was very confused for a moment.

  • well i saw you play among us with a few people

  • Wait other people have seen shokugeki?