DIGTOK (w/ Drew Gooden and Kurtis Conner)

Birt 26 mar 2021
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  • Why does the thumbnail look like an animorphs book

  • Mobile game ads:

  • "boss baby!!!"

  • I like how Danny says "they start 69ing" and then it hits him like a second later

  • 20:40 danny can't believe he just said that lmao

  • yeah i think thats- thats fine i think thats what i learned as well i think thats- i think thats fine i think what i also learned was that.. diamonds are everywhere &... u only get a lad- i lear- i didnt learn anything :(

  • I thought that the guy with the moustache is lazerbeam but then I found out that he is adopted...

  • the friend v. husband one is just her leaving him for her "friend" but maybe i'm just gay

  • 0:35 Kurtis the magician

  • Danny naming the zoom call “my best friends” is so fucking wholesome

  • 8:50 can someone tell me the name of this song

  • I came to dig dig dig dig

  • Lesson learned, go get pizza instead of a wife or girlfriend 👍🍕

  • The the new hoodies hit DIFFERENT holyyyg

  • this tiktok is when mobile game ads has shaders on

  • Hello!!

  • As an AP Lang teacher, I can confirm that “mom vs. dude” is a conflict type.

  • 12:39 bc wn lol

  • They literally just look like they're sitting in different corners of the same room

  • i’ve seen this guy everywhere so often without watching his videos so now he looks like an AI

  • Off brand lazarbeam

  • this is one of the funniest videos ever holy shit


  • It’s so werid seeing Drew’s green picture. Green and not something with ms paint

  • I have an idea why it's blue skies instead of just rocks they're mining on like the side of a mountain

  • They're so chaotic, it's hilarious

  • ANYNO NOTICE THAT IT SAYS BESTFRIEND AT THE TOPIC?????????????????????????????????????????

  • All the digtoks are filmed like a mobile ad

  • I feel like for the carrot one, they thought of an idea that could have a lot of meaning behind it. But they didn’t stop to think as to *what* the meaning would be.

  • I've never seen this video before but the like button was just already clicked

  • dudes actually look like they're in 3 corners of the same room

  • That’s our baby down there! walk on it.

  • I ordered some food from hello fresh it's great

  • i swear from he wold 69 joke to curtis giving up on what he learned i couldnt stop laughing

  • does he play minecraft


  • With the nine on the regular

  • LMFAOO the classics man vs nature man vs self mom vs dude watching them crack up about it made me laugh

    • Nature? I hardly know her

  • They really are to alike, they all have their camera pointing in the same way

  • I love when they do joint commentary videos because we get to see them genuinely crack up and react to eachother’s bits

  • Participants: 1

  • Damn, I thought this man was bout to turn into a titan at 13:22

  • Kurtis is one of the most unfunny and bland personalities on ISchats

  • the first video really tried to pull an itachi

  • I really like Danny's hair in this

  • 🥚 You must like the Egg

  • Part 2 please 🙏

  • The dude that dig to the left is probably gonna actually drown lmao, there's a roof above him now

  • The people who made this we’re probably like this is gonna be so deep.

  • danny needs to never cut out his laugh from a video ever again

  • yay im greg now

  • 15:15 Danny: "look how the dude is standing there. He's like come on babe what are you gonna choose?" Drew : "being dad" Kurtis: "come on *bitch*"

  • I swear to god I thought the thumbnail was him lazar beam and Charlie slimecicle

  • Im not sure id be ok with being struck by lightning then turning into 2 wolfs 69ing what hap[pens to your mind

  • Nobody is talking about Drew, while fake crying, saying "I got little green ;("

  • Til

  • Sooo, destroy family and problem with punch huh, thanks for the advice, but can I do it with mini gun?

  • seggsy

  • W

  • Why do kurtis and drew have the exact same voice

  • Guys I am going to share here that I learned a lesson in zoom for college and it was talking about "Mom vs dude"(It was informative).

  • The sheesh pose was so funny I laughed through the whole intro in the video

  • . .

  • hi :)

  • the fact that drew has a road work ahead sign in his room makes this 20x better

  • Im convinced these three are the same person by now

  • Drew, Danny, Kurtis, and us Gregs laughing for 30 seconds 14:23

  • notice how the participants says 1

  • This gives me those edgy photos with sad quotes you see on face book vibe

  • As a girl I can confirm I would definitely dare someone with a helicopter

  • Look at these brothers skyping each other. How cute.

  • Why does it look like they all are in the same house?

  • I cant beleive that your boys haven't visited you in exactly one year how inconsiderate, it's not like they're stuck at home or anything

  • "don't dig down too far, or else you will twerk on a pipe" - Kurtis Conner 2021

  • Kurtis's ICONIC clap noise is amazing!

  • i love this format and all three of you guys commenting. i was honestly laughing the whole time

  • Did the first digtok have the splatoon font I swear that was the fucking splatoon font. It *_definitely is._*

  • Life: School, work, family, friendships, relationships, social acceptance, mental health- Me: *no pizza*

  • When i first saw the thumbnail i thought you were playing a game with friends

  • The only thing I learned from this video was how Danny for sure got Hello Fresh for life with that ad

  • these people live in a parallel universe with a society based entirely on digging

    • Hadestown be like

  • Wait wait! The tiktok with the “smoking hot babe” actually almost makes sense. The guy is digging from her dirt pile and taking so much from her she barely has any dirt left to support her. If he had taken the ladder she offered, his added weight would crumble the small amount of dirt left, and bring her down with him. So yeah this person you loved and sacrificed so much for betrayed you, but if they had came back you would suffer having to be stuck in a “hole” with this person who failed to appreciate you from the beginning.

  • who is greg

  • Horsadam

  • Those tiktoks are soooo bad

  • Inside of you there are two wolves. They are sixty nine-ing.

  • Can we appreciate how they have the same laugh, that like wheezing

  • You know, it makes sense when Danny dresses up like other people for sketches, but doesn't anyone else find it kind of weird when he pretends to be these characters "Drew" and "Kurtis" to make a seemingly normal collab video?

  • Y did drew look so muck like Charlie slimcicle

  • I typed in Diktok to get here,

  • theyre literally the same person in different fonts

  • Drew: The father Kurtis: The uncle Danny: The child

  • Why do these all look like mobile game ads?

  • Danny looks changed. Like he went back in time and recorded this

  • i love these 3 sm

  • Girl: Ill help you Other girl: haha fool you saved me hahaha I crush you now Girl: I am a ninja now Other girls: oh no 1 v 2 running Moral of the story nobody needs friends


  • this is why you CALL 811 BEFORE YOU DIG

  • I feel weird about the logic these people have about nice things = bad people😂