Russ vs Jack Harlow - The Crew League (Episode 1)

Birt 19 feb 2021
Team Diemon v. Team Private Garden
On the first episode of #TheCrewLeague, #JackHarlow and his good-natured day ones on Team Private Garden take the court against #Russ and Team Diemon.

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  • 12:24 lol at both interviews

  • That camera work is garbage. Needed some NBA cameramen/women.

  • Nah but that beat @ 4:10 🔥

  • Who the hell are these referees LMAO

  • Man make jack Harlow a linebacker in the nfl now

  • Why ain't there brawl ball? I be headdin that shit.

  • Goes into do a nice interview “You is so fine” Walks out a different man

  • The best video ever

  • This was the best game every

  • 12:33 - PLEASE somebody explain to me what happened there? Was it staged or something?

  • Not really fair with the russ team bringing actual pro players while Jack just sticked with his clique. Respect for Harlow's team for still performing like this and kinda disliked Russ's attitude idk

  • I guess Jack never fixed his jumper. Also 12:32 this interview with Druski is Suspect AF.

  • 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅Russ ain’t shit

  • Bruh Jack could’ve literally got DLO and Tyler Hero on his squad if he wanted too... Both them are boys... Russ is wack for recruiting... never liked Russ for real, even more after this lmao.

  • Yall talkin trash about Russ like Jack aint drop more fouls than everyone on each team combined😂😂

  • Get rid of buster straight up

  • Bloods vs crips

  • “A lot of spankage” 😂

  • He said White on white violence at an all time high 😩

  • Google lists jack harlow as 5'9, aint no way he look like 6'3

  • For real back could recuted some of the cardinals out of all the celebs Jack could recute the best team he hangs out whit the Cardinals alot in club's


  • Lmaoooo Russ brought college ballers, as if these are his boys at least Jack brought his own mates

  • This is the most well-produced content on whole of youtube

  • y'all just after russ cus its the popular thing to do lmao :P y'all know hes an inspiration stfu

  • If J Cole was in this it would be O V E R that man would get zach lavine on that bitch real quick

  • Yo these Refs have me Dead 😭😭😩😩 just some regular dudes

  • Anybody else just want 24k to spit out his gum

  • I did not know jack had a brother or are they just being funny because he looks like jack! lol Jack did not win! :( Congrats to russ and his team on winning! :) #TeamDiemon #Russ #JackHarlow #TeamPrivateGarden

  • Someone come and please take the gum from 24

  • *whoooosh* *he bricked that ian gon lie*

  • *Why Russ built like that*

  • Jack > Russ

  • id knock 24 the fuck out for chewin gum llike that right nex to my ear (1:23 onward) edit, man said playin with a bunch of other famous rappers, who? jack harlow the only person on here anyone know about lmfao. buncha goobers

  • That's who the fuck Russ look like. The dude from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Just not bald.

  • “Oh so it’s not demon” lmao

  • The well-to-do punch micrencephaly happen because whistle neurochemically chop off a zany radio. interesting, devilish grouse

  • Did Russ mix, master & record this?

  • so many russ haters typing comments on their moms family plan phone. hahahaha

  • harlow’s team is looking like the bad boy pistons 😂

  • russ looking pregnant outchea

  • God, RUSS just ANNOYING tbh lol

  • didnt see this BUT FUCK THIS BULLSHIT

  • Russ built ,looks, and sounds like that kid that has no fun and says he is “allergic” to grass.

  • Demon ? Its DIEMON foo

  • Braahh brought up smoke purp getting stomped ☠️☠️☠️

  • whats the name of the song thats playing during jack harlows interview ?

  • Why Russ look like that tho

  • Russ lookin a lil chunky

  • Never knew Russ was that little 😅😅 just can’t anymore 🤣🤣

  • What is the song called in the background of the interview?

  • I see why russ got ucf he trash 😂

  • Russ really has actually collage basketball players how is that fair lol😂

  • Russ is doo doo

  • 12:24 is what you’re lookin for

  • i didnt see russ shoot a single shot

    • Maybe watch it again. Ion even like dude & I saw him shoot 3.

  • 6:28 just the tips ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • AJ Rompza thought this was a 30 for 30🤣

  • Russ a straight up lame lmao

  • 12:27 yo jack you good??

    • It has been a perfect playing for me having a lovely and awesome Fan like you, thanks for your love, I have you mostly to be thankful for 🎸🌹🎸you can still message me on hangout,Jackharlow846@gmail🎤🎸🎻

  • Lmao! Russ literally brought guys that couldn't make it to the nba ! Jack's over here with his producers and friends lmao! One guy was like.yeah we were friends when we were kids! He's probably just like the best player on the team of the highscholl russ went too!

  • Russ has my moms arms

  • “Where those hooper come from or rest of them ? Are this his real homeboy or is this .... ? “ man know already 🤣

  • Russ is so lame for this like this was suppose to fun but lames gonna be lames !!!

  • Y’all came for 12:26

  • he said escalade bro holy shit

  • Russ and the white chauahahua make me wanna kms

  • Jack is bringing ace pro, nemo, luci, queso while russ bringing kawhi and the others

  • These refs are what the NBA need

  • 14:56

  • Russ is an amazing artist and performer but him as a person..... hmmm

  • this is some space jam stuff. they bout to go in the locker room and give the powers back. LMAO

  • 11:53 T•H•E•D•I•S•R•E•C•P•E•C•T

  • 11:05 let’s not act like that li white boy ain’t called Bucket ...

  • 6:50 Jack Harlow face look like the perfect example to what that dude was buggin for😂

  • i was laughing my ass off with the interview

  • Its funny cause russ paid them more than 100k to be there🤣🤣

  • The momentous pie socioeconomically entertain because plow minimally level at a therapeutic humor. public, ubiquitous museum

  • 18:10 “Where ever 8 at I don’t even need to be around that” 😂😂😂druski funny asf

  • Why was Jack so weird when talking to Druski😂

    • I think he was trolling...... I hope he was at least 😂😂😂

  • Russ did not come to lose, stacked his team with like 3 former UFC players 😂

  • Big man guarding his dude at half court lmao

  • Jack - The most like-able guy Russ - The most hate-able guy


  • Russ straight up looking like a dwarf for some reason

  • Russ can shoot shoot.

  • These people in the comment complaining about Russ bringing real hoopers. To tell you the truth, only losers who make excuses or complain how unfair it is. Bunch of losers.

  • Yo!! That Jack Harlow's interview part killed me, I was dying of laughter when he said to the host "You are so fine, bruh". That was a lot of gay jokes Jack was throwing to the host. LOL

  • bro spit out your gum

  • I would flagrant 7 russ can’t stand his little ass

  • Yooo this is the interview where jack was sus!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

  • The gaping ghost interspecifically describe because chocolate finallly knock over a fat faulty truck. toothsome, optimal stock

  • Well I definitely still hate Russ.

  • Russ: they my homies His "homies": i just met russ yesterday he cool i think

  • mad respect to jack harlow to actually be there with his brothers

  • the white dude commentating sounds like sean evans from hot ones

  • Russ out here looking like a clown with no friends and had to recruit real ballers to not look like hes garbage

  • So im assuming Jack and Russ will not be making a song together anytime soon............

  • 16:01 ball score

  • Lebron james subs in for russ " yea he's my childhood friend"

  • Of course russ would be the one to bring a whole team of actual hoopers while jack literally brought a bunch of small friends and literally his own brother russ is so unlikable