Trump and Biden face off in final 2020 presidential debate

Birt 22 okt 2020
President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden faced off in their final presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. The debate followed the cancellation of the second presidential debate after Mr. Trump said he would not be participating since the debate would be virtual.
The final presidential debate was moderated by NBC News White House correspondent and co-anchor of “Weekend Today” Kristen Welker. She is the second Black woman to serve as the sole moderator of a presidential debate.
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  • Donald, you will NEVER be the "least racist" person in ANY room!

  • This voice give me a depression

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  • “Not that many of you are gonna die”

  • Our president JB👍

  • Joseph picked the lady for his press secretary....i don't blame him.

  • A day later...Trumpfler= I got the "Democrat hoax " CHYnaaaaa virus....

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  • I'm glad trump and his lies are gone and he is impeached.

    • @charlotte thompson i m happy that putin's pet lost and will be gone in few days, and about your alegations, nothing of that is true, just like expected from a brain washed trump supporter.

    • you will not be happy when beijing biden and salmonella harris gets in, because you will loss your rights. why dont you go to china with the rest of them, i,ll buy all of you a one way ticket to china!!!!! but please dont come back!!!!

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  • Who built the cages Joe? (I legit want to know who did )

    • @BtG _Batman So that's why Biden didn't answer xD

    • The Obama administration

    • Most under bush but they where for temp holding while they waiting for court, much much much more under Trump , and it was not temp.

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  • Two key different belief are now in play : It is really not China vs West (or US) as we are now entering the era of "co-exist (majoritism)" vs "survival the fittest (Heroism)" (1) Majoritism (Since Qin unified China and ended 250 years of seven-waring-states (475 BC - 221 BC)[ ], majority of people finally have a chance to live in peace, this is the start of Majoritism) lead to general majority benefit over anything else, in population and also peace with world small countries cooperation and equality with everyone, minimum exploitation, fair to all, adaptability+survivability over domination+exploitation. (2) Heroism (since western industrial revolution) lead to big boss, Super Rich, exploitation to internal majority people, and outward world domination, me better as race, military, economy, and anything better than me is evil populism. And survivability is more important than adaptability. China is leading in (1) and gaining momentum, US is leading in (2) and now with internal also with split of these two belief and also conflict among their (2) believers. They need to sort it out. Majoritism wish US the best as China and other true Majoritism believers are here to do better, co-exist, and not take over.

    • (1) Time marked 17:42 British scholar speaking up against "anti-China COV-19 populism" from US and Western world including England [ ] Whole report give you the why from the beginning ! (2) American spoke up against anti-China populism [ ] (with many inside into.)

    • Will Trump be coming back ? Not likely but 'another Trump like' leader is most likely to happen, why ? US only vote for winner, not a loser. And US need another reckoning. Is Trump a loser ? (1) Trump FAILed to prevent voting fraud under his administration, and not able to 'catch' or record a single solid evidence. Is Trump a loser ? (2) Trump FAILed to prove voting fraud with 'so many clamed evidences', not a single winning case all the way to Supreme Court. Is Trump a liar and a loser ? (3) Trump said 'will agree to Supreme Court ruling of election outcome' yet he is still fighting afterward and will lose on Jan 6th then leave White House as a loser.


  • Best thing about the debate: WILL YOU SHUT UP MAN! 😂🤣😂🤣

    • Gotta admit I was just watching it for the entertainment xD

  • was great debate

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  • it’s Ok Joe

  • Ok I’m going to predict the future. Biden wins. Trump and his lawyers claim fraud! Now get this, they were all dismissed including from the Supreme Court. Shocker. I know Right!?! 😂😉

  • It's cute to watch this now after knowing the end result.

  • Idc what party or side ur on...the way that moderator spoke to the president should not have been allowed...he is still the president of the country and by God everyone should show him the respect he deserves for being in that position...idc if it’s obummer...if he is the president, u show some damned respect...the moderator that was chosen should be shown some consequences.,.,I was quite impressed that trump did tell those reporters not to talk to him like they were and why....these news outlets r gonna burn lol and I can’t wait to see them punished

  • Trump lost.

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  • Trump sounded like a MAFIA Boss in a Sit Down downtown in New York City ....

  • When trump said something abkut those kids in cages biden looked ashamed and held his head low 👀👀👀

    • That is hilarious considering Trump's the one putting them in cages and has the full authority to stop it but all he does is continue to fund it and support it more so

  • Nobody wants trump for president cant you all understand that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uneducated trump supporters lmao

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  • What a breath of fresh air it is to witness unbiased news coverage like this. ....nah, just kidding.

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  • I'm not going to pretend things are normal when their not and may not be for a long time. That's exactly what they did they pretended everythings ok and as we can all see because of them nothing is normal at all.

  • Only you people want to get trump out we the people are keeping him so just say you TV people an the dems are the only people that wants trump gone say it right liyers

  • Trump & Biden mean we’ll let’s stop the division and make this nation Great 👍

  • We better unite as Americans before another Country sees us as weak and attack us

  • Trump seemed cooler in the second debate. He settled down

    • That's because he knew he could be muted he didn't want to have 15 seconds of him just mouthing into a microphone that doesn't work like an idiot

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  • Trump win in a landslide and any attempt to steel we the peoples Oval Office is a treasonous Act you're going to prison for life or they'll be hung treason holds the death penalty for treason we the people vote in who goes in that Oval Office /not some jack off with criminal Syndicate behind him


  • I didn’t listen to one syllable of debate because there was no debate.

  • I'm glad you at CBS NBC whatever the f*** this is didn't think they're blocked me from ISchats like you did from all of your other sites. I understand I raise valid points is Will as you understand. I as a free citizen of the United States don't understand why you can't hear what I said they got me blocked from almost every one of the online instruments that are used to publicize my words. Shows are governments true-false allowing another company to distribute in finalize that I cannot see what my Constitution allows me to say. How can you deny Cruz when it's shoved in your dumb face.

  • There's almost nothing I like about Joe Biden. But I can say this he has a great anger management smile for racist!!!!

  • It's really funny how that Joe Biden didn't have to ask to speak after Trump but Trump had to speak and ask to speak after Biden! Even the news is corrupted section 230 should be revoked it's a part of the corruption big Tech and government should not be allowed to break the constitutional laws of this country especially mainstream media y'all should be held more accountable for what you tell people and what you lied to them about because we all know you have for your crimes I'm looking for extra accountability instead of a list Bible verse love you to have less accountability! When are you mainstream media and Joe Biden supporters going to realize that is the destruction of our entire Foundation of this beautiful country that you stole for my people Native Americans! /? /! /? And where did you get the thought in your head that you have the right to do that for anyone who supports? It was rhetorical the last question was completely rhetorical you know you don't have the right to do that.

  • Why was the only President Trump's microphone muted the allowed biting to say whatever he wanted but yet they stopped Trump and every chance they could!???! That's the corruption of this government right there and the mainstream media we really got to figure out how to fight against that!???!

  • It's funny this two-month-old debate showed me exactly and I do mean exactly how biased CBS really is where's this MSNBC

  • why are they continuing to buy good will around the globe and built strategic ports in poor countries around the world b/c it was easier for borrow money from them than the US. He is positioning China to control strategic ports all over the globe.

  • Take the mask off I hate seeing it

  • Hello I like that people with drug problems should not go to Prison they should go to rehab.

  • President Trump !s the last American President elected by living breathing legal citizens of the United states

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  • Stimulus Money should only be used for the American Citizens to help us get back on our feet & get our economy well again. Only then should we help other countries. You have not right to give our tax money away when we need it ! Too many Chief's & not enough Indians