Gorilla lured by iPhone- how-to demo

Birt 14 feb 2012
A simple trick to get you some AWESOME zoo footage with only a camera phone. If you love or hate (or are ambivalent towards) gorillas you are gonna really like this.
For those who've wisely pointed out those are actually orangutans and not gorillas, go to 1:03 then pause then read.
See how to make the gorilla cam here: ischats.info/fun/f5SJZ3yQgZGJYXg/v-deo
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  • Your channel is so amazing...

  • cute :)

  • Du bist wirklich genial ^^

  • Apparently taking selfies is a primal instinct? LOL

  • Hahaha! The ending is hilarious!

  • whoa whoa. I think you mean his pupil *contracted*. (;

  • The newbs are coming.

  • Wow. Given, the mother went & got baby to show it its reflection, I think the Orangutans were self aware (new it was their own reflection). Wouldn't recommend doing this though. Might make other animals very agitated.

  • You won me over with this video!


  • I like the close up view of their eyes. You came up with the only way I know of to safely make a close up video like that.

  • Nice testing on humans too

  • your creativity has no limit ! thank you to share your work !

  • Ay man good stuff. Appreciate the humor.

  • I just subscribed like a regular employee.

  • Love the idea!!! I think I'll have to cut a bigger hole in some glass hook it up to my dslr sometime.

  • Soo doing this

  • I had fun watching!

  • Oh my! So cool!

  • After watching 3 of this guy's videos, I have come to the conclusion that this is my favorite channel.

  • Schrute Farms Beets I love the office too nice call

  • 2:06 Burn Gorman's son?

  • hahaha nicee one

  • 2:12 is nasty

  • just subscribed! lol your videos are awesome

  • Awww

  • Aww :3

  • Nice video, but thumb down because it's an orangutan... c'mon, you can do better...

  • brilliant! so cool xx

  • 2:12 was the cutest thing in the world :)

  • I always enjoy good animal videos and have read all of Jane Goodall's books. Today is the first time I have discovered you. You were featured on an Arturo Trejo video. Your subtle humor is really intriguing. I have shared your video via FB. Hope that is okay. Thanks! ~~Jenny

  • Great video, love the test on higer-order primates.

  • Awesome!! So cool you can see every little hair. Oh and your wife lis hot

  • Definitely doing this next time I go to the zoo... btw show us more of your son he's super cute!

  • I'll have to do this.

  • ur different

  • LOL did the "higher primates" really not notice you??

  • you write fine but do you read? ...cuz he mentioned that in the video

  • Did you use iphone 4 or 4s.. the quality is really clear :)

  • Cool video

  • check out my vid :) its a video response to this one!

  • that is so cool!!!

  • You must be a genius. You're to creative with technology! and you always close with a good joke lol

  • That is some beautiful footage around 1:15, I'd love to try this, pretty amazing how human like they look.

  • 1:38 cutest thing possible!

  • You've save millions of animals everywhere from annoying glass banging humans.

  • I just happened upon your video a day before going to Edinburgh Zoo, i didn't have time to get a mirror and drill etc( although i wish i had ). But used the front cam on my iPhone, see what you think. vimeo/37264490 Thanks BTW would not have thought to do this. :-)

  • I think dwight would wear the hell out of that t-shirt!

  • constructing one tonight for My kittens...they've not seen a mirror yet ;) 2 Changes: 1) I will mount it inside a box 2) didn't need to drill a hole. I used an etching solution to remove a circular "or attempt to" piece. I'll post the video later as vidreply ;)

  • Awesome. I bet they would like it if you showed them other interesting things too. It must be boring in there, and they see humans all day long, but they never get anything new and interesting to look at. They deserve to be the ones who get entertained sometimes, not always just be the entertainment.

  • you're adorable, too!

  • @BustinBenny LOL! Spot-on... :)

  • I can see why JPL hired you, you keep thinking about the 'problem' even after your first solution. Gotta love your ending observation. ^.^

  • Thus we witness the origins of consciousness, tools & the *evilution* of the species.

  • Wow. You're a genius. Congratulations.

  • lmao @ the marketing technique... This is the coolest idea ever! And i will definitely try this if we go to the zoo during summer. Thanks!

  • you my good sir, just earned a suscribe

  • Do you got any aquariums with dolphins and/or octopuses ("octopi"?) nearby where you could take the gorilla cam?

  • Monday Feb 20,2012 Thanks for the Smile. This was awesome and I can not wait to try it

  • _LOVE_ the very end - works on higher primates as well! HA!

  • That's actually really interesting, thought it would've sucked

  • Oh silly humans.

  • crappy camra phone= the new ipotato 4

  • Now you see, why we humans like iphones.

  • Did anyone here the tune from Zelda when you open a gate or chest at 2:19

  • Very Interesting.

  • @ScrodngrsCat LOL! I was trying to think of a way to describe the way the babies look. And......I think you nailed it.

  • Loved the ending! :D haha humans are just like monkeys in many ways :D

  • Got here by stumbleupon

  • Higher order primates? Who is banging on the glass? And who is ignoring them?

  • nice video! That just made my hangover Sunday

  • fantastic! :)

  • I do the same thing to entertain my 1 year old daughter! She just laughs and laughs at herself!

  • LMAO "higher order primates." Loved it. You, sir, are a genius.

  • @ECsponger2 it's still a crappy camera...

  • @radiojustus I second that.

  • your baby monkey and the orangutangs baby monkey should arm wrestle for the cute title. This is bloody brilliant by the way, and great shots!

  • great shots...but the pupil was constricting. haha.

  • f-ing good, man:)

  • years alone as a gorilla captured u finnly see another and its this

  • that's great I love the ending

  • LOL. You used it on humans... hahaha

  • The babies always look like content old men.

  • So aren't they seeing video at the beginning, but just the mirror once that's rigged up?

  • @neocon70 picky, picky, picky.

  • DUMPERT!!!

  • LOL, silly humans!

  • yep still not buyin an iphone

  • schrute farms... aww, yeah!

  • LMAO @ the humans

  • Very nice

  • I want to see more ;)

  • thanks for posting made my week!

  • This was awesome :D

  • @SimmJimm don't worry you're right

  • love the ending haha

  • That's dope dude haha


  • crappy camera phone? Tf you smoking. iPhones always have some of the best cameras for phones.

  • @13dannyboy13 oh force of habit to switch off annotations