Jordan Klepper Sees It All at The Capitol Insurrection | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Birt 12 jan 2021
Pitchforks, Proud Boys, and a one-man “Tyranny Response Team.” Jordan Klepper saw it all at the Capitol insurrection. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Capitol
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  • Jordon was the only one with brain cells on the capital grounds. Every trump supporter who thought this action was ok is F****** insane.

  • Jordan is brave to ridicule hat lynch mob with no protection.

  • Too bad Ms 13 didn't show up to dismember these cowards!

  • This is the most ironic video of 2021 and it from January.

  • As non American am just gone be honest and say everyone in America is dumb but some of trump supporters are number one dummies.

  • These Americans make me want to move out of America even more 💗 Edit: also when that guy said “screw you fa#####” it was not it hun you arnt apart of the lgbtq and you have no right to say that and im bi and yet I still don’t even say it 😐

  • Jan 6 was absolutely a "mostly peaceful protest" by a long shot, accord to the media's standards.

  • Watching his slow descent from "using their logic against them" to "you're so...stupid" over these past few videos should be shown in history class. This is all of our mentality. Amusement. To flipping the script. To humor. To absolute exhaustion.

  • the pledge to the flag is literally a whole lie. "one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." First of all we've had a civil war already, so we aren't indivisible, saying a whole nation is under god takes back freedom of religion, since not every american believes in god, and "liberty and justice for all" is not true for ANY country, especially america, as there have been countless times of misrepresentation and racism against people of color.

  • he needs to make another run at the post trumpists they cant handle his ammunition

  • "This shit-stained rebellion failed", good thing it did!

  • I hope he wasn't questioned by FBI

  • You should read the Constitution because you might be committing a seditious act in an hour and a half? Really?


    • @RTV jlucool No not about the weather. About the fact that I believe it's extremely ODD how this guy who' is there early in the morning reporting at the event beforehand any of the speeches even started, hours before President Trump had even started speaking yet he's going around asking people hey are you here for the INSURRECTION? Where's the INSURRECTION going to be and then he asks the guy if he had read the constitution and that he should before he goes and storms the capitol in an hour and a half. My question is how did he know they were going to storm the capitol? How did he know there was going to be an INSURRECTION before President Trump even spoke? And if you watch NTD or any other live coverage if the event the weather was different. Yet it matches every scene with the violence in it..

    • ??? This is the most Quanon thing ive like...ever heard lol. Your conspirisizing over weather change??? And what, this entire event was made up by media and all of these people are...actors?

  • 3:16 I hate her face

  • You better be at CPAC for another episode! Please tell me you're going!

  • They were yelling Antifa ass hole

  • I'd like to see Vlad(Rudy) and Trump do trial by combat.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'll fight them, both, at the same time!!!!!

  • In the future, the same dominion systems sued MyPillow's CEO and giulliani for a billion dollars.

  • More klepper please

  • Tantrum, tantrum tantrum!

  • I didn't see him talking with any Proud Boys, even with all of his body guards🤷🤣

  • Is the sedition over here ? 😂🤣👍😂❤️🇳🇴👍🙏😂😂 Love it , priceless 😂😂😂.

  • What is over 45's supporter's heads? Any clever remark. I like Jordan because he reminds me of Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver back when Jon Stewart hosted The Daily Show. That is not to say that Trevor Noah isn't good but lets face it there is a reason they all have gone on to extremely successful careers.

  • It would be very sad if all these idiots got eradicated by covid

  • All these trump supporters are soooooo dumb

  • poor cameraman:(

  • Have fun at the paint ball tournament 😂😂😂

  • What a hack and a opportunist. This clown has no idea what its like to love your Country and be in a Constitutional Republic. All that money he makes on the Democratic payroll. Get out of your little propaganda bubble of CNN and go into the streets or a real Trump Rally. Try again on the 4th Impeachment...

  • They can’t tell truth from lies. SMH

  • Take heart You haven’t seen the worst yet. Your system is broken

  • segway stonewall jackson 😂😂😂

  • the kids who are gonna get to do this in history in 2040 are so lucky

  • I truly think borat won the election

  • 0:40 that guy has a way with words


  • Proud Boys yelling "fuck Antifa" is hilarious. We're winning. They're sitting in jail, losing their jobs and their reputations. 161.

    • @crate Nope.

    • LOL are you an antifa?

  • Hugo Chavez died in 2013

  • this asswipe will fade 1-2 years from now....we will just go....yeah yeah....that shits over bro....we all moved on from trumps big mouth....!

  • This like makes me really upset that people are this stupid and think that they have the right to do this. Like thank god trump is impeached but this is some scary shit and knowing that I live in a country with dangerous people willing to throw a terrorist attack is low key terrifying. Thank god the state I live in is safer and even the trump supporters over here are disappointed in the whole White House situation but still this is disappointing like dude if you’re gonna run in a building unannounced, run into a therapy building cause dude you guys need a sort some stuff out.

  • These people scare me with their stupidity, not their weapons

  • The vote was stolen you ass

  • 1:16 is the best part of this whole video😂

  • The most ironic part is the people waving Blue Lives Matter flags while assaulting the police.

  • One thing I'll give it to Trump the guy is a good motivator with words like "march to the capitol" " fight like hell " things escalated like wildfire And ho boy those people really fought like hell and some even went to hell . Aah!! Could have been worse maybe or maybe not ,well at least democracy won in the end 👍

    • @crate again, not saying that voter fraud didn't not happen. There's a diffrenece between saying voter fraud did happen, and saying that voter fraud stole an election. Were there some ballot not accounted for? Possibly, and their is evidence, but not enough to consider it nationwide. And again, I agree with you, his words didnt inciet him, his actions did. I would be happy to send you a few links if you'd like.

    • @RTV jlucool yeah but he never actually told anyone to storm the capitol, so he didn't incite them. not directly, at least. i'm not going to argue whether there is voter fraud or not because i honestly don't care, but this wasn't a baseless claim; there was actual evidence to this. i can't send links but there is a website that you should go to if you don't believe me "wethepeopleconvention voter-fraud-compilation-page"

    • @crate oh trust me, i agree, but your looking over how we got here. Just like how dems did during the impeachment. It wasn't his words, it was his lies. He lied about major voter fraud and put hatred and sour dreams in the heads of his supporters. We heard it time and time again, false claims from trump about ballots being found in ditches and rivers, and his supporters just accepting the facts. Its sad to see both party's go down this road of lies and deciet. If trump accepted votes or actually said ligitimate things being rearched about voter fraud in the election rather than tweeting, than its a diffrent story. This is how civil wars start.

    • @RTV jlucool my argument is that trump didn't incite anything, not that his supporters are perfect angels. i believe that republicans are flawed just like how democrats are flawed for rioting and setting buildings on fire when trump won and committing 2 billion dollars in property damage during the BLM trend.

    • @crate seems like an assult of the capitol and people prasing trumps name went right over your head too.

  • They are throwing cameramen on the ground because they dont like fake news "makes sense".

  • MAN, the megaphone industry is doing great this year

  • The people dressing for war are militia groups "duh"

  • America - the best and worst of everything

  • I would be more worried if I weren't laughing so hard.

  • I just find it funny there isn't a single black person there

  • “Aren’t you a little bit freaked out about 600 thousand Americans dyi- I see your not wearing mask never mind” I don’t think they care-

  • So sad that this guy probably needed discreet armed security just to be around those people

  • "Absolutely not, not possible..."😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • When they had yet another tantrum; We didn't get what we want! Wha, wha, whaaaaaa! Try fighting for America!!! Not against it!!

  • "are you military?" "no" "so it's camouflage... " "yea" "alright goodluck with your paintball competition" "FUCKING SCREW YOU"

  • Another bU££$h!t narrative!!!

  • when it was the day of this watching it on the news, as a teen, young teen btw, I was terrified. Dude this is way too far. I legit had anxiety

  • Boooo those people suck Trump sucks!! Biden WON

    • @Xavier Rosa if you really have to make up claims on how bad trump supporters are then maybe they’re not as bad as you think

    • @crate Trumper say he came from god all the time. Also, that negativity gets thrown around by both parties.

    • @Xavier Rosa it's funny how all the negative things about trump supporters come from BIDEN supporters. who thinks that trump has been sent by god, when did we ever say that? LOL

    • Most people who support trump believe he's been sent here by God himself. Not only is that not true but he's likely been sent here by the devil. Most people who support Biden were simply doing so to get trump out. To some people thats victory enough, now to get back to our lives.

    • most people who support biden don't even know his policies lool

  • 5:39 That hurts

  • 4:08 I hope that wasn't police on the floor That image broke my heart

  • Jordan has to deal with a lot of very stupid people. Tough job.

  • I will never get tired of seeing sarcastic comments go over the heads of these absolute idiots 😅

  • Do these people not realize how laughable they look, acting all "I'm a big deal with a pitch fork in my hand, yelling profanities while waving a flag. One has to conclude that Trump supporters are made up of the lower classes - keep in mind that class has nothing to do with money.

  • "I hope you don't run into bumpy terrain or stairs" is too funny

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  • In all fairness Trump did say peacefully.

    • I think trump is not that bad of a president as he did keep the peace with North Korea and certain other countries but he needs to focus more on issues of the American people

  • Aye, not all of those are trump supporters. A fair amount was antifa

    • antifa is too busy setting buildings on fire and assaulting people for no reason

    • That's bullshit.

    • Now that is all lies

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    • See, I thought I watched this video already but I forgot i went to read the Constitution myself and never came back lols.

  • This guy is amazing but this whole situation is so fucking sad

  • Still no Antifa arrests for this insurrection. I guess that was just another red herring. What's next from these Q-anon loving, Manchurian candidates?

  • Im so afraid of his safety everytime he goes to one of those trumpster events

  • “We are not looking for fighting we are making a statement” Yet their invading the capital...

  • Can anybody explain to me how ANTIFA are wrong ? I mean what did Antifa do to them ????

  • "You can tell how much these people love american by HOW MANY WEAPONS they brought to hurt americans " i brust into laughter 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  • The fantasy of these snowflakes. They really thought that they could overthrow our government with little blood shed, no sacrifice, no plans. And they wonder why people call them entitled.

  • “YoU AsuLtEd Me!” uh no he tripped over your sir😂😂

  • They edited Trump's speech. He said march peacefully and patriotic to the capitol. antifa/BLM was there taking pictures,so was other movement groups. One woman was killed by police going through window. 2 others died of heart attack and aneurysm. But, nothing was brought out, but violence and storming at the Capitol. There was coverage on a capitol officer inviting people in. The chief of DC police dept said someone discovered bomb pipe in another building. The depts were focused on the pipebomb, distracted from something that was planned and setup ahead of time. Even before Trump made his speech

  • Bunch of terrorists following Jim Jones cry babies

  • Shirt: "USA patriot" Helmet: greek guys im not american but yall might wanna change your educational system

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  • See, I thought I watched this video already but I forgot i went to read the Constitution myself and never came back lols.

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  • This guy was great 😆😆😆

  • It’s ironice that the party that sought foreign help to get elected and stay in power is the party that is now crying about free elections.

  • I’m so glad Trump is gone.

  • I love you man, aren't you scared being around real live NUTS!!

  • Where is Osama when you need him to bomb this capitol.

  • Enhancement is fraud and conspiracy. Did you miss a summer of molotovs in teachers cars and Antifa thugs with bike locks and bats.

    • Hahahaha you believe anything they tell you. Cope

  • TRUMP Acquitted get ready for 2024 communists 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • embarrassing way to go, and for the officer that lost his life I truly feel horrible that he died due to the actions of these idiot terrorist.

  • Klepper: incredible talent!!! USA pathetic 😒

  • "Are you military?" "I'm not answering that" *answers question*

  • This is pretty funny. I wish he would do this type of thing during the Minneapolis or Portland riots.

    • @sehhi vooty Agreed. These people are insane. I wish he would have covered the other riots as well.

    • this is genuinely horrifying

  • My favorite was the dude who thought the constitution was like 1,000 pages or some shit

  • This is legendary. Arguably the most historic single segment recorded by a daily show correspondent

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