Birt 31 mar 2021
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  • Slogo changed your sign to crainer

  • Troll everyone with nukes (exploding them)

  • You're going to be exploded by slogoman firefly skills is a whole house you will put some like

  • it was craner

  • Fill crainers house with mobs/bees

  • He is way more intrigiing then slogo and crainer

  • Crainer just did the boats.

  • 2:02 Slogo changed the sign.

  • Jelly crainer has hidden his diamonds in a villagers house there is a hidden yellow block find it you will get the diamonds on the roof

  • I love cow town videos! Pls make more videos in cow town. I leave a like.

  • You deserve that jelly and for those who wants to see jelly house go watch slogo's channel search I evicted my friends from cowtown

  • Crainer put a tnt not slogo

  • In gta5 troll cweblcop by taking his girlfriend and kiss her in front of Cweblcop

  • IOOOoooooOOooo

  • it was not plan blowing up crainer house it was slogo house when he came for trolling u he might changed it duh??

  • So why are you drinking his milk

  • Mr.Cheese is a boy cow

  • slogo trolled you with a reverse troll! come back to cowtown, because crainer might worsin it

  • 21 m sab oh my gooooooooooooood😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 Aphmau is 8 m🤨😳 Wooooooooooow

  • Hay Jelly nest time trol Slowgoman with a small dert huos

  • Josh changed the sign you where going to blow up Josh's house

  • Jelly craiener trolled you

  • You put on your to do blow up slogo house and slogo changed it and put it to do blow up crainer's house. Love your vids.

  • Jelly i will say to you the ultimate troll this is this you need slogos house his house is cool but put lava in his house and bomb in the top stone and stone chestplate👍👍👍👍👍👍🤣

  • Jelly you can get in a boat and drive of and you don’t take fall damage

  • Jelly o wosh i kod get liks lik you and subs

  • Josh plaset the sing so you would think to blow crainers house up

  • Crate poo

  • Crainer

  • Ashley that's a mistake cleaner mind can diamonds and give you a gift that has one boat

  • Jelly trainer Mind free diamonds

  • Thank me later jelly

  • Craner placed boats in your house I clearly saw his video

  • Rol slogo bigaz yor ar rol

  • Lava trap

  • he never did.. u dum Pffffffffffttt

  • You were meant to blow up slogos 🏠 NOT crainers

    • besides, Crainer doesnt even have a house it's called a B U N K E R

  • Vghy

  • hi im jelly

  • Blow up crainer and slogs house and hack there acc 😈😈😈


  • 😢

  • Omg I laugh so hard you fixed my throught like just spitting on josh like that that’s just amazing like crainer

  • Distroy gosh h

  • No pranks for u poopy jelly poo poo dumb dumb

  • hey jelly wanted to let you know that crainer has 11 dimonds but i dont know where

  • God gob you stil the fish

  • 3:10 Jelly: **spits**

  • go to the surviar island because crainer has 2 emaldra

  • it's crainer

  • B

  • Slogoman put the sign that said blow up drainers house

  • Jelly Crainer h id dimins in Slog,s home

  • Cranier did posh the bost

  • Bow time and that's crainer he prank to you it was not slow go

  • Jelly you know who says every single video Bbbbbbbbb

  • Je

  • Hey jelly im you relly big fan so i wan to help you to roll so pls i can give you diemon or else so pls tell me😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • I watched that video today crainer is now searching for floppy

  • How about you from trainer battle of that a broken glass

  • Psssst um jelly i watched your last video and slogoman slogo change it to crainer big oooops

  • Yo jelly,crainer has paid diamonds for the fish u stole

  • Jelly it was Crainer on your Island

  • T

  • Hahahahahahahah

  • O and snage

  • Jelly Crainer has given u diamonds

  • KPW

  • Slogo destroyed your house

  • Upload more cowtown!!!!!!!!!

  • Can you do your friend house to a poop house or TNT house

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zzzzzz

  • TNT

  • Jelly its my birthday 🎉 in april 2

  • Return his fish or he will prank you badly

  • Hire a builder to make your base into a very secure base

  • Tent for Dr

  • I loved the vidio

  • Blou his house

  • Man I miss the old jelly

  • I think u should move some where really far so they cant troll u

  • Anz logo has been in your house

  • Go to Josh take all of his diamonds and blow up his house we just came into the server and then go to Kramer put his house on fire and you must block him in so he dies from drowning

  • 🙂

  • It wasn't crainer on the sign 🤬SLOGO!!!🤬

  • Slogo is always the hated one

    • It said slogo on the sign slogo changed it

  • Play with slogo and crainer why do you not play with them in cow town

  • 😭🧐😀😃😁😆😅😂🥳😔

  • you should make a working rocket ship under his house and light it off

  • 👎👎👎

  • Jelly he gave for diamonsays give poppy back

  • Jelly puts slogos house with slime and lava on his house

  • It is not plopy it is poppy

  • Those logo controlled your house

  • Uhh.. how did he get all of his levels back? 2:46

    • They have KeepInventory so they get their exp and stuff back after dieing!

  • Hinihuihuihiuuhuihihih

  • Dear jelly i have a something to say crainer fell for your trap he as pay you diamonds now im in your side ahahah!

  • Jenny don’t get rained onBecause this crane replace belts on your sky block island to get revenge on him and when you get the house blow his house at 5 million times as how much he’s blow up your house.

  • Cool April fools day prank on crainer